Nancy Pelosi Is A Great Leader–Kind of Like Um…General Custer

Nancy pelosi

The United States, allegedly, stands on the brink of an economic meltdown.  Our Government, including our President, has told us that the only ones who can save us are the white bread members of the United States House and Senate.  They have worked really hard for like a week or so to save us-and today when the votes were cast–they um…failed.

Imagine if you will the following scenario:  Venom is poised to launch and attack that would destroy the entire West Coast of the United States (I know let him do it–kidding left coasters).  The only one to save us all is of course, SpiderMan.


Spiderman is just a middle-aged fat guy running around naked covered in Spidey body paint. (ewww)  So what happens, Venom destroys California, Oregon and Washington, but not Alaska because some tough broad up there shoots him in the face with a shotgun…but I digress.

The point is–our Government is about as effective at solving private problems as a fat naked middle-aged Spiderman.  (is the metaphor stretching a bit?)

Well, never fear–we have General Pelosi at the helm–and just to give you a little comfort, here is a short list of people that secretly inspire her to lead us all to victory:

1.  General Custer

2.  Wanda Holloway (“The Texas Cheerleader Mom“)

3.  President James Buchanan

for you lacking in history–James Buchanan, faced with threats of the South leaving the Union over slavery  and thinking war was equally bad–couldn’t make a decision, lost the faith of his own party (the DEMOCRATS) and is largely held responsible for the break-up of the Union and following civil war.

4.  New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin


5.  Andrew Fastow

But have no fear Americans, if Pelosi can’t do it, and naked Spiderman can’t do it, then we dare not lose hope, we dare not begin to believe that we are failures because after all is said and done and the bailout is over and the banks are back up and running–our true savior will rise again to pull us from the jaws of defeat.

You know who it is–it is who has been saving us for years–lending us money and making those cute little everythings that decorate our house…


-Murphy Political Blogger Alliance

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6 Comments on “Nancy Pelosi Is A Great Leader–Kind of Like Um…General Custer”

  1. Buffoon Says:

    If you can fit a nude fat guy in spidey make-up into a post about Comrade Pelosi your bordering on mad genius…. bravo!

  2. mklasing Says:

    Bordering? I think with that picture I may have crossed over into the land of coo-coo. 🙂

  3. pauliphant Says:

    Hey, Murphy, just tell me Spiderman isn’t one of our kids dads! That is scary stuff!

  4. Mooseburger Says:

    Them poor people who got them bad loans, it’s all their fault! They bad people. They should go to school and get rich like John McCain, maybe have 7-8 houses and maybe 13 cars. Ditch disfigured ugly wife and marry a rich one. Banks had to give them poor people the money, had no choice, Democrats told ’em to! Said right there in that video I saw on a conservative blog site! I seen it myself! Give money to poor people who ain’t gonna pay it back! Them Democrats too powerful, they are! They make Banks do it! And Republicans too weak to stop them! Republicans got no balls to stop it, they busy getting rich from all this bad loans, and Democrats make them do it! Why do Democrats want to give houses to people who don’t deserve them? Why does George Bush not stop them like he did the Terrorists? Because Republicans CAN’T stop them, Democrats too strong, Republicans too weak, Republicans p***s who know this is bad to give houses to poor people who don’t pay money back and can only whine like a little girl when it turns bad and do nothing about it! John McCain shows leadership! Shows how to get 7 or 8 homes and 13 cars! Stupid poor people don’t want to follow John McCain and be like him. They just want one house, and they can’t even pay for that! Democrats make them poor people buy home and not pay for it!

  5. mklasing Says:

    Paul: I assure you that the picture of Naked Spidey is not a dad that we know–I think it is someone from Wilchester actually. (kidding of course)

  6. “So what happens, Venom destroys California, Oregon and Washington, but not Alaska because some tough broad up there shoots him in the face with a shotgun…but I digress.:

    I’m still laughing at that line!

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