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An Apology To My Grandkids

September 27, 2011

Last week I was traveling to Austin from Houston on Highway 71 and passed through Bastrop, Texas.  As you may know, a few weeks ago the scene in Bastrop was what you see above and 71 was closed.  As I passed through I could see burned landscape and numerous trees that were clearly dead from the heat around them as leaves were completely brown (and for you Northerners–that doesn’t happen in Texas until November).  I could smell through my air conditioning unit the distinct odor of ashes and burned wood.  It is an unbelievable tragedy.  The fact that “our” President waited so long to declare these areas a Federal Emergency is a sad commentary on his juvenile attitude towards Texas in general.  I pray for those who lost their homes (hundreds of them) and anyone who may have been injured in this horrific event.

As I drove through and smelled the burning remains of Bastrop County I wondered if Americans could smell the odor of burnt ash in other parts of the Country.  I wondered if the smell of burning money could be identified in our air emanating from Washington DC.

I imagine that this smell would be different from the burning wood smell.  Although it would clearly contain the scent of burning paper and ink, I imagine it would also have the smell of lost opportunities for the future generations of our Country.  I imagine it smells like the hope of going to college, owning a home, providing for your family and living in peaceful freedom all being burned to the ground. 

Believe me, I wish I could attribute that smell to the Obama administration and liberal Democrats only–but it isn’t all their fault.  Sure, liberals believe (which is clear from Obama’s latest proposal) that money you and I earn doesn’t really belong to us.  Liberals believe that if you work 40-80 hours a week, save your money and provide for your family, you also have a duty to help the rest of society that refuses to do the same.  Further, and worse, liberals believe that money you earn should be given to the smarter, better Government to redistribute as it sees fit for the “betterment” of society.  After all–it is only “fair.”   

But as I said, there is plenty of fault to go around for our current situation.  President George W. Bush, a person I have the utmost respect for, expanded entitlement programs during a time of war which took our deficit from a negative number to over $450 billion.  Most of the spending was military, but there was also the prescription drug program, expansion of Medicare and Medicaid among others.  Then there was the bailouts of 2008-which began with Bush and continued through Obama.

Obama on the other hand took a $450 billion deficit in 2008 and turned it into a $1.4 trillion deficit by the end of 2009.  For you math wizards, that is $990 billion in ONE YEAR.  It has spiraled out of control since then to a point now where our deficit is over $3.7 trillion and counting.   Smell it burning?

I credit the Tea Party for trying very hard since 2009 to bring this to the attention of Americans.  The problem is that many of us simply don’t care or don’t understand it.  Everyone lives in the moment.  Sure, you can still go to the store and afford milk and bread.  You can usually afford to fill up your car with gas.  Because of the sluggish economy the prices of many things have not gone up dramatically.  You can see a movie, purchase an IPhone and go about living YOUR life without really appreciating or worrying about a over-the-head concept such as National Deficits and National Debts. 

But while we are living our quiet lives, the Country is on fire and not enough people are declaring a National Emergency.  It is amazing to realize that the fate of our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren currently resides in the hands of one president, 100 senators and 435 representatives.  536 people will determine whether or not our Grandkids live in a free Country.

Think I’m being overly dramatic?  Money may not buy happiness-but the lack of money results in enslavement.  The more the US takes from our pockets, the tighter the shackles are twisted on our necks and hands.    The more our deficit grows, the more the Government will need to pay for it.  The current administration has spent money it doesn’t have and is now asking for even more. 

We have not done enough.  As citizens, voting is a primary way of voicing our opinions and our beliefs, but it is not enough.  We must be diligent in doing what we can NOW to stop the out of control fire burning away our future.

I want to take this opportunity to immortalize my apology to my kids and grandkids.  I am sorry that I did not do enough and that none of us did enough to stop our Government from destroying your Country.  I am sorry that your future has been harmed by the omissions of your grandfathers and grandmothers.  I am sorry that we were not bold enough to think beyond the present and act, as our founding fathers did, for the future of all Americans, both the present and the future generations to come. 

I promise to try to do more in the coming months to dramatically change the current leadership in our Nation and put leaders in place that have integrity, that care about America, that care about Americans, that put duty and loyalty to the service of our Nation above personal desires and love of fame and power, and who will make the tough choices to end entitlements and wasteful agencies and departments in order to cut spending, reduce taxes and save our Nation.

