Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize–But Wait There’s More…

As you all undoubtedly know by now, our esteemed President is this year’s winner of the Nobel Peace Prize

Let’s review the purpose of the Nobel Peace Prize–taken from our friends at Wikipedia:

The Nobel Peace Prize (Swedish and Norwegian: Nobels fredspris) is the name of one of five Nobel Prizes bequeathed by the Swedish industrialist and inventor Alfred Nobel. According to Nobel’s will, the Peace Prize should be awarded “to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between the nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses”.

Well, in light of that definition it is easy to see why President Obama, Vice-President Al Gore and President Carter have all been recipients of this award.  And let us not forget the most deserving recipient, Yasser Arafat. (he won in 1994).

So, I could go on and on about this but the talk show hosts and media have beat it to death today.  What hasn’t been discussed are the other lesser known awards that were given today along the same line of thinking.  You didn’t hear about them?  Well, here is a review of other awards with, let’s say, similar results.

1. The Mother Theresa Award -this award goes to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for children of all races throughout the world by making them happy instead of sad.  This year’s winner:

Michael Jackson

2.  The Joe Namath Award-this award goes to the person who shall have done the most to promote great hair products.  This year’s winner is:

Jason Statham

3.  The Abraham Lincoln Civility Award-this award goes to the person who shall have done the most to promote civility among the various and diverse members of our great society.  This year’s winner is:

Kanye West

4.  The Mr. Monopoly Economic Award-this award goes to the person who shall have done the most to promote sound economics, savings and investments in the lives of others.  This year’s winner is:

Bernard Madoff

5.  The George Washington Cherry Tree Media Award-this award goes to the media outlet that shall have done the most to promote honesty and integrity in the publication of unbiased news.  This year’s winner is:


The New York Times



and finally, I want to thank the State Bar of Texas for honoring me with The Best Family Law Attorney Award.  Here is a short piece of the interview I gave shortly after receiving my award.

Presenter:  How does it feel Mr. Klasing to have won such an esteemed award?

Murphy:  I am surprised and humbled, but mostly surprised.

Presenter:  But why are you so surprised?

Murphy:  Well frankly, I don’t practice Family Law–I mean yeah, I’ve been in Family Court, um… I think once, but I am not a Family Attorney.

Presenter:  Well, the award is given to you this year because you have said the most about bringing about real change in the Family law system and you have inspired much hope among that section of the bar.

Murphy:  Really?  Odd.  I mean, sure I’m flattered, but I can’t think of what it is I have really actually done.  Sure I have said that the divorce rate is too high in America and that we need to do something to bring the family back together, but I mean…

Presenter:  See–there you go.

Murphy:  See what?  I mean, of course I will accept this award as a call to action to stop divorce and child custody battles and to do what I can to bring the family back together–but you have to understand, I’m a trial lawyer whose practice primarily centers around defending corporations and small companies, not dividing silver ware—not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Presenter:  Well I think you now know why you received this esteemed award and I want to thank you for your time today.  This is Randy Meier for MSNBC News Headlines.

Murphy:  Okay…whatever.


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12 Comments on “Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize–But Wait There’s More…”

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  2. Gary Wise Says:


    Your world view is very confusing to me.

    On the one hand you state your good intentions as a declared Christian, yet mock earnest attempts by people of great power to sue for Peace and compassion. Perhaps you could take some column-inches to explain this dichotomy?

    • mklasing Says:

      Gary: I’m so sorry you are confused. I think the problem is in you question. See I do not believe Mr. Obama is making “earnest attempts” to promote Peace and Compassion. I believe that he is a fraud in that respect–I believe he is about power and control and self-interest but that diverts from your main quesiton, which I will attempt to address here. I’m not sure what your view of what a Christian is but I can tell you that being a Christian does not preclude me from pointing out the evils in our society or challenging the thoughts and methods of our leaders and worldwide decision makers. In fact, Jesus spent his entire adult life challenging the very fabric of the governmental structure of Israel. He was murdered because he was seen as a threat to the power-hungry religious leaders–who had a firm grip of control on the people. It was those very challenges that made him loved by the people and hated by the establishment.

      Being a Christian has never meant that we should turn our liberties over to the Government for their control. Being a Christian has never meant that we should sit idly by with fake smiles on our faces while the government continues to expand social programs that enslave our citizens and turn us into mind-numbed dependent robots of the State.

