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And Now…The Rest of The Story

March 2, 2009

Today we say goodbye to a great journalist and conservative…Paul Harvey.

Paul Harvey had an amazing career on the radio spanning 7 decades!  I personally listed to his News and Comments every chance I could for many years.  He is a true legend and radio icon.

In a tribute to Paul, we here at MKCB have decided to conduct a final interview of Mr. Harvey with some of his more famous quotes:

MK:  Paul, it is great to see you and I’m so exicted to ask you a few final questions before you journey on to a better place.  So on to my first question.  We are obviously going through some tough economic times–in fact some would say the worst in a billion years.  What advice can you give to those who have been really feeling the pinch of the current economic situation?

PAUL:  ” In times like these, it helps to recall that there have always been times like these.”

MK:  Well I think that is sound, but our current President continues to pound the message that we are in a “crisis” that we are suffering through times “like none other”  that we are in an “unprecedented economic downturn,” so what would you say to President Obama in his attempts to lead us through these times?

PAUL:  “I’ve never seen a monument erected to a pessimest.”  So President Obama ought to instead be the optimist after all…“every pessimist who ever lived has been buried in an unmarked grave.  Tomorrow has always been better than today, and it always will be.”

MK:  I could not agree more.  And what about our great and wonderful Congress?  Ms. Pelosi and her ilk are dead set to turn our economy from a people/capitalist driven economy to a government/socialsit driven economy.  Any words for those who think we should look to Congress to “save us” from these economic times?

PAUL:  “If ‘pro’ is the opposite of ‘con’ what is the opposite of ‘progress’?”

MK:    Exactly.  One thing an economic downturn does is force us to evaluate our lives and our careers.  Any advice for those who are reflecting on the past and trying to decide where to go from here?

PAUL:  “Like what you do, if you don’t like it, do something else.”

MK:  To the lighter side of things–are you much of a golfer?  Do you plan on hitting the golden links in heaven?

PAUL:  “Golf is a game in which you yell ‘Fore!,’ shoot six, and write down five.”

MK:  Finally, we have been told that Obama’s plans and stimulus package will “kick-start” the economy or “drop kick” it as VP Biden said, and yet today I learned that since President Barack Obama was elected, the Dow has dropped 2,562 points  and this past Friday, the Commerce Department reported that the U.S. economy shrank by 6.2%,  making it the worst quarter since 1982.  Most economists are predicting that labor data to be released this Friday will show that over 700,000 jobs were lost in February.  I thought President Obama was supposed to come in and save the economy, not turn it into something worse?

PAUL:  “Now you know the rest of the story.”


I’m Ready For My Bailout!

December 10, 2008

Well with GM seeking a bailout and Circuit City filing Bankruptcy and AIG needing more money and on and on–I have decided to formally step into the bailout line.  I know, you are saying, “But Murphy, you are a right-wing, cement-hearted, nut job conservative…how can you do such a thing?”  Well, there is an old saying, “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

I thought that since we are about to have a nearly Socialist regime in our Government, it may be time to step in line and get some free stuff.

If companies that are mismanaged can go to the government with a Republican president and get free money, how much more can I get something once Obama takes over?

So, here is my bailout list:


After law school I was saddled with a hefty student loan.  Then I worked for (don’t gasp), the Government for 2 years and deferred the loans since my salary was a little light.  Now, some 14 years after law school I still have a balance and I feel as though I need a bailout.  So I submit my request.


After a trip to Napa Valley I learned about “wine clubs.”  You can sign up at each winery and they will send you 2 or 3 bottles a month and simply charge your credit card.  I feel it would responsible to my tasting experience to be a member of at least say…10 wine clubs.  But that would of course cost somewhere between $1000 and $1500 a month, which I really cannot afford…that is…unless I can get a Bailout!  So I submit this as my second request for a bailout.


Currently I drive a 2006 Camry.

But I would really like to drive a 2009 Lexus.

So, if I could get go ahead and buy the Lexus (which I cannot afford) and then I will submit my request for a bailout on that as well.  Thank you Uncle Sam!


When I am blue or feeling down, I don’t like it.  If someone dies or if my stocks lose 40% of their value, I get a little sad.  Maybe the Government could provide me an emotional bailout.  Maybe I could get in the mail a DVD set of comedy stand-up routines by Jerry Seinfeld and Brian Regan and maybe all 9 seasons of the Golden Girls–or just this:

or this:

In any event, what I would really like a bailout from is scandals, Clinton appointees, higher taxes and socialist health care–guess I’ll have to wait 4 years for those.

