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Drugs And Alcohol to An Addict, Bailout Money to AIG-Same Diff.

March 16, 2009

Last year, CNN reported on a Vancouver clinic that allows people to bring illegal drugs to their facility and shoot up in a supervised setting.  I’m NOT Kidding!  Which proves my long-held idea that if you simply provide the means for users to access drugs safely, they will quit using them. (what?)  So here are some more ideas I have that may assist people that are dealing with problems.

1.  Safe Driving Bars

Let’s have bars where people that are admitted alcoholics can come in and drop their keys off at the bar.  Then they can drink and drink and the bar will call a cab so they can go home.  That way, they won’t kill anyone on the way.  Then the manner and means in which they receive the alcohol will be safer.  Then, under the theory of the Vancouver Clinic, maybe more of them will join AA.

2.  Candy For Obese People


In its attempt to cure obesity in this Country, the Government ought to consider providing tons and tons of candy, donuts, soft drinks and fatty foods to obese people.   But this must be in a safe and controlled environment.  So we should set up clinics where instead of exercise and swimming….

…we could have a controlled eating environment where large people can come eat until their heart’s content all the while a trained doctor with the necessary equipment to revive a person’s heart will be sitting in the next room and be ready in a moment’s notice. 

Then hopefully, people will realize that this is bad and want to join real diet programs.

3.  Bailout Money to Inept and Financially Irresponsible Companies

Finally, the Government ought to give tons an tons of money to companies that are having financial difficulty.  That way they can learn how to become fiscally responsible without all the pressure of earning the money in the first place.  Kind of like playing Monopoly, only with real money.

In this manner, companies like AIG can learn to be fiscally responsible in a “safe” environment.  Surely then they won’t do anything stupid with the money the Government simply gives them.  After all, if you simply feed a problem with the more of the same food it has been eating, it will eventually grow into a solution.

If you don’t believe me, just ask GM.


The Straight Talk About The Straight Ticket

November 18, 2008


Thank you Democrat straight ticket voters.  Thanks for all you have done to help our society.  I understand you wanted “change” and you were willing to wear Go Obama stickers and chant and scream and faint whenever HE spoke—but in the process you forgot one little thing—your own laziness.

I’m sorry up front–I know accusing people of negative things is so out and calling people out on their choices is so last year–but in communities all over the Country where people yanked the straight ticket they ended up voting for many opportunists like the jolly man pictured above. 

In so doing, many excellent district clerks, judges, tax assessors, school board members, mayors, sheriffs and other local republican politicians that were doing a great job for their communities were swept away by the tsunami of straight ticket votes.

Why vote straight ticket?  Laziness.  Very few people vote straight ticket because they have examined each candidate in each race and decided to vote all Republican or all Democrat.  I am about as right-wing as I can be and even I, yes I voted race by race.  If I did not know either candidate, I left it blank, and in 2 instances I actually voted for (gasp) a democrat! 

I’ll never tell which ones–but trust me, I did.

So you don’t think there is any harm in straight ticket voting–the lever for the lazy?  Take the local case of Devon Anderson.

Devon is the current Criminal District Court Judge for the 177th Judicial District Court in Harris County, Texas (Houston for those of you in other states).  Devon was a long-time prosecutor and is a person untouchable integrity.  She has been an amazing Judge and has done wonderful things for our community.  I know of almost no lawyers from the DEFENSE BAR that dislike her.  She is fair, honest and tries her best to do the right thing in every case.  But, she was up this last term.  She was beat in a wave of straight ticket voting by Kevin Fine:

Mr. Fine said he’ll draw from his experiences as a cocaine addict who has been clean and sober for 10 years when presiding over felony cases.  “Every time I was coming down, I felt like the devil was reaching into my soul, stealing my heart,” he said of his days spent with drugs.  See Full Article.
As a side note–Judge Anderson is one of 4 judges who preside over the County’s Drug Courts.  Mr. Fine states, “I ran,” Fine said, “because I felt like I could help more people as a judge than I could one at a time as clients.”  (uh, no you didn’t—the local Dem party had a big meeting and asked for volunteers to run for every bench and you were one of many who said “sure”)
That is sooooooo great!  We want Judges in our Criminal System to “help people” because that is their role–oh no, wait, being an activist and community worker is actually not the goal or the job of a Judge–they are to rule on the law impartially.  Whoops–guess he didn’t know that.
There are so many more examples of this all over our Nation–but hey, maybe this is the “change” people were looking for.  Well congratulations lazy voters–you will get exactly what you asked for–major, heart wrenching, society altering “change.”
After all, straight ticket voting got us change before–remember 1976-1980?  Obama does:
Yea!  Gas lines, hostages, stagflation, high borrowing rates, unemployment—and former drug addicts presiding as Judges in a felony Drug Court–now that is some “change” we need.
Thanks again straight voters–your unintended brilliance is simply amazing.