I am fearful of our current Government.  I am fearful of what they can do and what they are willing to sacrifice in the quest for power and control.  A famous American once said this:

I promise to work to make the government fear the people again and stop the stench of burning money from the halls of Washington, D.C.  I pray we succeed.

To the reader–are you fearful, do you smell the fire–get involved to stop it.


Czar, Czar Wherever You Are!

August 19, 2009

With all of the Czar’s being appointed by our President I decided to do a little fact checking into this radical way of ruling our government.  First, when I googled “Czar” in Google Images-the image above is the first one you see.  Of course this image was there as well:

So—that really doesn’t help me understand what he is doing—-or does it?  Nope, it doesn’t-moving on…

The first picture however, took me to a blog post about taking over the government called “How to Run a Country and Get Away With It.”  Interestingly this post was published in October of 2007!  So wait just a minute, either I am having a Shelia Jackson Lee Moment or am I right that the President took office in 2009?  It just seems like he has been there forever.

So what is this all about.  The author states that “Appointing a Czar is a handy way of deflecting bad publicity on a difficult issue. Drugs, for example have been a hot issue for a long time and have caused successive governments major difficulties. Appoint a Czar and these problems simply go away.”  The author by the way is talking about the UK.  He correctly points out that:

“Firstly, any successes could be claimed as government successes as the results came out in police reports and therefore “ the new crime policies are working”. Secondly any failures can be attributed to the failure of the Czar himself and not the government. And finally, any police excesses, despite the fact that you have encouraged tough policies, can be targeted at individual police forces or crime units and therefore the government also looks liberal and humanitarian. It’s a win-win situation. Power without responsibility, perfect!”

Excellent points!  And admittedly, that may be the reasons that George Bush, Clinton and George Bush appointed such individuals.  However, in those three cases it was only a handful of “czars” that were appointed and in reality–any failures of such individuals were heaped on the President by the media anyway.

So why has Obama appointed over 3 dozen!  Let’s look to the Constitution–I’m sure it allows for such things:

Well obviously that is too dang hard to read–but let’s assume for a moment that this language is in there somewhere around say Article II, section 2:

The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States; he may require the Opinion, in writing, of the principal Officer in each of the executive Departments, upon any subject relating to the Duties of their respective Offices, and he shall have Power to Grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.

He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; and he shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law: but the Congress may by Law vest the Appointment of such inferior Officers, as they think proper, in the President alone, in the Courts of Law, or in the Heads of Departments.”

So, I suppose he can appoint Czars in one of two ways–either with the Advice and Consent of the Senate–oops–he hasn’t done that—or as “otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law.”  Hmmmm… I wonder of such a law exists?

Well as luck would have it there is a law for the Drug Czar–so maybe Bush and Clinton and Bush weren’t doing something so bad after all.  The Office of National Drug Control Policy Reauthorization Act of 1998 allows for the appointment of a director.  Under Obama that person is Gil Kerlikowske.

But how about the others?

Say…Carol Browner the “Energy Czar“—she of course headed the EPA under Clinton and on her last day in office, oversaw the destruction of agency computer files in brazen violation of a federal judge’s order requiring the agency to preserve its records. 

How about Todd Stern the “Climate Change Czar” or Special Envoy on Climate Change (potato, potahhto).  He was actually appointed by Hilary Clinton–the Secretary of State.  What????

How about Adolfo Carrion, Jr, the “Urban Czar“-a specialist in Cash and Carry scandals.  Great choice.

Or the others:

Tech Czar-Aneesh Chopra(who answers your calls as a level 2 specialist whenever your Comcast digital service acts up)

Government Performance Czar-Jeffrey Zients (who will answer your calls in the order in which they were received–your wait time is now 19288 minutes)

Infotech Czar-Vivek Kundra(who is a level 3 specialist and will take your call when Aneesh Chopra cannot figure out why you cannot access the Internet)

Health Czar-Nancy Ann DeParle(a former shoplifter and ineffective at doing anything by praising Obama for his ridiculous Health Care bill)

Bailout Czar or Tarp Czar-Herb Allison (that has worked very well–don’t you think?

Guantanamo Closure Czar-Daniel Fried (wonder what he is getting paid to take the political hit that this hasn’t happened yet?