      It is because I’m a Christian and because I have compassion that I do not apologize for challenging (whether directly or by sarcasm or by satire) any of those who would take freedoms away from my fellow citizens, who would expand abortion rights, who would suppress God in our Nation and culture and schools, who would seek to steal from those who work hard and give to those who do not, and who would weaken our ability to defend our Nation at home and abroad. Because I want to see individuals thrive, because I want to see freedom allow someone the ability to soar or fail, get up and try and soar again, and because throughout history from the Bible to the present, whenever a Government has assumed control of the daily lives of its people—it has ended in disaster and/or the complete suppression of religion, I will continue to challenge the collective idiotic minds that would award a man an allegedly cherished prize for doing nothing but making promises, attempting to take our freedoms from us, weaken our defense and make a mockery of our Nation.

      It is because I try very hard to love my neighbor more than myself (although I am an imperfect failure at this) that when I see leaders hurting my neighbor, I will call them out.

      Peace and compassion? Where is the peace and compassion in forcing health care reform on a Nation that does not want it? Where is the peace and compassion in doing everything he can to make us a subservient socialistic society? There is none.

      You are of course free to challenge me whenever you desire (so far that had not been taken away from us)–but don’t you ever confuse my blunt and forward challenges on our leaders as somehow being in conflict with my love of God. It is that kind of thinking, that kind of belief from the left that will ultimately suppress religion altogether.

  3. Gary Wise Says:

    Where were you during the Bush years, for God’s sake??

  4. Gary Wise Says:

    I just went through your entire site.

    Looks like you believe just about everything the RNC shoves down your throat.


    “I do not apologize for challenging (whether directly or by sarcasm or by satire) any of those who would take freedoms away from my fellow citizens, who would expand abortion rights, who would suppress God in our Nation and culture and schools, who would seek to steal from those who work hard and give to those who do not, and who would weaken our ability to defend our Nation at home and abroad.”

    Your answer is total bull, because it has no integrity in consideration of the rest of your body of work.

    So I ask again, where were you when Bush et al sold off political influence, undermined our privacy and adopted a belligerent foreign diplomacy further endangering our nation’s safety? Where were you when their political & business cronies filled their pockets with our tax dollars? I would go as far as to say the only reason you started this whole blog was to bash Democrats.

    As for your assertion that Democrats want to suppress Religion; what a load of bollocks. I also think you mis-understand the separation of Church & State. I consider myself Christian, but [like our founding fathers] do NOT want any involvement or representation of religion by my government. I trust God to work on their conscience, not their gestures of piety.

    BTW, unlike you, I have lived in a Democratic Socialist country. You have no idea what you are talking about when you throw that epithet around willy-nilly. The Democratic party is about as far away from Socialism as you are from reality. And for the record, I don’t trust either party to represent my interests.

    You are a sham and, due to the use of many hallucinogenic drugs, I can see right through you. [Thanks, Bill Hicks]. I think you are one of the many well-meaning people whose horse-sense have been hijacked.

    You have lost both your equanimity and compassion, so I rest my case.

    I hope to meet you one day and share a beer and a laugh! I’m sure we have more in common than you would ever think.

    • mklasing Says:

      “Your answer is total bull”–now that is some well-thought insight. Thanks for the inspiring and thoughtful words. Just because you don’t believe me doesn’t make what I said incorrect. Or should I say, just because you are offended that I am constantly challenging the ridiculous nature of liberal-thought, doesn’t mean what I said is…what was that again….oh yeah…”total bull.”

      I started this blog to bash liberal ideas because I disagree with them. I disagree with the idea of bigger government control of our lives and the theft of our freedoms. So let’s take this one by one:

      1. I have never defended Bush absolutely–I disagreed with his policies on immigration; stimulus packages; expansion of pharmaceutical medicare and other matters. But I also supported him when he pushed a conservative agenda. Was he my favorite Republican President–no, but the alternatives were Kerry and Gore–I shudder to imagine our COuntry under that kind of leadership.

      2. You sir do not understand the “separation of church and state.” There is no such rule in the Constitution. It was a concept that has been misinterpreted from a letter written by Thomas Jefferson. There is no logic to laws that disallow the Ten Commandments to be placed before Courthouses or to ban prayer in school or at school functions. The idea behind this “concept” was to prevent the State from establishing a National Religion that all must join. Your liberal idea that God should be stripped from Government is naive, arrogant and shows your complete misunderstanding of God’s role in our lives. Good luck living in a world where the leaders have destroyed any involvement of God in the leadership of our Nation. You should pray hard when that inevitable day comes.

      3. The Democratic party is not a socialist party-true-however, the leadership of that party is pushing an agenda that is absolutely and undeniably socialist. The takeover of our corporations, health care industry and banks is nothing but socialist in nature. If you don’t believe that it is–just hang on. Let me know how it goes when you need a hip replacement in your 80’s and a government panel rejects the request.