-Murphy Political Blogger Alliance

Governor Rod Blagojevich Actions Not His Fault

December 10, 2008

Chicago-Well we finally have something other than the economy to discuss.  Rod Blagojevich.  For months now the FBi has been suspicious of this man because how many men at his age still have this much hair?

As Jon Stewart said last night on “The Daily Show”–what is written under there that he doesn’t want us to see?  Well, I for one think that we are all being a little too hard on Mr. Blagosdfkwe=whatever.  Although–he is no stranger to corruption discussions.  In 2005 he was investigated as part of a scheme to steer pension plans from the State to his large campaign contributors.  But as he said then–he knew nothing about that.

Then, of course there were those silly rumors that he was actually gay.  But that is just plain ridiculous.

The reality is, the Governor was not breaking the law.  Sure he is being charged with tons of crimes including bribery and corruption, but he is right that the “bleeping” Senate office left vacant President-Elect Obama is a “bleeping” important office and it shouldn’t be simply given away for “bleeping” free.  After all–the economy is in the tank and how can Illinois afford to have a Governor that cannot afford to feed his own family.  I mean look at the tiny house he lives in:

Pathetic.  Why I would rather sleep in a cardboard box–at least I would have my dignity.  Plus his salary is a little over a paltry $177K per year–not even “rich” under Obama’s standards.  It is such a shame–with the economy hurting and organized crime needing their payoffs in Chicago, even Oprah is stressed and laying on the weight again.

So are we to condemn this man–this friend of our new President, for a couple of poor decisions related to finances?

I say “No”–let’s look instead at the real problem.  Of course, there is the underlying issue of the “failed policies of the Bush administration” that is the cause of our financial woes (not the mortgage crises or unions or socialist policies of the left)–But the real problem–the root of all of our current angst and anxiety-

The root of all evil and the example of all things wrong with our society:

Yes, the BCS–it is clear that if we had a playoff system, or if UT was rightfully playing for the National Championship, then we would not have Governors of States like Illinois making such irrational decisions.  Clearly, this disruption in the natural order of things has caused poor Blogaofeviehsasdfasdthek  to not think clearly and to say things he must not mean.

So join with me in anticipating the Democrat response–blame Bush (obviously)–but let’s blame the real culprits–after all we do not live in a society where personal responsibility means anything–so in anticipating the need for a scapegoat–I offer the BCS…and of course, the Oklahoma Sooners.


(if you would like to donate to the Blogovsicheisgheih criminal defense fund–just send it directly to the “Office of the President Elect”  if you can locate such an office–after all–the US believes Obama can spend our money better than we can ourselves–I’m sure this is no exception) Political Blogger Alliance

Thanksgiving Post: What Am I Thankful For?

November 25, 2008

In a year that has gone south in many ways for me (economics, market, election, Texas/Texas Tech game, turning 40, hairline) there are so many things to be thankful for.  Thanksgiving should be a time to reflect on such things leading up to the “big one” on December 25–the day that matters most.  So I thought I would let you know what I am thankful for- in a time where many people are not giving thanks.  So, in no particular order:


I am thankful I live in the United States of America, which, as of today, is still the “land of the free” and the “home of the brave.”  I am thankful that since 9/11/01 there have been no terrorist attacks on our shores.  I am thankful that our airports, planes and buildings have remained safe in the last 7 years.   I am thankful for our troops.

They continue to work tirelessly to protect our freedom and to protect the citizens of Iraq from attacks.  They are true heroes and I am so thankful for them.  I am thankful for our President.  Yes, I know the polls and the pundits suggest that I shouldn’t be, but I am.  President Bush has worked hard to keep my children safe and has worked in an environment filled with the most vile, nasty, and undeserved attacks from members of the Democrat Party, yet, he has never failed to get up each day and do his best for our Nation.  I have not always agreed with him, but I am so very thankful for him and the job he has done.  So–Thank you Mr. President–you do a job that most Americans cannot and would not (hmmm..maybe an illegal immigrant should run for office–but I digress)


No, I am not related to John Patterson.  Unlike this guy, I am very thankful for my family.  My wife, 3 kids, parents, in-laws, sister, nieces and nephews.  Although all families are imperfect, I am thankful that mine is perfectly normal and that so far, they have not decided to leave me.   I am thankful that my kids are healthy and do well in school and seem to be wary of morality and ethics.  I am thankful that my wife works tirelessly to make sure they are taught right and wrong and are well taken care of.  I am thankful that my parents and in-laws are still here and healthy and enjoy spending time with us.


A.  Dark Chocolate

Duh!  There is no greater sweetness.

