In a Race That Is Not About Race–Don’t Forget The Cracker Vote

Well, the wheels have finally come off.  Bill Clinton, in an inteview with Larry King last night re-injected race into the politics of this Presidential election.  When asked why he was postponing his campaigning for Obama he said this: “When [the Clinton Global Initiative] is over, and after the Jewish holidays, which follow close on it, I intend to go to Florida, to Ohio, to northeast Pennsylvania, and to Nevada at a minimum,” he said. “I may do events in Arkansas depending on what the Democratic Party does down there. And I’ve agreed to do some fundraising for them in California and New York.”

Larry King then asked him: “Are you kind of feeling Jewish that you’re waiting until after the Jewish holidays?”

“No. But I think it would be — if we’re trying to win in Florida, it may be that,” Clinton began, before discussing his real Florida target: “You know, they think that because of who I am and where my politic[al] base has traditionally been, they may want me to go sort of hustle up what Lawton Chiles used to call the ‘cracker vote’ there.  But Senator Obama also has a big stake in doing well in the Jewish community in Florida, where Hillary did very well and where I did very well. And I just think respecting the holidays is a good thing to do,” he said.

That’s right–that just happened.  I wish I had made this up–it’s great!

Now many (including Rush Limbaugh) have opined that the Clinton’s are really mad about the way in which Obama has treated them and are hoping he loses so she has a shot to run again in 2012.  I would say that these comments solidify that theory.

But wait, maybe Bill didn’t mean “Cracker” like “Honky” or “Whitey.”  Maybe he meant this kind of cracker:

Where can I get one of these?

No, I think he meant exactly what he said.  Now so no one is mistaken–here are the only 2 logical dictionary definitions for “Cracker” that he could have meant:

4. (initial capital letter) Sometimes Disparaging and Offensive. a native or inhabitant of Georgia (used as a nickname).
5. Slang: Disparaging and Offensive. a poor white person living in some rural parts of the southeastern U.S.

So I guess Bill didn’t mean #4 unless he was mistaking Florida for Georgia.  So…he was referring to poor white people who live in rural areas of Florida–and somehow waiting until after Jewish holidays will help him go down and get the vote of those people.  Like maybe this person:

Um, Bill–I don’t think voting is first on her mind.  And what I would pay to see you visit her house.

No, Bill meant to disparage white people as if Barack had approved of such a disparaging comment or as if to say, “Obama told me to go down at get the Jew vote and the Cracker vote.”  He was hoping that such a comment would reflect badly on Barack–as part of his sabotage efforts.

You go Bill.

-Murphy Political Blogger Alliance

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3 Comments on “In a Race That Is Not About Race–Don’t Forget The Cracker Vote”

  1. He SAID those things?

    Frankly, if I were to be in the race for president (as your running mate, you community organizer, you), I would be scared to death. Who wants to take office when the big D (that would be: Depression) may descend? The incumbent will be blamed and won’t be able to fix the situation in 4 years and will be bumped out. But maybe that’s what the Clintons anticipate…

  2. Jenn Says:

    Obama ain’t gonna get this cracker’s vote.

  3. cillhulfups Says:

    I highly enjoyed reading your blogpost, keep up posting such exciting posts!

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