      4. Your assessment that I have no compassion is ridiculous and frankly baseless. It is because of compassion that I desperately want the liberal agenda being pushed in our society to fail. But then, liberals cannot imagine a world where the Government is not controlling our lives. I mean after all, liberals believe that the “masses” are too stupid to make decisions on their own and so the government must step in and become our parents.

      What I think we have in common is that we both speak English–the difference is that your interpretation of it is leaning to the left–have fun in the future with health care lines and a house that will not cool below 75 degrees because of the smart grid and the purging of God from society–it sounds like heaven.

  5. Gary Wise Says:

    This is fun!

    1. I concur. I voted for Bush in both elections because of a lack of viable alternative candidates.

    2. State-sponsored Christianity is as scary to me as the Public Healthcare option is to you. I am tired of being told what to do and think by people who are not worthy to clean my shoes. However, Democracy is not a solely Christian concept, and neither is God. As soon as we allow Jewish, Hindu and Islamic scriptures in courthouses I will sign on to your agenda. That is TRUE democracy.

    3. It is patently obvious we need to control Big Business. They have picked our pockets and we have funded their Casino with our Tax dollars. Or perhaps you think we should let them self-regulate because it has worked out so well so far? If this is a ‘Liberal’ agenda, so be it. Tax-breaks for the wealthy has not worked and is a failed social experiment as much as Communism and Prohibition. Have you noticed a net increase or decrease in education and social amenities since Reagan? Do people work more or fewer jobs now to survive? You have been fortunate enough to be isolated from this reality, but does not make it less true.

    My compassion comment stems from wondering how, as a Christian, you intend to deal with the millions of people who didn’t have as good a start in life as you? How are they to survive in a world driven by greed, consumerism and the cult of personality? At some point someone has to protect them from corporations marketing them stuff they don’t need, go down amongst these wretches and help them to learn. Sound familiar? Why does Second Baptist and the Catholic Diocese of Houston build multi-million dollar monuments to themselves while people suffer? Disgusting. Poor Jesus. Where is the compassion? I lump people of your political views with these morally corrupt institutions, perhaps somewhat incorrectly.

    4. Yeah, that’s right. High-speed rail, smart grids, being ‘green’ and caring for the underprivileged will be the end of society as we know it. BTW, we already have health care lines – the emergency departments of hospitals being clogged for people like you and me by those who have no other option. Or perhaps you hadn’t noticed?

    Perhaps you could explain your solutions to these problems, or would you just rather pull down others’ ideas because they are not “Conservative” enough?

    I know there’s a rational. caring human being in there somewhere?


  6. mklasing Says:

    2. Again, there is no “State sponsored Christianity” in this Country. But maybe you have forgotten how this Country was formed. Although desperately wanting not to create the insane nature of the British government, our founders did recognize that we have a Creator and that our inalienable rights are endowed by that Creator. Freedom comes from God–our Country was founded on that principle. My point is that when a Country decides that its people are its gods (like Obama) and that there is no more use for a Creator or Higher Power or God, then that is when the freedoms in that Country are doomed. People do not endow other people with freedom–people only take it away for their own use and power. Only a Creator has the power to give freedom–something that you apparently are willing to dismiss. So be it–I have little doubt we will not agree on this so time will tell. But please do not make the ridiculous statement that allowing children to pray in school and including God We Trust on money and having the 10 commandments(which by the way are followed by nearly every religion on the planet in one form or another) on the walls of a Courthouse somehow translates to “State Sponsored Christianity” That is intellectually dishonest and completely wrong.

    3. Who is the “We” in your statement that “we” need to control “Big Business?” You have bought into the marxist theory that “Big Business” is somehow evil and that the pure government can control it. Power to the laborer I suppose. Well let’s review a little logic. Without Big Business–there is no laborer or employee or secretary or manager or production assistant or accounting department or legal department or marketing department. We live in a free market society–that means that some businesses will mistreat employees and overcharge for products–but the beauty is that if the government steps out of the way, a competitor will rise up and initiate the very control you are looking for. We have anti-trust legislation on the books and work place discrimination laws and the ADA and a slew of other regulations–we don’t need the government ( an entity least equipped to manage private enterprise) stepping in and taking over. The Government has no competitor-therefore it can charge whatever it wants and screw whoever it wants to and discriminate against whomever it pleases–and no one can stop it. It is kind to call your statement “pie in the sky” if you truly believe that Government is the answer–you are more gone than I dreamed if you believe that.

    Most industries have done a fabulous job self-regulating–is it perfect? NO–but government is NEVER the solution–just read the history of any nation and then ask yourself why ours has thrived at the levels and as long as we have in comparison.

