Ferguson: Whatever the Outcome-Blame The Media First

“Journalists are like dogs, whenever anything moves they begin to bark.”  Arthur Schopenhauer

Grand jury decision reached in Ferguson case

How would you like to be living in Feguson, Missouri tonight?  How would you like to be Darren Wilson or his family or his friends?  Of course, no one wants to be in that town today or in that situation, but here we are–three months after Michael Brown was fatally shot during a confrontation with Officer Wilson.  And tonight the Grand Jury will announce its decision whether or not to indict Officer Wilson on charges related to the incident.

To add further sadness to this situation, stories abound on the Internet about communities bracing for riots, calling in the National Guard, locking down city blocks and streets–and not just in Ferguson, but in diverse communities all over the United States.

So…this is how humanity acts when it gets news–to riot, injure others and break the law?

I am not here to opine about the case–I wasn’t there, I don’t know what happened.  I am certain that all of the evidence was submitted to the Grand Jury to make its decision tonight.  If Officer Wilson broke the law–he should be indicted for whatever crime he committed.  If he didn’t–then he should not be indicted.  Simple as that.

But wait, the media has slobbered over this case since it began–which brought in various groups and community leaders to the scene to scream “Racism!” and “Double Standards!”  And now, with the help of nightly coverage of protests and further arrests, this decision tonight by the Grand Jury will be justification for anyone to break more laws????

I believe that racism is alive and well in the hearts of people all over the world, including the United States.  But in the United States, I believe that the number of hearts where that senseless way of viewing people exists, is very few.  This is not 1850, or 1900, or 1925 or 1950 or 1963 or 1970 or even 2000.  We as a Nation have elected an African-American President—twice.  The second time during a terrible economy and high unemployment.

Is what happened in Ferguson a race-related incident simply because the decedent is black and the officer is white?  Maybe, maybe not.  But if it is, then it is isolated and the Grand Jury will take care of it.  If not, then why the ridiculous amount of vitriol?

The answer is simple–the media.  The Media chose to make this case news for weeks because it was “must-see-TV.”  When protests started, the media came.  When others saw a chance at 15 minutes of fame, they came.  Then the media stayed and the cycle began again.

It is sad that we as a society are ready to jump out of our cars and break into stores and riot and scream and lose our minds because of a decision in one case in one town that none of us have the facts to properly judge.

Thank you media for poking this bear over and over until it became enraged.  I first blame you for the ridiculous reaction that may come of tonight’s decision.  But then, I must immediately blame those who decide to react in a lawless way–for all of you planning to riot tonight, whatever the outcome, I pray you are caught, indicted, and prosecuted–because that is exactly what you deserve.


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