I’m Too Stupid To Take Care of Myself

The New York Post today had the following article:

WASHINGTON – Hillary Clinton lavished praise on New York City’s tough anti-smoking laws yesterday – and said she supports smoking bans in public places across the country.

Asked at an Iowa forum on cancer whether banning smoking in public places would be good for America, Clinton replied, “Well, personally, I think so. And that’s what a lot of local communities and states are starting to do.”

Clinton noted that when New York’s smoking ban was being considered, critics claimed, “Oh, that’s the end of, you know, the bars and restaurants in New York City.”

But she boasted, “We are now having more business than ever before, because a lot of people who stayed away from going out are now going out again, because they feel like they can enjoy their time outside.”

Asked whether the feds should impose a nationwide ban, Clinton deferred to local governments.

Okay, I haven’t weighed in on this issue yet so here goes–I do not smoke, I do not like smoke, I don’t like the smell of smoke or smoke breath.  People that smoke have discolored skin and teeth and their hair and face show the signs of repeated exposure to smoke.

That being said–I am fed up with the willingness of the citizens of this Country to freely give up rights to the Federal, State and Local Governments.  Smoking is legal (if you are over 18).  It is bad for you but it is legal.  I understand prohibiting smoking from government owned buildings.  I even understand banning it from public spaces such as the common areas inside malls or office buildings.  But if a private business owner wants to have a restaurant, office, bar or other establishment with a smoking area—he should be allowed to do so.  If smoking were illegal–different ballgame—but it isn’t.

I don’t like standing in lines at amusement parks or sporting events behind some inconsiderate jerk who lights up a cigarette and then tries to forcibly blow the smoke above him as if that will keep it from my lungs–but we all know the risks of smoking.  If someone wants to spend their hard earned money creating a business wherein smokers are allowed then so be it.  We non-smokers can use the (what is that called—–oh yeah) FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM and chose not to spend our money at those establishments.  We do not have a constitutional right to eat at a particular restaurant or bar.

When will the Government telling us what is “good for us” end?  Walk with me on the path of extreme examples…

Let’s say the government decides that alcohol is so bad for you that it can no longer be served at bars or restaurants.  The non-drinkers wouldn’t care because “it doesn’t affect them.”  But soon penalties for drinking in public would follow and people would be arrested or fined for drinking (oh–we already did this in the 1930’s).

Ok–let’s say the government decides that watching too much TV is bad for you so every TV is equipped with a government mandated chip that only allows it to be on 4 hours in any 24 hour period.  You think I’m kidding? 

How many more areas of your life are you willing to give up to a group of politicians who think you are too stupid to take care of yourself?  Ooops gotta go–just exceeded my daily government limit of blogging!


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One Comment on “I’m Too Stupid To Take Care of Myself”

  1. Smokin Joe Says:

    Interesting ideas – I used to be blindly pro-stop-smoking-everywhere because I do not smoke, and really can’t stand of the smell. And it really, to me personally, was a violation of my one of my senses, and now medically, much worse for you than actually smoking the cigarette (I’m referring to the 2nd-hand smoke).

    However, it should always be the private business’ decision whether to ban smoking within their facility. I do feel that most places would ban smoking anyway – bars and some restaurants wouldn’t, and maybe some hotels. I mean, the purification of the smoke-filled air must have fueled some advancement in air-cleansing technologies.

    Nice post though.

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