B.  Colt McCoy

Yes, the entire Texas Longhorn team is great this year, but without McCoy, the team would certainly be in a different position in the polls and the National Title Race.  So I am thankful for him.

C.  The Gas Conspiracy

You know—either the Bush conspiracy–that Bush drove up the prices from his Oval Office Supercomputer to help his buddies at Big Oil, OR–the Obama conspiracy–that the Middle East drove up the prices to make the Country believe in the Bush conspiracy so that voters would chose Obama only to have the prices fall just after the election.  Well whichever fantasy you think is correct–the outcome is the same.  I am thankful that my Camry now costs $26 to fill up instead of $60 and that my Suburban costs $48 instead of $100.

D.  Hillary Clinton

I know, you are shocked that I would list her on my “thankful” list.  But I am thankful that she has been taken out of the Senate.  No longer will I have to listen to her pontificate about health care or some other socialist agenda item on C-Span.  Now she will be going to the Middle East to “impress” the Saudi’s–ha that is really funny.  For that I am thankful.


Finally, and primarily, I am thankful to God.  Thankful to Him for all of the above and so much more.  Thankful that His hand has not left my family or our Country.  Thankful that He continues to bless my life and the lives of those in my family and circle of friends.  Thankful that all of our needs continue to be provided.  Thankful that regardless of elections, stock markets, gas prices or National Championships, He remains faithful and constant.

God Bless you, your family, your job, your finances and your health.  And I wish you all–yes even you silly Democrats who get on here and call me names–even you guys—I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.


VP Debate Moderator, Gwen Ifill, Sets New Trend in Fairness

October 1, 2008

HEY WORLD!  In case you haven’t figured it out yet, fairness is being redefined in our society.  It’s part of that “hope and change” we are all so desperate to achieve.

Tomorrow, Gwen Ifill will be moderating the VP debate.

According to Fox news, Ms. Ifill has a new book coming out in January entitled, “The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama.”  As Fox points out–it would seem that such a book might do better if Obama is elected than if he is not.  So Bravo to PBS for having her moderate a debate between Obama’s VP pick and McCain’s.  Fairness used to be defined in our world as something that is “free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice.” (Source:

Well I for one am sick of that definition.  After all-it is so played….soooooo played.

Thanks to the media and PBS (which I thought was only useful for Sesame Street, The Electric Company and Masterpiece Theater) for chunking that tired old definition in the trash and redefining the word entirely.  I mean seriously–look at this sick portrayal of “fairness.”

That kind of fairness is for babies.  We need new 21st century fairness.

First, was it fair that low income families could not afford to buy a home?  Of course not, after all, even OJ Simpson has a home.  So fairness became redefined and we got in 1977 the Community Reinvestment Act.  It was passed by Jimmy Carter and the Democrats to assist low-income families in getting a home they deserve under our new-forming definition of fairness. 

But then that evil President Regan and Bush took over and it only helped a little.  Until 1995…Bill Clinton and the Democrat administration began putting severe pressure on banks and forced them to lend $1 trillion in subprime loans or face penalties for not doing so.  After all–we need to get poor people out of apartments–which are clearly unfair.

Fannie Mae guaranteed the mortgages and then sold them.  This caused a HUGE increase in the number of purchased homes in our Country which led to a huge increase in the price of homes and property taxes and eventually the bubble broke.  But it was a good start at fairness–and now Pelosi, and Obama can finish the job.

They can spend $700 billion dollars to bail out these institutions and individuals and reinvent fairness.

They even got to jab a little more at the new definition of fairness.  When the first attempt failed in Congress, the democrats–who are in charge—blamed the republicans for its failure to pass.  This has allowed the poster above to be redrawn as follows:

Isn’t it great?

The choice for a debate moderator is simply icing on the cake.

I have some suggestions for expanding this new definition of fairness.

1.  Let’s Allow Coaches of Underdog Teams to Be The Referees

So Texas A&M’s coach, for example, could wear a black and white shirt every game this year insead of that sick maroon.  Then he could call all the penalties and give his team a “fair” chance of winning.

2.  Turn “F’s” into “A’s” and vice versa


Don’t we all hate these guys?  The guys that get perfect “A’s” on their report card year in and year out.  And is that fair?  I mean look at this guy–is it fair that he gets “A’s” and this guy…

Makes “F’s”?  Of course not–they should have a system where some of their grades get switched around.  The cool jock kids should get a “fair” break once in a while too.  And let the geeks get an “F” every once in a while.

3.  The More You Make, The Greater Percentage of Taxes You Pay

Oh yeah, we already have that one–well make it worse just to be fair.

4.  Let Obese People Win Beauty Pageants

This really needs to happen.  I mean look at Miss America.