I could go on for days, there is a Stimulus Oversight Czar, Border Czar, Counterterrorism Czar (not Jack Bauer), Regulatory Czar, Pay Czar, Car Czar, Economic Czars, Intelligence Czar, Great Lakes Czar (what??), Copyright Czar (seriously?), Food Car, Water Czar, War Czar, Domestic Violence Czar etc…..

None of these individuals have the authority to force any company or person or agency to do anything–at least not legally.  So why, why appoint all of these individuals–well if you look through history you will see that every leader that has appointed numerous individuals to carry out their bidding under the title of “Head” or “Director” or “Czar” did so as a way to grab power where the Country’s laws didn’t otherwise allow for such a power grab.

In America–lest you forget–we have a balance of power–these individuals cannot have any unless Congress allows it and there is a legal reason for it–such as the Drug Czar.

Russian Czars brutalized people–especially the Jews in Russia.  Hitler appointed numerous Leaders of the High Command to rule the Nazi party and carry out his policies and commands–including genocide.

Our Founding Fathers put our system in place for a reason–I guess that along with Health care, Cap and Trade, Stimulus, Obama just thinks that the Constitution should be trashed.

You know its bad when a Democratic Senator thinks it is unconstitutional.  But then again, that is Senator Byrd and after all–he used to be in the KKK, so his objection is skewed a bit.

I guess I should just be quiet–after all this is just all part of “Hope and Change.”


Way To Go California! Yes-I Just Said That!

May 21, 2009

Normally I think that the bumper sticker above is simply redundant.  I mean this is the State of Nancy Pelosi and San Francisco and OJ Simpson and I expect it to be a haven for liberal ideas.  Then the voters cast a “No” ballot for same-sex marriage and I thought maybe there was a break in the liberalism.  But I wasn’t convinced.  Well today I am.

Today this version of California was (at least for now) put to rest:


Today I read that California voters came out in and voted against five different tax hike proposals.  In fact, in all but one ballot vote the “No” votes were 65% or greater!  Now the California Legislature will have to figure out how to cut $23billion from the budget to avoid a deficit.  This is a clear message that the “tax and spend” ideas of the left are running out of support and steam.  California, a heavily taxed State already, has had enough.

Imagine–if California has had enough, how do you think people are feeling in Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Louisiana and other predominately Red States? 

So this post is a salute to the great State of California for finally pushing its voters hard enough that the conservatives have come out of their deep sleep and voted.  I can only hope that the rest of the Country will follow suit shortly.

So all of this “no taxes” stuff really has me excited.  I mean, maybe I could actually live in California–let’s see what it has to offer:

Okay, well…I guess I’ll just hang out here in Texas for a while–but way to go on that voting thing–which I have now already forgotten.


Governor Rod Blagojevich Actions Not His Fault

December 10, 2008

Chicago-Well we finally have something other than the economy to discuss.  Rod Blagojevich.  For months now the FBi has been suspicious of this man because how many men at his age still have this much hair?

As Jon Stewart said last night on “The Daily Show”–what is written under there that he doesn’t want us to see?  Well, I for one think that we are all being a little too hard on Mr. Blagosdfkwe=whatever.  Although–he is no stranger to corruption discussions.  In 2005 he was investigated as part of a scheme to steer pension plans from the State to his large campaign contributors.  But as he said then–he knew nothing about that.

Then, of course there were those silly rumors that he was actually gay.  But that is just plain ridiculous.

The reality is, the Governor was not breaking the law.  Sure he is being charged with tons of crimes including bribery and corruption, but he is right that the “bleeping” Senate office left vacant President-Elect Obama is a “bleeping” important office and it shouldn’t be simply given away for “bleeping” free.  After all–the economy is in the tank and how can Illinois afford to have a Governor that cannot afford to feed his own family.  I mean look at the tiny house he lives in:

Pathetic.  Why I would rather sleep in a cardboard box–at least I would have my dignity.  Plus his salary is a little over a paltry $177K per year–not even “rich” under Obama’s standards.  It is such a shame–with the economy hurting and organized crime needing their payoffs in Chicago, even Oprah is stressed and laying on the weight again.

So are we to condemn this man–this friend of our new President, for a couple of poor decisions related to finances?