    Where you REALLY lose me is when you say that corporations shouldn’t market stuff that people don’t need. Are you kidding me? So now you want the Government to be the mom and dad for all the “stupid masses” that can’t make good and smart decision by themselves. If I want to eat Twinkies every meal, every day, play XBox and Wii at the same time, drink a case of Red Bull and smoke 3 packs a day–I can–is it smart, no? But it is freedom–and I can chose to make wrong choices. Funny that you want to strip God from our culture, but are okay making the Government our god and make our decisions for us. Truly incredible.

    Tax breaks for the wealthy–jeez, where do I start. How do you explain the 80’s? I suppose you have bought into the notion that it was the decade of greed? Carter had us in a recession, high unemployment, high interest rates. Wealthy people were being taxed so much that when the economy gets bad they pull back, quit spending and begin saving. Reagan’s tax breaks (which by the way were across the board–not just the evil wealthy)-almost instantly created a spending economy which boosted us out of the recession in record time. Something I have not seen happen yet from Lord Obama. The “wealthy” in our society are the ones who spend and thereby create jobs, and demand for products which creates jobs and they start businesses which creates jobs. Without the wealthy you lose entrepreneurship and you lose growth and progress. Is it fair that some people live in 10,000 sq foot houses and own 30 cars? YES-because those people keep car mechanics, and landscapers and contractors in business, not to mention the myriad of people that likely work for them in their respective careers. QUIT BASHING THE WEALTHY–it is class envy and it is selfish and short-sighted. And, no, I drive a Camry.

    Since Regan there has been an increase in educational institutions and social amenities–and by social amenities I mean private non-profits. But also–after Regan, the government has steadily increased social entitlements–which has slowed the progress of our Nation. It has been a slow climb, but suddenly under this President we are leaping forward. I think it is hillarious that liberals hate the wealthy, yet the wealthy pay nearly all of the taxes necessary for the liberals to institute their social agenda. Ironic–but not really because liberals are not about compassion they are about government control–which leads to enslavement which keeps them in power because the people eventually become dependent upon them. Nice world that will be.

    Your slam on Second Baptist comes from a complete lack of knowledge and information. It is because they have built such a large structure that they have attracted so many members. The result–unprecedented aid to foreign missions and local charities. Second Baptist busses in literally thousands of underprivileged poor families every Christmas for days and provides them with a meal and a “pile” of Christmas gifts for each member of their family. They send missionaries around the world each month. They have started over 50 churches in third world countries and continue to fund many of them. I suppose though, you would be happier if they met in a tent, attracted about 10 people and provided no aid to anyone. Don’t attact institutions that you know nothing about. That church is not a monument to itself–but you go ahead and live in your world of class envy and how it is unfair tht you aren’t as rich as other people and stay bitter–because I’m sure that attitude is also helping the “suffering people.”

    4.Again–you are speaking out of a lack of information. I have spent time at LBJ and Ben Taub as both a patient and as a volunteer and these “lines” you are talking about are hardly there all the time. I suppose there might be no lines if the illegal immigrants weren’t there–but then I haven’t done the math on that. The point is that your belief that the Government takeover of health care will result in fairness to all–really means that when the rich have to stand in line too you can laugh and point and say “See how it feels?” Nice compassion. Health Care is not a right–and therefore the Government should not be controlling it. Our health care system remains the best in the world–but not for long if the dems have their way.

    What is my solution? I don’t pretend to have a clear answer–but I am certain that government is not it. It never is. It’s purpose is not in that realm. How about deregulating insurance laws to allow companies to compete across state lines? How about tort reform? How about strenghthening our borders so that we are not being drained by illegal immigrants at the ER for a runny nose? How about having the guts and compassion to allow our society to take care of its own. Hard working people are always more compassionate than slothful politicians.

    If I wasn’t a rational caring human, I would not take the time to fight against the socialization of our Great Nation. It is for my children and yours that I fight and will continue to fight.

  7. Gary Wise Says:

    1. I never said we should take God out of schools and courtrooms, just out of legislation. If you believe Christianity has the monopoly on Right, then you are a poor student of History.

    A wise man once said;

    “When rich speculators prosper
    while farmers lose their land;

    When government officials spend money
    on weapons instead of cures;

    When the upper class is extravagant and
    irresponsible while the poor have nowhere to turn –

    All this is robbery and chaos.”

    Look it up, it pre-dates Christ. Mind you, it could have been Him. He was brilliant.

