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Tax Day Tea Party in Houston

April 17, 2009

Well the 15th has come and gone–the Tea Parties were a huge success.  Interestingly the next day the ratings for cable news came out and CNN was hardly even mentioned anywhere in the top 20.  I am thrilled to be a part of this grassroots movement.  Nancy Pelosi said it was an “astro-turf” movement–doesn’t she wish it was?

If you came out to any Tea Party–thank you for doing so and together let’s continue to fight against the ridiculous direction our government is taking our Nation.  I will be back next week with some fresh posts–but for now–at the request of some relatives I will leave you with these pieces of my speech here in Houston.

God Bless and have a great weekend!


Praise for The Navy and Obama…and Tea Parties!

April 13, 2009

As you have undoubtedly heard, the US Navy killed the pirates that were holding Captain Richard Phillips.  And as you may have heard, President Obama gave the go ahead for the Navy to use deadly force to stop the pirates if the Captain’s life was in danger…which it was.

Bravo President Obama!  I know it is shocking some of you that I would praise our Leader on this blog–but when he gets it right, I intend to praise him for it.  Besides, it’s the first thing he has done yet that I approve of and am absolutely convinced it was the right move.  There is really no other way to deal with terrorists.

And the Navy—thank you for your continued protection of our liberties, freedoms and citizens.  I know you don’t operate for the purpose of getting praise–but you deserve it nonetheless.

After all, this was not a laughing matter.  But don’t tell Hillary Clinton that…

Obviously she has gone completely insane.  I know that you are busy being the Secretary of State and all–but Sec. Clinton.  The pirates we were dealing with were not this kind:

They were this kind of pirates:


Not so funny really.

Finally, I would like to give praise to all of the Tea Party Organizers around the Country.  This Wednesday people will be gathering together in hundreds of cities to protest the Government’s crazy ideology of tyrannical taxing and overspending and growing government.

If you are in Houston–come downtown for the party at Jones Plaza (Party on the Plaza location) at 4:00.  Come early, Stay Late and Be Loud as Mack Brown would say.  I will be speaking around 5:30 at the party following John O’Neill-one of the swift boat veterans.  (I think I’m slotted after him to fill time during “intermission”).  I’m very excited about it and hope you can come.

Details are located at:

Don’t Miss It!


Geithner Ushers In George Costanza Opposite Philosophy

April 2, 2009

I love Seinfeld. I think it was one of the funniest television shows to ever hit our living rooms.   Its humor touched all of us because the writers took real-life everyday situations and subjects and showed us how funny they can be in the extreme or in the abstract or just in general.  And now, I’m proud to say that I have discovered what is driving our Treasury Secretary to say and do the things he is doing.  He is simply living out George Costanza’s philosophy on opposites.  See if you remember this:

You see, you have to look back at Tim Geithner’s history a little to understand why I have come to this brilliant conclusion.  It is the only explanation I can come up with for his most recent comments.  But first, a short look back.

In October 2003, Mr. Geithner became the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  Since that time and especially since August 2007, Mr. Geithner has been in a position to deal with the coming financial crisis we are now in.   It was 2006 that he became one of the individuals in the “Group of Thirty.”  This was a Washington-based financial advisory committee. (ok, now I’m boring you)—

It was Geithner that designed the $30billion bailout of Bear Stearns (remember that one–I know too many bailouts ago).  It was Geithner that decided not to help Lehman Bros. but to assist AIG.  It was around that time that he began to change course and do—the opposite of what he knew was right.

AIG:  Prior to the election, Mr. Geithner worked closely with AIG regarding their compensation issues including the bonuses  and concluded with a committee of others in 2008 that the bonuses could not be “legally” blocked.  After reviewing the company and its complete failure at administering itself–he decided to do the opposite and pour billions of dollars down the AIG toilet.

