It is OK to say Goodbye To Illegals!

A report today from Tulsa states that illegal immigrants are “fleeing” Oklahoma in light of a new law that is about to go into effect that mandates deportation of illegals who are arrested on State criminal charges.  Of course, there are reports of certain pro-illegal groups renting billboards that accuse the Oklahoma legislature of promoting “hate.”

I have really had it with this entire discussion.  The reason people here are called “illegals” is becuase the are here “illegally” which means they are—-BREAKING THE LAW!!!!  It is not about “hate.”  It is not about “prejudice.”  It is not a “Hispanic thing.”  The facts are this:

1.  September 11, 2001 really happened. 

2.  Hundreds of illegal immigrants cross our borders weekly.

3.  There are millions of people in the United States that are here illegally.

4.  Legal residents pay taxes which are used to fund social programs that are offered to illegal immigrants.

5.  Laws need to be enforced–otherwise they have no effect–and then there is kaos!

I do not hate people from other countries.  I do not hate Hispanics.  I do, however, greatly dislike people who break the law without consequence.  When I get a speeding ticket, I have to pay it.  When I don’t put money in a parking meter, I have to pay a ticket or my car may get towed.  When people violate our Federal banking laws in real estate flip schemes and falsified loan applications, they go to prison.  Why is this so hard to understand.  I don’t care if every single illegal immigrant is working “jobs that nobody wants”–if they are here illegally they need to be prosecuted and deported–period.

Besides–nobody wants to be Attorney General right now–maybe we should allow an illegal immigrant to handle that job.  Ridiculous.  There is an unemployment rate of about 4% currently.  That is (conservatively) about 12 million people–about the same number of people who are here illegally–I think we have a solution–deport the illegals and solve our unemployment rate by making it 0%.



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3 Comments on “It is OK to say Goodbye To Illegals!”

  1. Smokin Joe Says:

    The flow of illegal immigrants and the resulting emotions from the population always intrigued me. I can definitely understand the importance of keeping American Citizens priority #1 – but to be frank – illegal immigrants should get some sort of respect and dignity. One of the results of becoming a 1st world country, people have less kids, and then those same kids have a better chance of getting a high quality job for the future, however that can really put a stress on a future work force.

    Take Germany – they have super strict immigration laws and super tight borders – but they’re slowly having an economic mess because they don’t have enough of a young workforce to take over from the older generation.

    So while it is good to have a constant influx of immigrants – I have to agree in the fact that there needs to be a system where the immigrants doesn’t almost always have to be illegal to begin with. And while I would love a better Immigration plan (NOT GUEST WORKERS TO REPLACE AMERICAN WORKERS) to better help the immigrants (who don’t know english that well) who really want to work hard for a better future for their children (isn’t that what everyone wants?) without tricking them in the process.

    But geez, how the F do you justify not deporting illegals when they break a crime?

    But it sure does suck when it’s a single mom or dad or something… We really need a better system.

    Cool post, good read.

  2. mklasing Says:

    Absolutely we need a better system. I’m all for people coming to America to live the dream. My ancestors came to Galveston from Germany in the 1700’s and prospered here. You know how I know that? Because they came here legally and I can look up the documentation of their arrival and admittance to the Country. What a concept!

    I don’t want to lock the borders, I want to dam them up. A dam lets water flow when appropriate—i.e., when the person has obtained the legal documentation to be here. Turning this debate into an issue of hate and race is …. what is the word for that….oh yeah–SPIN!


  3. Smokin Joe Says:

    Man, I love that analogy you make:

    Not lock up borders, but dam them up so as to not prevent passage, but a more manageable and efficient flow.

    And wow, thats cool to have documentation that far back for you family. That’s some cool stuff (i’m a history freak, so even minute historical stuff gives me goosebumps).

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