She is so gorgeous and tiny–no wonder she won–how fair is that?  Not at all I’d say.  We need to have pageants where people like this can win:

See how said she is sitting at home watching the Miss USA competition on TV–tragic.  And of course—unfair.

There are more–but alas, unfairly I have to get back to work and earn money to eat and live.  Again–unfair.  I think we can all get together and come up with our new and very polished “Fairness” definition so that finally things in this Country will be fair for all.

Competition, corporate ladders, loyalty, hard work–those concepts are for idiots–we simply need a new way to look at what is actually fair.  Thank Allah, Sen. Obama is just the man to bring about such a change in our society.  Glad to see that PBS is doing their part.

As for the bailout–well, I’ve sent the following gift to our Congressman so that they can get that package all nice and polished–and of course—more fair.








-Murphy Political Blogger Alliance



A Cap On CEO Salaries-The Return of the Green-Eyed Monster!

September 25, 2008

So now some of the real details of this “bailout” are being explained.  The Democrats have long wanted a salary cap on CEO’s.  You know, those individuals who have risen to the top of their respective fields, make millions of dollars as a result and are kept in check by shareholders and a board of directors and work for the government, er…sorry, I mean they work for private industry–but are apparently about to start working for the government.

One news article today on this subject has the following quote:

The chief executive at the now bankrupt Lehman Brothers raked in 72 million. CEOs at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, both now taken over by the federal government, made nearly 9 million and close to 3.5 million respectively.

“It’s obscene,” said former Utah teacher Sharon Carrier. “I’m a retired school teacher trying to pay for my medical insurance, and this is insane.”

Sharon may speak for millions of people watching the economic bailout drama unfold.

Obscene???  Of course it is Sharon, I agree.  In fact, I have some other things that I would like to add to the bailout bill myself:

1.  My Neighbor’s House Is Too Freakin’ Big

Here is a home in Houston not too far from where I live.  Isn’t it obscene?  I bet that old school teacher in Utah’s artieries would spontaneously split open if she saw this.  And of course, this is totally unfair–I mean my house is only abt 2900 square feet.  This is like a billion.  AND…a pool!!!  Ridiculous.  I think this house should be divided into 5 smaller houses and sold off so that I don’t have to look at it and drool all the time.

2.  Rolls Royce Should Be Disbanded

Ahh, the elegance, the style…the smack it takes to buy one of these.  And why is it fair that some jerks in Houston are driving around in these while I’m stuck in a Toyota Camry?  That is simply bunk and I think that the bill should include a corporate disbanding of this car company–and while they are at it they should get rid of BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac, Range Rover, (don’t get me started on SUVs), Porsche and other high priced automobile companies.  We don’t need that kind of “in your face” wealth driving around.

3. Turn Napa Valley Into Government Housing

Just look at it.  So clean, so beautiful and…so dadgum expensive.  And for what?  Wine??  Please.  The only people that can afford wine worth drinking are the rich CEO’s anyway.  Besides, is it fair that all of this untouched land, with rolling hills be used to make beverages for the fat cats of our society?  Of course not, the Government should take over this wasted farm land, build government housing and allow some of the less fortunate to live there for a change.

Shall I continue?

Does anyone find it interesting that a reporter would ask a teacher what she thinks about someone making millions of dollars a year?  Of course she is mad about it–but here is a small difference Ms. Carrier:  Although I’m sure you are molding the minds of numerous young future CEO’s, the current CEO’s that make the kind of money that makes you mad are responsible for the salaries of thousands of employees, are responsible for the operation of companies that make things like Steel, and Cereal and Pens and Pencils for your little students to write with, and yes, also responsible for mortgages and small business loans and car loans and credit cards and other evil things that numerous individuals have indulged in the last few years despite no real hope of being able to pay them back.

Let’s call this part of the bailout what it really is–JEALOUSY and ENVY

I don’t mean to get too Biblical here, but there is a great quote on envy:

“A tranquil spirit revives the body, but envy is rottenness to the bones.”  Proverbs 14:30

But that is what Democrats, and now seemingly Republicans are feeding on and answering too–our envy, the green-eyed monster of our lives.

And the difference in envy simply destroying a friendship or marriage or working realtionship–this time we are set to pass legislation that will be used to further destroy our freedom as Americans and are free market society.  Excellent!

This monster is so big now–it cannot likely be contained.

Do I think it is fair that CEO’s of failing (and successful) corporations make millions?  Of course it is fair–maybe not to me personally, but then again, I’m not a CEO–and with all do respect Ms. Carrier from Utah–neither are you.