Then there was his decision regarding his taxes (from Wikipedia-sources included):

At the Senate confirmation hearings, it was revealed that Geithner had not paid $35,000 in self-employment taxes for several years,[26] even though he had acknowledged his obligation to do so, and had filed a request for, and received, a payment for half the taxes owed. The failure to pay self-employment taxes was noted during a 2006 audit by the Internal Revenue Service(IRS), in which Geithner was assessed additional taxes of $14,847 for the 2003 and 2004 tax years. Geithner also failed to pay the self-employment taxes for the 2001 and 2002 tax years until after Obama expressed his intent to nominate Geithner to be Secretary of Treasury.[27] He also deducted the cost of his children’s sleep-away camp as a dependent care expense, when only expenses for day care are eligible for the deduction.[28]Geithner subsequently paid the IRS the additional taxes owed,[29] and was charged $15,000 interest, but was not fined for late payment.[30]As President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Geithner annually completed an ethics statement noting any taxes due or unpaid, along with any other obligations. Geithner’s completed statement did not surface during confirmation hearings.

As a Johns Hopkins graduate with a Masters in International Economics–it is likely he knew that he had to pay self-employment taxes and that summer camp is hardly “day care” but he chose to do the opposite again.

And NOW:  Faced with his role at the Secretary of the Treasury Mr. Geithner believes that HE should have the ability to fire CEO’s or pressure banks to oust their CEO’s if the Government doesn’t like the way they are operating???

Well, again he is doing the opposite.  Here is the stated role of his office in the Government:

“The Secretary of the Treasury is the principal economic advisor to the President and plays a critical role in policy-making by bringing an economic and government financial policy perspective to issues facing the government. The Secretary is responsible for formulating and recommending domestic and international financial, economic, and tax policy, participating in the formulation of broad fiscal policies that have general significance for the economy, and managing the public debt. The Secretary oversees the activities of the Department in carrying out its major law enforcement responsibilities; in serving as the financial agent for the United States Government; and in manufacturing coins and currency.

See he is supposed to oversee the “Department” not department stores or departments of private industry–but the Department of the Treasury–you know the guys that are making money faster than Al Gore is printing Global Warming books.  But Timmy has decided to do—the opposite and now he wants to run private companies.

Well the consequences have been staggering.  Taking their cue from Mr. Geithner the following individuals have decided they are also going to do the opposite:

1.  Oprah Is Going to Stop Dieting

After all, she has been on more diets than she can count and so now it appears she is just going to do the opposite.

2.  The Pittsburgh Pirates Are Going To Win Games

After years of feeble play, the Pirates have announced they will actually try and win some games and maybe even make the playoffs.  They credit Geithner for coming up with this opposite plan.

3.  Nancy Pelosi Is Going To Read

Worried for years that reading anything at all may actually cause her brain to re-fire and begin working again, Ms. Pelosi has decided to “do the opposite” as they are calling it in Washington and sit down and read a few books.  She decided to start with Danielle Steele and take it slow.  She is hoping to have her brain all turned on again by 2013.

4.  Charles Manson To Write Children’s Books

Inspired by the Secretary, Mr. Manson declared recently that instead of killing young people, he would write cute little stories to inspire them.  “I owe it all to Geithner” he stated gleefully to a group of reporters.

5.  Baylor To Attempt a Tournament Championship

Finally, the Baylor Bears basketball team will play Penn State tonight in the NIT Championship game.  Baylor, typically losing games of any significance, and having been inspired to do the opposite will try tonight to bring home a trophy.  One player was quoted as saying, “Costanza and Geithner, they are practically the same person.”

Baylor, I couldn’t agree more.  Sic’ em!


United States on “The Road to Hell”

March 26, 2009

According to the current President of the European Union, Czech’s Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek, that is exactly where we are headed.  Interestingly Eurpoean leaders from Britain to Italy are making comments regarding President Obama’s economic policies as a “return to the failed policies of the 1930’s” and “a streamlined way to bankrupt the US and the World.”