I say “No”–let’s look instead at the real problem.  Of course, there is the underlying issue of the “failed policies of the Bush administration” that is the cause of our financial woes (not the mortgage crises or unions or socialist policies of the left)–But the real problem–the root of all of our current angst and anxiety-

The root of all evil and the example of all things wrong with our society:

Yes, the BCS–it is clear that if we had a playoff system, or if UT was rightfully playing for the National Championship, then we would not have Governors of States like Illinois making such irrational decisions.  Clearly, this disruption in the natural order of things has caused poor Blogaofeviehsasdfasdthek  to not think clearly and to say things he must not mean.

So join with me in anticipating the Democrat response–blame Bush (obviously)–but let’s blame the real culprits–after all we do not live in a society where personal responsibility means anything–so in anticipating the need for a scapegoat–I offer the BCS…and of course, the Oklahoma Sooners.


(if you would like to donate to the Blogovsicheisgheih criminal defense fund–just send it directly to the “Office of the President Elect”  if you can locate such an office–after all–the US believes Obama can spend our money better than we can ourselves–I’m sure this is no exception) Political Blogger Alliance

The Straight Talk About The Straight Ticket

November 18, 2008


Thank you Democrat straight ticket voters.  Thanks for all you have done to help our society.  I understand you wanted “change” and you were willing to wear Go Obama stickers and chant and scream and faint whenever HE spoke—but in the process you forgot one little thing—your own laziness.

I’m sorry up front–I know accusing people of negative things is so out and calling people out on their choices is so last year–but in communities all over the Country where people yanked the straight ticket they ended up voting for many opportunists like the jolly man pictured above. 

In so doing, many excellent district clerks, judges, tax assessors, school board members, mayors, sheriffs and other local republican politicians that were doing a great job for their communities were swept away by the tsunami of straight ticket votes.

Why vote straight ticket?  Laziness.  Very few people vote straight ticket because they have examined each candidate in each race and decided to vote all Republican or all Democrat.  I am about as right-wing as I can be and even I, yes I voted race by race.  If I did not know either candidate, I left it blank, and in 2 instances I actually voted for (gasp) a democrat! 

I’ll never tell which ones–but trust me, I did.

So you don’t think there is any harm in straight ticket voting–the lever for the lazy?  Take the local case of Devon Anderson.

Devon is the current Criminal District Court Judge for the 177th Judicial District Court in Harris County, Texas (Houston for those of you in other states).  Devon was a long-time prosecutor and is a person untouchable integrity.  She has been an amazing Judge and has done wonderful things for our community.  I know of almost no lawyers from the DEFENSE BAR that dislike her.  She is fair, honest and tries her best to do the right thing in every case.  But, she was up this last term.  She was beat in a wave of straight ticket voting by Kevin Fine:

Mr. Fine said he’ll draw from his experiences as a cocaine addict who has been clean and sober for 10 years when presiding over felony cases.  “Every time I was coming down, I felt like the devil was reaching into my soul, stealing my heart,” he said of his days spent with drugs.  See Full Article.
As a side note–Judge Anderson is one of 4 judges who preside over the County’s Drug Courts.  Mr. Fine states, “I ran,” Fine said, “because I felt like I could help more people as a judge than I could one at a time as clients.”  (uh, no you didn’t—the local Dem party had a big meeting and asked for volunteers to run for every bench and you were one of many who said “sure”)
That is sooooooo great!  We want Judges in our Criminal System to “help people” because that is their role–oh no, wait, being an activist and community worker is actually not the goal or the job of a Judge–they are to rule on the law impartially.  Whoops–guess he didn’t know that.
There are so many more examples of this all over our Nation–but hey, maybe this is the “change” people were looking for.  Well congratulations lazy voters–you will get exactly what you asked for–major, heart wrenching, society altering “change.”
After all, straight ticket voting got us change before–remember 1976-1980?  Obama does:
Yea!  Gas lines, hostages, stagflation, high borrowing rates, unemployment—and former drug addicts presiding as Judges in a felony Drug Court–now that is some “change” we need.
Thanks again straight voters–your unintended brilliance is simply amazing.


The History of “Republicans” Destroying our Social Security!

