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Born in Wharton, Texas in 1968 I spent my first 10 years in El Campo, Texas which is a very “typical” small town.  Moved to Houston in the 6th grade and have lived here ever since.  Graduated from Alief-Elsik High School in 1986.  Graduated with a double major in Business Marketing and Management from the University of Texas in 1990.  Graduated from South Texas College of Law in 1994 and began my career that year as an Assistant District Attorney with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.  I married my wife on January 1, 1993 and have 3 children.  I am now a partner with the law firm of McGinnis, Lochridge & Kilgore, L.L.P. in Houston where I spend 100% of my practice handling litigation matters for individuals and corporations.

 I owe my conservative roots to many individuals–my father for one, Ronald Reagan-who inspired me as a teenager and made me proud to be an American.  Since college my biggest inspiration has probably come from the left.  People like Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Gloria Steinam, Sean Penn, Wolf Blitzer, Dan Rather, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and on and on—these people are so completely out of touch with basic principles of democracy like Capitalism and Freedom of Thought and Speech and Ideas.  They are convinced that you and I cannot think for ourselves, that we need to have all aspects of our lives “governed” and that we should simply turn over our income to them so they can spend it for us–in a way that is “wise.” 

 I firmly believe in God, I firmly believe in Capitalism, I believe in a government for and by the people and I believe that the role of government should be as limited as possible without creating anarchy in society.  I believe that lower taxes means more income for everyone–including the government.  I believe that taxes should be assessed on consumption, not on success (income).  Poor should not be forgotten but Rich should not be demonized.  Health Care should be a private industry and Immigration laws should be ENFORCED!

 There’s more–but check out the blog pages and you will see it all.

 Thanks for stopping by–I hope I’ve inspired and made you laugh a little at the same time.  Please comment and let’s discuss the issues but beware–I have a hard time turning off the sarcasm and the satire sometimes.



13 Comments on “About Me”

  1. Longing for Holiday Says:

    Murhpy, I can’t figure out how to get to you personally, so could you email me directly? I have a request re a mutual friend

  2. mklasing Says:

    You bet–email me at mklasing@mcginnislaw.com.

  3. Nigel Says:


    I just emailed you at that email address…re: visiting Houston this week.

  4. Hi,

    I am a computer guru/graphic designer/programmer/SEO Specialist and have noticed several design and programming issues with which I might be able to give you some help. I would do this at no charge to you in exchange for some advertising space for my Christian- and Conservative-oriented website (www.freedomexpressed.com).

    If you would like further information on how I could improve your blog, please do not hesitate to contact me at reddy.ajay@gmail.com.

    Have a great day,
    Ajay Reddy

  5. newrepublican Says:

    Hi there,
    I started my own blog this past weekend about how the Republican party should “reinvent” itself. Please take a look. Would you consider linking to it?



  6. Kristie Says:

    It’s always refreshing to read something randomly online and find a ‘kindred spirit’ connected with values and truth. As a Republican living and working in a county that is overrun by overzealous blinded Democrats, I find myself latching on to anyone that is grounded in reality. Out of the approximately 450 people that I come into contact with on a weekly basis for work, only a very small percentage have any concept of what it is to think, let alone think for themselves. And when us few conservatives see one another, we get a little giddy over the prospect of having an intelligent conversation. We have banded together in a bit of an unofficial ‘support group’ for one another, sharing, sifting through and discussing various venues.

    Thank you for contributing to the online community at-large and providing some added intellectual stimulation here that I will delightedly share with my co-horts.

  7. mklasing Says:

    Thanks for visiting–I’ve been a little quiet lately–kind of waiting on the new year–but I can’t hold back on some of the stuff going on in Chicago-so I will start posting again this month.

    Glad you stopped by.


  8. I love your site. Keep it up !

  9. Jack Cunningham Says:

    Mr. Klasing,
    To introduce myself, I am a strong Christian, father of two girls, husband for 34 years, UT grad, and a forth generation Texan… I know, a radical anomaly. I went to the HTPS rally yesterday not knowing what to expect but now, YOU have my attention and interest! Your dedication, passion and truth were and are refreshing and bold. Your message of simplicity and veracity is a challenge for all Texans and Americans. Where do I sign up and how do I get a copy of your speech? I look forward to meeting you some day and thanks again for the renewed spirit!
    Jack Cunningham

  10. mklasing Says:

    Jack: great to meet you–thanks for coming to the rally. I have to admit it was a frightening experience for me–but once I got on stage I just let my heart talk as much as possible. I’d be happy to send you a “copy” of the speech–I didn’t say it word for word–but I have a “nearly accurate” copy.

    Just tell me where.

    Thanks again for coming.


  11. See Murph??? Jack C. is another satisfied customer.

    I know what I saw when I looked at you at lunch this past Monday. Your future includes a few hanging chads my friend.

    Mark my words. I saw it, knew it, felt it before you said anything to me about anything.


  12. Doc Sportello Says:

    Hey Murph!

    Love the web site! I also know Rich, and believe Rich should not be demonized. I’m sure he appreciates your support.

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