And yet, the Democrats continue not to listen.  Instead of considering the destructive path they are leading us down, we have the President and the Sec. of the Treasury telling us that the Government needs to have the ability to step into private industry, take it over, and run it the way they see fit.  Like they have done with AIG.  Of course, all of this fun has caused death threats to AIG employees and a complete sense that the company has run amok in the last few months.

Somewhere along the line Democrats have decided to penalize companies and the rich because they are the real problem in our society.  This constant demonization of the rich is not unprecedented.  After all, Russia, prior to becoming the Soviet Union, used the same tactics to blame its economy under Stalin–and then murdered most of its upper class citizens during his regime.  Hitler used such tactics to demonize Jews and then of course began a massive slaughter intended to kill every Jewish person in Europe.

It has been hard to blog about things going on in our Country because it would take a full time job on my part and a staff of people to keep up with the liberal and socialist agenda being crammed down our throats on a second by second basis.  And unfortunately, I have to work–maybe harder than ever to store up for the coming economic collapse.

Recently I ran across a transcript of a speech given by a CEO of an American-based company that was given to the Bank Administration Institute in 1972.  I cannot reveal the name of the person or the company but I can quote from this individual’s brilliant words of wisdom.   HEY PRESIDENT OBAMA–THIS IS FOR YOU! (There, maybe that will cause this post to get picked up by the SS in Washington)

My first point is simply this…our most fundamental responsibility as managers of any business is to make a profit.  Those who would have us believe that other factors have overtaken the importance of the profit motive in our economic system are kidding themselves.  Talk about putting social concerns ahead of business’s drive to earn a fair return is really a contradiction in terms.

Some idealists confuse profits and selfishness.  They tend to shun profit-making jobs; seek profit-using careers, and the agitate vigorously for government action to prevent others from generating profits.  This is the group that teaches-“don’t earn-burn.”

Let’s not forget that it is business-the private sector of our economic system-that produces the wealth which enables government-the public sector-to plan, administer, and pay for programs that cannot be carried out by the private sector.

Simply said, government can generate money to serve the needs of the people onlythrough collection of taxes.  And taxes come from individuals and corporations.  In the case of the corporation, unless it is a profitable business, there are no taxes…unless business is profitable, it cannot spend the research and development dollars necessary to develop superior technology, or hire the handicapped, or support higher education, or help meet the human need activities of the community.

We need to keep telling ourselves and anyone who will listen that our profit system is the source of everything we do.  You must have a healthy, viable business as a base for your efforts so you can accept your social responsibility to contribute money, know-how or people-any talk of social responsibility without that strong base is just that-talk.”

For the sake of my children and my grandchildren.  For the sake of your own daughters and the community of people you allegedly represent.  For the sake of our National Security, our freedom, our liberty, our pursuit of happiness—PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS!   We cannot afford anymore of your “talk” Mr. President–we simply cannot afford it.


Obama’s Stimulus Package Promotes Unsafe Sex

March 23, 2009

Did that title grab you?  The amazing thing is that it is true.  Now let me start off by saying this–I am not a proponent of passing out condoms as a way of combatting AIDS or other diseases–especially if the entity passing them out is a public school.  In fact, I agree with the Pope’s recent comment that passing out condoms to poor countries is not a way of combatting AIDS and am frankly more than a little irritated to discovery that our tax dollars are used for such a purpose.  (but that subject is for another post) Everytime I hit a pothole on an Interstate Hwy, I will now be thinking—“That’s okay, what is one tire rim or bent axel when I can relax knowing that poor countries are being protected from AIDS by American condoms.”  Well no more!

The US Agency for International Development apparently has already handed out 10 BILLION condoms to poor countries.  However, the agency is now going to switch to cheaper condoms made in China and Korea–a move that will cost Americans 300 jobs.  After all the agency will now save 3 cents per condom–which totals $300,000,000 in savings on the next 10 BILLION distributed.


Um, has the agency forgotten the numerous problems with products made in China?