August 19, 2008

Another election year–another round of candidates talking about how they are going to “fix” social security.  Once again, we hear from Obama and his party that the Republicans are at fault for the various ills plaguing our beloved retirement plan.  (I got my statement recently and it shows that I’ll make just enough to pay my current house note when I’m 70–I can’t wait to roll in that dough)

A friend of mine sent me an email that details the history of social security.  I checked out the facts and decided that it would be beneficial for you to know the truth about what has happened to this system.  Let’s step into our time machine and take a look back at the history of this amazingly inefficient government agency and program:  (imagine dream sequence animation here)


1935:  DEMOCRAT President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the Social Security Act into law.  President Roosevelt first promised that the system would be voluntary.  Of course, assuming that the American public would not do what HE knew was best for them, it was passed as a payroll tax and later made part of the IRS code.  Originally, participants would only have to pay 1% of the first $1400 they made.  The money would be deductible from income taxes.  The money was to be placed into a special trust fund so that it would never become part of the General Budget and the annuity payments to retirees was not supposed to be taxed.  Sounds good–and even sounds like it would not be too onerous of a system to implement and receive.  It is a system of “forced” savings–but small enough not to overburden the government or our society.

THEN things changed.  Long gone are the days where the public championed this sytem.  Like Ida Mae Fuller–the first recipient of a death benefit under the system in 1939.

Ida May Fuller, the first recipient

In 1956, a democratically controlled congress raised the tax rate from 1% to 2% (2 for employer as well) and almost all other trades were included in the range of people that could receive benefits.

Then, in 1965, Lyndon Johnson, a DEMOCRAT President, added Medicare to the the program and moved the funds from the Trust Fund and placed them in the General Budget under the “theory” that Congress would be able to add more money to the fund instead of spend it.  HA HA HA HA HA HA

During the Carter administration (another DEMOCRAT)-we had the worst inflation and unemployment since the Great Depression–the result was a tremendous budget problem in Congress–which continued to pull money from the general fund to pay for social programs–Social Security, for all intensive purposes was raided out of existence and now is simply a line item in the Budget–but there is no “fund.”

Then Al Gore cast the tie-breaking vote in the Senate to start taxing Social Security annuities for the first time.  Since that vote-no one has done anything to fix the program or allow workers to chose between the program and private choice investment.

Obama though has an idea for “change”–he proposes removing the cap for social security wages–so that you have to pay on all of your income and increasing taxes on those who make over $250,000.  Wow–what a novel idea–Since the 1930’s the only real “change” to Social Security other than moving it into the General Budget–is numerous tax increases to pay for it.

Does that sound like change to you?

“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.”  Thomas Jefferson–3rd President–and a Democrat

-Murphy Political Blogger Alliance

“Here I Come To Save The Polar Bears!” (not Mighty Mouse)

July 9, 2008

Ahhh, the beautiful site of a Polar Bear slaughteringa baby seal.  Notice how the hue of the blood of the seal mixed with the reflection of blue sea water gives the picture a kind of violet tint.  Nature is a wonderous and magical thing.  But there is evil lurking in these blood-filled waters.  An evil no polar bear, even with his massive strength, can possibly defeat.

Big Oil!  That’s right the money-hungry, greedy, good for nothun’ Republican Controlled Oil Industry.  Somehow Bush and his henchmen were able to con the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service into granting legal protection to seven oil companies in the Chukchi Sea over the next five years should they accidentally harm “small numbers” of polar bears or Pacific walruses while drilling or during other exploratory activities. 

Oh the humanity…er…polar bearanity.

But wait–there is hope for the polar bear harassed by these villans.  In fact there is always hope for the environment because as soon as any industry tries to make an advancement to ease our pain at the pump–there will always be…

The mighty lawsuit.  Yes, the lawsuit–which has brought us such advances as warning labels on McDonald’s coffee to let you know it is actually “hot”, instructions on the back of rat poison that instruct you not to eat it, expensive car emissions systems, no more prayer in schools and constitutional rights to prisoners of war. 

This time–two separate conservation groups have teamed up to sue everyone that has ever lived to stop this “free pass” to Big Oil.  After all, we all know that drilling for oil harms the environment and therefore harasses the polar bear and the walrus.  Just like ANWR–I mean just look at the land region that Republicans insist should be explored for oil: 

Wow!  What a paradise!  I see why we need to be extra cautious there too.