Obama/Hillary/McCain–Don’t Buy The Fluff-Dig Deeper!

March 5, 2008

One thing I HATE about elections is the constant fluff.  None of the candidates answer questions when they are asked–simple questions like, “how do you plan to pay for your ridiculous health care plan?”  Obama’s answer to a similar question yesterday was something like, ” we have to be more fiscally responsible in America and we have to be more educated on the activities and foods that endanger our health, but more importantly we must be responsible in the area of making sure everyone has health care.” 

How about answering the friggin’ question?  The problem is we get so wrapped up in the charm and mystique of a candidate that we do not research the background.  This is true with everything we hear from the media.


Today there is an article where an alleged intelligent professor Benny Shannon proclaims that many of the experiences of Moses in the Bible were the result of Moses taking psychedelic drugs.  Seriously.  This “professor” works, of all places, at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  That’s right–Hebrew University.

Prof. Shannon goes on to explain this amazing discovery and backs it up with various references in the Bible to a certain type of tree bark and rituals of the time and blah, blah, blah.  Someone reading this article might think that it has some merit.

If you really want to know what is going on–you have to dig deeper.

Turns out that Prof. Shannon wrote an article in the Summer of 1997 entitled “A Cognitive-Psychological Study of Ayahuasca“–The drug that the good Prof. argues was used by Moses to hear and see God and the burning bush.

This article is reprinted as a public service from the Bulletin of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies or (MAPS).  What is MAPS you ask?  Well, let us dig a little more–come on it’s gonna be trippin’ I assure you.

MAPS is a non-profit organization dedicated to (you guessed it)-sponsor scientific research designed to develop psychedelics and marijuana into FDA-approved prescription medicines, and to educate the public honestly about the risks and benefits of these drugs.  Cool dude!  The are actually researching (at $5million a year!) the medicinal uses of LSD–that’s right 70’s flower children–LSD.  You know, the drug you took in high school that every so often continues to cause a horrific flashback nightmare.  Excellent…

So what is Shannon’s agenda?  Let’s dig a little more–in the article cited above Shannon states that in 1991 he was at a “scientific conference” in Brazil (all my conferences are in Houston or Dallas–boo boo boo) when “One thing led to another, and I found myself in Colônia Cinco Mil, the Daime [a syncretic religion bringing together elements of Christianity, Indian traditions and Afro-Brazilian folklore] community in the Amazonian state of Acre. I stayed with that community for a week, in the course of which I partook of ayahuasca four times.”


 Here is a guy on LSD–kind of looks like the Moses picture actually.  hmmmmmm….

You see–Dr. Shannon has tried this drug and liked it.–“Later from 1993 to 1995 I spent more than a year in Brazil and Peru. During this period I consumed ayahuasca in many different locales and contexts – traditional settings in the Amazon, healing sessions held by mestizo curanderos (healers), indigenous rituals, rituals of the three syncretic religions União do Vegetal, Santo Daime and Barqinia, small groups of individual persons outside any institutional settings, and alone. Except for the first few sessions, all my sessions were summarized in writing immediately after the session ended. At times I also made tape recordings of sessions.”  –I bet those recording are something like listening to Ted Kennedy give a speech.

So what do we learn–that Dr. Shannon is addicted to psychedelic drugs–which he uses as an excuse to perform “research” with government grants to study the medicinal uses of these drugs he so desperately loves.  Couple that with the need to remain relevant to continue this nearly 20 year quest–he attempts to make an argument-in Israel-that one of the Jewish and Christian faith’s most beloved men of God must have also been using it.–This justifies its continued use and study and argues that it is another “path to God.”  Very creative.

Now what does this mean for you and me?  It means we need to look deeper into the candidates claims of change, hope, health care, education, success in Iraq, etc… and find out what they really mean before we knee-jerk vote in the fall.  We need to really examine them…


They all look like they are on drugs.

All I know is that I may need some AYAHUASCA to get through the next 4 years.

 -Murphy Political Blogger Alliance