My favorite passage from the news article quoted above is this:

“The hit for executives could be real, but pale in comparison with those losing their homes.”

That is hillarious.  You know what else?  The hit for executives also pales in comparison to the people who lost everything due to Hurricane Ike and it pales in comparison to the people who died in the World Trade Center on 9/11 and it pales in comparison to the Holocaust–but what in the name of flying monkey butt does any of that have to do with anything.  The CEO’s didn’t cause people to quit paying their mortgages.  The CEO’s didn’t cause people to enter into loan agreements that they could not afford.  The CEO’s didn’t cause people to spend hundreds of dollars a month on cell phones and cable instead of paying their mortgage bill.

I have to stop writing now–so I can duct tape my head so that it doesn’t explode.

Way to go R’s and D’s you are now joining forces to further destroy our Nation. 


(ps–don’t say I never slammed Republicans all you hateful Democrat commenters  🙂 ) Political Blogger Alliance

Thanks to Ike, I’m Now Ready To Be President!

September 23, 2008

HOUSTON-Well I have been so “out of touch” lately with all of the effects of Ike on my city.  It almost seems as if the entire world has shrunk into our little area of 2 million people (700,000 still without power today).  But after the storm hit I saw something amazing happen.  Communities began to bond.  Although I had power quickly after the storm–most of my neighborhood did not, and still does not to this day.  Plus, there were trees everywhere–on houses, garages, cars, roof-tops (including mine).  Some needed to be moved immediately, some people needed gas for generators, some needed tarp for roof holes, some needed chainsaws, some needed a place to sleep, a water-vac, a rake, a helping hand.

Most of all–the community needed one thing above all else–ORGANIZING. Yes, that’s right we needed some community organizers.  Since I had power and got the 4-story pine tree off of my house without much damage, I felt it was my duty to begin to organize.  Assist in cutting trees, invite neighbors over for a day or even night in the a/c, organize meals, cookouts, finding tree services.  At the end of the first week, I must confess–I felt ready to lead our Nation.

Like the new bumper sticker?

Okay-enough sarcasm–turning to a serious point for a moment so that the Democrats reading this, if any, don’t go insane with rage–There was something that I did see from this tragedy—The community rallying around each other to take care of each other–without the Government’s help.

Sure there are people in Crystal Beach and Galveston and other areas that absolutely need FEMA and other agencies to assist them.  (See before and after Crystal Beach photo)

The Government serves a vital purpose in disaster areas where people have been devastated.  But what is interesting is although all of my neighborhood is in need–still today, the people, not Obama or McCain or Bush or Pelosi or the EPA or the Dept. of Labor or the UN or any other government organization—the people have jumped to the task of assisting one another and getting us all back on our feet again.

As Laura Ingraham always says, “Power to the People.”

What our Government has forgotten–and are citizens are quickly forgetting–is that our system of Government was designed to keep the power with the citizenry–not with government agencies.

Our Government spends billions of our dollars at a whim for programs it, not we, want to fund or control, and we the people have been gladly handing that power over to it for years.  Here is a list of taxes that did not exist in 1898, when our Country had no debt and was enjoying great prospertiy:

Accounts Receivable Tax
Building Permit Tax

CDL License Tax

Cigarette Tax

Corporate Income Tax

Dog License Tax

Federal Income Tax < BR>Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
Fishing License Tax
Food License Tax
Fuel Permit Tax
Gasoline Tax
Hunting License Tax
Inheritance Tax
Inventory Tax
IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)
IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
Liquor Tax
Luxury Tax
Marriage License Tax
Medicare Tax
Property Tax
Real Estate Tax
Service charge taxes
Social Security Tax
Road Usage Tax (Truckers)
Sales Taxes
Recreational Vehicle Tax
School Tax
State Income Tax
State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
Telephone Federal Excise Tax
Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax
Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Tax
Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
Telephone Recurring and Non-recurring Charges Tax
Telephone State and Local Tax
Telephone Usage Charge
Utility Tax
Vehicle License Registration Tax
Vehicle Sales Tax
Watercraft Registration Tax
Well Permit Tax
Workers Compensation Tax

Had enough yet?

-Thanks to all of my neighbors and friends who have been so wonderful in assisting each other during these tough times in Houston.  And back to my original point–I have decided to concede the election–it turns out there is a better community organizer out there than me and I when I see the truth I cannot turn a blind eye.  So I am now endorsing my co-worker, Attorney Sarah Langlois for President.  As you can see below–she knows how to organize (Centerpoint is our electric company for those of you not in Houston):




Here it is…






Wait for it…






It is coming….




-Murphy Political Blogger Alliance