Once again I say “bravo” to the liberals in our Country.  They never dissappoint me.  It had been almost 4 weeks since the authority was given to explore and I thought maybe the followers of the global environmental cult had missed it–but oh, no, they just needed to find a few brave heroes to do the job.  When we think of heroes we may think of soliders, astronauts, firemen, policemen, Ronald Regan but we all know the real heroes of our Country:

LAWYERS!  They know best how to make a Federal Case (literally) out of hanging chads, fatty foods and waterboarding.  Who else will speak for the Polar Bear?  Who else will champion the unheard voice of the walrus?  Paul McCartney?  I don’t think so.  If you want to hear the glorious sound of “coo coo ca choo” then you need a lawyer.  I just hope their lawsuit is in time to save us from lower gas prices in the next 5 years.  I am really hoping to be able to pay $10 a gallon one day so that I will be forced to by a smart car and then be crushed to death in the first minor accident I have on a Texas highway.

(remember, I have a right to be sarcastic about this–I am one of these)  🙂

-Murphy Political Blogger Alliance

Sheila Jackson Lee-A Portrait of Stupidity

July 7, 2008

Well, I must confess, that living in Houston I am saddled with being at least indirectly connected to this wonder of modern congressional idiocy.  Ms. Lee has consistently made herself into an icon for the inane, a model for socialist government and a defender of everything that is NOT freedom.

Today she may have topped herself yet again.  But before we examine her recent move–let’s take a look back at some of her more memorable moments in modern history.  Ms. Lee became a congresswoman in 1995.  Prior to that she had 3 unsuccessful attempts at running for judge in Harris County and finally became a Municipal Judge from 1987-1990.  Yes a traffic court judge!

Then while sitting on the Houston City Council from 1989-1994 she ran for Congress and has been there ever since.

Amazing stuff about Ms. Lee:

1. She Voluteered to Be and Advocate for Elian Gonzalez’s Father:  Remember this photo:


Way to go Shelia!  You really kicked that poor little boy’s butt.

2.  She Got Herself Essentially Banned From Continental Airlines:  Yes for demanding first class on every trip and screaming at airline attendants when they didn’t have the food option she wanted–that got a staffer to quit and got the airline to “suggest” she fly Delta.  I personally know that she doesn’t fly continental much anymore as I sat next to her on a Southwest Airlines flight about 4 years ago.  In her defense, she was pleasant to talk to–(hillariously, we were delayed on the tarmac for 2 hours and she was not too thrilled with that I can tell you).

3.  She Believes that Hurricanes Should Have More African-American Names:  Back in 2003, Ms. Lee was upset that names like Keisha, Jamal and Deshawn were not used to name hurricanes.  She stated, “All racial groups should be represented.”  This is important stuff people.  Why, if the Government doesn’t step in and stop this we will end up with all of these “lily-white” hurricane names-and that is simply unfair.  I for one know that my daughter Allison is very excited that her name is associated with one of the most devastating tropical storms to hit Houston in modern history–taking numerous lives and costing billions of dollars in repairs.  She is THRILLED with that.  (what a monor)

And now…(there are many more–but I don’t want to bore you)-her latest decision is that the United States Congress needs to investigate the Harris County Justice System for civil rights violations and inequalities in the system.  This following the Joe Horn grand jury decision last week.  “With the enormous fractures in the system, until we take a broom and sweep it out, there won’t be evenhanded justice,” she said.

So, I guess the roles of Congress are:

1.  Pass laws

2.  Spend OUR money

3.  Shape Foreign Policy

4.  Investigate local Justice systems to see of they are running properly.

oh and also

5.  Investigate steroid use in Baseball.

Ms. Lee’s comments highlight a much bigger looming problem with our government–the fact that it is becoming more and more powerful.  Remember a democracy is power in the hands of the people–not the few dictators we have elected.  It is NOT the role of the United States Governement to investigate the BP plant explosion (another of her great suggestions), or to steal profits away from the oil industry just because it sounds good or to investigate the Grand Jury system in one County in Texas.

But see–Ms. Lee doesn’t understand Texans–because, frankly she isn’t one.  See Texas was a Republic–it was its own Country–and by God-it wants to be one again.  It is nothing short of Anti-Texas to suggest that the US Government come in and do anything.  But of course, Ms. Lee was born somewhere else–Ms. Lee doesn’t understand Texas’ struggle for independence, she doesn’t understand Texans desire to own their own land and be their own person, because Ms. Lee was born…







   “Get a rope.”

-Murphy Political Blogger Alliance

I Will Now Sacrifice My Child For The Sake of the Whales

June 23, 2008


Today my conservative meter started flashing hot red and when I read the article about the 9th Circuit’s decision to keep the Navy from using Sonar because it MAY be affecting communications between whales the meter exploded.  It was such a mess.  I’m happy to say my brain has been put back together and I can now discuss this bizarre situation more calmly.