For example, remember these?:


Last year it was reported that the company making these colorful hairbands in China was using…what was it again…oh yeah, USED CONDOMS to make these.


And I’ll pause now for you to run to the bathroom and vomit.



And what about these products?:

Remember—Poison was found in pet food from China and also found in toothpaste made in China.

But if poison or dirty condoms aren’t enough, how about a nice load of lead?

These and many other products shipped from China to the US contained lead.  And this is the Country that the United States Agency for International Development now wants to purchase cheap condoms from to distribute to the rest of the world?

How cruel.  So because of the stimulus bill, we are now going to spend taxpayer money on potentially defective condoms and give them to poor countries and tell those countries that the purpose of the condoms is to protect its citizens from AIDS and other diseases? 

Now that is way to make the rest of the world begin to like us again.  What inspirational Hope and Change this will be as we ask citizens of poor countries to unwrap a poisonous, lead-laced defective condom while being told it will prevent disease.  Why, we will have more allies that we ever dreamed of having under the Bush administration. 

Way to go BO!


March Madness-Obama Style!

March 19, 2009

Yes, its that time again when we all get excited about the NCAA tournament.  Well, I get excited about it.  But even more thrilling today was an inside peek we received here at MKCB!  I was able to obtain a copy of President Obama’s schedule from yesterday and I thought in the spirit of madness I would share it with you.


Isn’t this cool?  Who would have thought that the President was so into the NCAA bracket challenge?  Well, I guess the Duke Coach didn’t like it so much.  Here is what he had to say about it:  “Somebody said that we’re not in President Obama’s Final Four, and as much as I respect what he’s doing, really, the economy is something that he should focus on, probably more than the brackets,” Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said from the Blue Devils’ first-round site in Greensboro, N.C.”

Wow!  Coach Mike are you insane?  I mean, I’m sorry that Obama didn’t pick Duke to win, but seriously you have to lay off the guy.  That 3 hours he spent making his picks were 3 hours he wasn’t doing something to ruin our economy.  I hope he gets so addicted to gambling he forgets all about his socialist, government expanding intrusion plan into our lives. 


Drugs And Alcohol to An Addict, Bailout Money to AIG-Same Diff.

March 16, 2009

Last year, CNN reported on a Vancouver clinic that allows people to bring illegal drugs to their facility and shoot up in a supervised setting.  I’m NOT Kidding!  Which proves my long-held idea that if you simply provide the means for users to access drugs safely, they will quit using them. (what?)  So here are some more ideas I have that may assist people that are dealing with problems.

1.  Safe Driving Bars

Let’s have bars where people that are admitted alcoholics can come in and drop their keys off at the bar.  Then they can drink and drink and the bar will call a cab so they can go home.  That way, they won’t kill anyone on the way.  Then the manner and means in which they receive the alcohol will be safer.  Then, under the theory of the Vancouver Clinic, maybe more of them will join AA.

2.  Candy For Obese People


In its attempt to cure obesity in this Country, the Government ought to consider providing tons and tons of candy, donuts, soft drinks and fatty foods to obese people.   But this must be in a safe and controlled environment.  So we should set up clinics where instead of exercise and swimming….

…we could have a controlled eating environment where large people can come eat until their heart’s content all the while a trained doctor with the necessary equipment to revive a person’s heart will be sitting in the next room and be ready in a moment’s notice. 

Then hopefully, people will realize that this is bad and want to join real diet programs.

3.  Bailout Money to Inept and Financially Irresponsible Companies

Finally, the Government ought to give tons an tons of money to companies that are having financial difficulty.  That way they can learn how to become fiscally responsible without all the pressure of earning the money in the first place.  Kind of like playing Monopoly, only with real money.

In this manner, companies like AIG can learn to be fiscally responsible in a “safe” environment.  Surely then they won’t do anything stupid with the money the Government simply gives them.  After all, if you simply feed a problem with the more of the same food it has been eating, it will eventually grow into a solution.

If you don’t believe me, just ask GM.