Yes, the Supreme Court has taken the “Whale Sonar” case for review.  It appears that SONAR used by the United States Navy to find submarines may be affecting whale communication.  In fact, Marine biologist Ken Balcomb stated in an article in 2004 that killer whales “appeared agitated and were moving haphazardly, attempting to lift their heads free of the water” when encountering the pinging noise of a Navy SONAR.

Oh the horror!  The first thing the Navy ought to be concerned with is whether the Killer Whales are agitated or annoyed.  After all, the Ocean is THEIR home and the Navy is simply an uninvited guest to that home.  And when an uninvited guest annoys us, we throw them out.  Why should it be any different for the whales?

So a few terrorists or hostile regimes can sneak a couple of nuclear subs into our water and take out San Francisco or Seattle or Los Angeles–is that so bad really?  And what about our children–aren’t they privileged enough with XBox and Wii and McDonald’s and Disney Channel–can’t they sacrifice just a teeny weeny bit for the creatures of the sea?  After all the world is more covered with ocean water than land so it technically belongs to them anyway.

And now the Supreme Court is going to get in the way of the brilliant 9th Circuit and possibly (only possibly) overturn the injunction that keeps the Navy from conducting its wretched SONAR scanning.  Where is Obama when we need him most–to appoint some Justices who can finally rule in favor of the whales?

Well, I for one applaud the 9th Circuit for this amazing precedent.  In fact, we sent a team out to the western seaboard to interview folks there about their take on this amazing ruling.  Here is what we discovered:

We ran into Sunshine Berry a native of Los Angeles at her normal place of work.  Her parents were actually at Woodstock–cool.  Our on the spot reporter had this exchange with her.

Reporter:  “So Miss Berry…”

Sunshine: “It’s “Ms” Berry”

Reporter: “Oh sorry.  Ms. Berry, what do you think about the ruling from the 9th Circuit that says that the Navy has to stop agitating the whales?”

Sunshine:  “I love it!  After all, it has long been known that the Bush family hates whales.  I heard that Jeb Bush actually has a pair of whale skin boots that sorry **#@&$.  No one sticks up for the whales anymore with Jane Fonda all rich and claiming to be a Christian one minute and then appearing on Oprah and blah blah blah.  I’m glad to see the Court get involved.”

Reporter:  “But don’t you worry that our National Security is at stake?”

Sunshine: “Ha!  That is such a laugh.  Our National Security is at stake only because the world hates us becuase of Bush.  And now we discover that he actually hates college students-which totally sucks.”

Reporter: “Um, okay, but to stay on topic, what about the Navy not having the ability to find submarines that might attack us.”

Sunshine:  “Well, if we get attacked we deserve it–we have brought this on ourselves because of Halliburton and Big Oil and restricting gay  marriage and all of that stuff.  And anyway, if we are nice to the whales, they will probably protect us from submarines anyways.”

So we tried again to test the pulse of the average California resident and our reporter ran into this individual:

Reporter:  “Excuse me sir, what do think about a ruling keeping the Navy from agitating whales?”

Bunny-Man:  “I frankly love it.  I mean I’m annoyed all the time by people that I would like to get some injunctions against because they agitate me.”

Reporter:  “Really?  Like who?”

Bunny-Man:  “Well nosy conservative reporters for one.  Ha-kidding dude, but seriously I’m agitated by Microsoft because they laid me off last year for “poor performance” -whatever, and all repubilcans, John McCain, the church, clowns, heteros, my dad, and the list goes on.”

Reporter”  “But the church?  I mean your sign there attempts to quote a commandment.”

Bunny-Man:  “So?  What is your point?  Listen the nuber 2 sin is agitating whales as far as I’m concerned and then after that would be any law that restricts the wearing of bunny ears while protesting and killing clowns.”

Reporter:  “Oh no, is that a dead clown behind you?”

(at that point the bunny-man fled the scene)

Well it hasn’t been easy to find a mainstream reaction to this but we are on it and will keep you informed.  In the meantime, should the Supreme Court rule in favor of the whales (who apparently are represented without counsel and will not be appearing at oral argument) then start making your list of people that agitate you so that you can get a Court to shut them up.  Here is the beginning of my list:

1.  Barbara Streisand

2.  Nancy Pelosi

3.  Michael Newdow

4.  Michael Moore

5.  Barack Obama

6.  Jesse Jackson

7.  Unnamed attorneys that I oppose in litigation matters at work. (not all–just some)

8.  A neighbor kid that simply drives me crazy (name is left out to protect his identity)

9.  Bruce Springstein

10. …(more later)

-Murphy Political Blogger Alliance









Top 9 Reasons Not To Watch the OJ Simpson Trial

June 17, 2008


Yes, its that time again, 13 years later we are back ready to once again have our lives preempted by an endless parade of prosecutorial mistakes, cliches, racism and other fun that we like to call “THE OJ SIMPSON TRIAL.”  September 2008, OJ will once again appear in Court to face criminal charges based on his fundamental like of appreciation for societal rules and order.  And we, the helpless public, are forced to endure this tail of woe as a former Football Giant faces his accusers, tries on gloves and thanks the jury for a job well done.

I say, NO.  We have had enough of this trash.  It’s bad enough I have to endure CNN’s Obama Love Fest every day and constant reminders of Michelle Obama’s lack of patriotism, but another OJ Trial?  Serenity Now!

In case you are tempted, in case you find yourself being pulled ever so close to the TV to watch “just a couple of minutes” of the trial only to discover hours and 3 bags of Cheetos later that you are still watching, here are the Top 9 Reasons not to Watch this one:

1.  I’m Still Mad That The Bronco Chase Interrupted the Rockets Game

There I was at a local establishment, watching my home town basketball team in the NBA Finals and *poof* next thing I know I’m watching OJ Simpson in a white bronco being chased down the freeway in LA.  I was one of the thousands of Houstonians that called NBC and demanded that the game be put back on.  I’d convict him just for that.

2.   You might Miss the New Season of “Dancing With the Stars”

I mean really—would you rather see OJ or someone like OJ attempting to dance on live TV?

3.  There Is Always A Chance You Will Have to Endure Kato Kalin Commentary

You know its true–this is exactly what the idiotic network executives will do.  They will dig up this guy from whatever rehab facility he is currently residing in and make him the “go to” guy for commentary throughout the trial.  I could not take it.

4.  You Will Miss The Republican Convention

Need I say more?  Of course not.

5.  If you are in South Carolina you will miss the “Marlboro, Chesterfield, Darlington County Pee Dee Indian Tribe Pow Wow”

Wow!  This event is held on September 6 and you don’t want to miss it.  Featuring the Drum Team-“Bird Choppers and Dry Medicine”  Not just wow–Pow Wow!

6.  If you are in Wisconsin–or visiting–You Will Be Too Tired From the “Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw”

Yes, its that time once again to gather your family, trek on up to beautiful Wisconsin, pick up a pile of cow feces and see how far you can throw it. 

As you can see from this photo taken from the website–hygiene is not an issue with these locals–why what’s a little hepatitis among friends?

7.  Judge Jackie Glass is No Ito

I mean, really, she called our beloved Hesiman winner “arrogant or ignorant or both.”  How dare she?  Doesn’t she know that she is supposed to cower to his fame and make rulings that benefit him and hurt the prosecution.  Seriously Judge Glass–I don’t think you get it yet.  If you aren’t going to help OJ, then why should we watch.

8.  North Carolina–You may Miss the Annual “Bald is Beautiful” Convention in Morehead City.

Yes, “Morehead” City is the host town for this annual event.  And why not?  Morehead means More Head, Less Hair.  Ha Ha Ha. That is soooo not funny.  But they are right, for those of us (me included) losing those precious strands–we need to attend this event to feel better about ourselves–because after all bald IS beautiful.  See:

9.  With OJ So Busy With Trial–How Can He Continue His Search For the Real Killers?

This is the real tragedy of this ruse of a trial.  With OJ all “tied up” with these silly little charges, how can he possibly continue his quest to discover the “real” killers of Nicole and Ron?  Look at the incredible disservice to society that is resulting from this trial–without OJ on the case, there is no one really looking and if no one is looking, the case will remain open and there is no closure.  How sad.  How awful.

So, let’s band together America!  Take a stand.  Say “NO” to programing interruptions.  Say “NO” to days on end listening to witness after witness get beat up by criminal defense lawyers.  Say “NO” to the OJ Trial and maybe, just maybe we will have a pleasant September.  Because God knows, if Obama is elected, our November is going to be the pits.