    2. “Most industries have done a fabulous job self-regulating–” Where were you during the 80’s savings and loan crisis? Where were you during Bernie Ebbers? Where were you during Enron? Where were you during last year’s casino/banking crisis, and GM coming cap in hand because they were making cars no-one wants because de-reg fanatics took the teeth out of CAFE regs? Have you BEEN to the UK, Germany et al? They have good controls in place and their economy is arguably stronger than ours. Wow. Denial ain’t just a river in Africa, brother.

    3. If we better educated our citizens, they would be more aware of how they are being manipulated daily by un-ethical marketing, and make better decisions. But no, we let corporations market on classroom TV and some school busses, making consumers out of our children. Truly despicable. The “freedom to destroy yourself” argument is not worthy of someone of your intelligence. I don’t believe you believe that people don’t need protecting from themselves or pot & cocaine would be legal.

    Truth in advertising legislation works very well in the UK. If any claim is un-reproducable, the company concerned is hit hard. Where it hurts. Most civilized countries have this.

    Yes, non-profits have proliferated since Reagan, because the Church has foregone it’s primary role which was to take care of widows, the poor and orphans. Sound familiar? It now builds edifices to itself, putting heroic, ‘aren’t we wonderful’ evangelism overseas as opposed to taking care of the disadvantaged at home. I’ve seen it.

    I am not discriminating, I slam all big religion. I see you didn’t defend the Catholics, so I assume your response is knee-jerk because you thought I was attacking your church in particular. Pride’s a bitch.

    FYI, I was saved at 2nd, but that’s Ed Young & God, not a building. Did you know 2nd Baptist has a ministry run by an ex-Astro which pays local minor celebrities over $100k a year to attract the wealthy? I personally know one. This bribe ‘not to question’ is known in Ministry circles as “the Golden Handcuffs” That’s acceptable? Check it out. You see, I know a lot more about which I speak than you assumed.

    Please, I hope you are a better lawyer than a debater; you have totally underestimated your opponent. Not me; the Enemy. You have drunk the Kool-Aid, my friend.

    Again, I put it to you that you have no earthly clue what socialism is in any capacity other than theory. Travel a bit. You’d be shocked at how some countries survive quite nicely without big business.

    As for emergency rooms; YOU ARE WRONG. The poor use them as a doctor’s office. Get outside Houston for a bit and look for yourself.

    For the last time we don’t want free or Government Healthcare; we want the companies who increase costs while reducing coverage to be held accountable. It’s time.

    I think my work is complete here. At least now there is some balance on record to your solipsistic tirade against humanism.

  8. mklasing Says:

    Your work is definitely complete. I would appreciate very much you taking your agenda elsewhere.

    I find it amusing how little you actually know about me, yet you speak as if we are lifelong acquaintances. You are the one with the Kook-aid. Your belief in the evil of corporations is straight from the Communist Manifesto. And bravo–you have identified a handful of corrupt industries, many of which self-destructed under their own mistakes (not under government control) out of the 1000s of industries in the US that operate within the law and within the bounds of ethics. You make my point for me. And your belief that Government (run by people with personal agendas and no accountability) will protect us is both naive and ignorant. See–a little lesson for you–Corporations are accountable to shareholders, consumers, boards of directors and oftentimes the media. Government is only accountable to voters–and that is only every 2, 4 or 6 years–and with a media to sugar-coat their activity (unless God-forbid they are conservative) people like you listen to the hype and make decisions based on false information.

    Bernie Ebbers broke the law–was convicted and his company fell apart, Enron–same thing, so don’t tell me that a takeover by people with less experience and hungry for power and control would do a better job when the people would be powerless to stop them.

    I agree we should better educate our citizens–but not the government–they have an AGENDA–but I guess you think they are pure at heart. Parents are the front-line for education–and where they fail, the government is not the answer. Take the NEA out of the class room, take political correctness and Al Gore out of the class room and allow the education system to have vouchers to force competition. But the all-knowing government is not the answer.

    Your sweeping comment about churches is frankly ridiculous. I didn’t defend the Catholic church because I don’t frankly know the facts regarding that church. My reaction was not knee-jerk–I was defending your overbroad negative statement about churches in general. I have no “pride” in the church I attend and if you knew a thimble-full of information about me you would know that I have challegned openly various things that have been proposed or performed at Second Baptist. I also know that 1000’s of people have come to know Christ there–which is the purpose of a church–Social agendas are not the primary purpose of a church–check it out–The Bible has some information on that. It’s primary role is not widows and orphans. I know nothing about your “golden handcuffs” issue–but I do know about the other information regarding mission work that I mentioned previously. But I suppose your theory is that the Church should be perfect–like your Utopian view of the Government. Well surprise, like the Government it is run by imperfect people. The church did not as a group forego its OTHER role to take care of the poor–but you have decided that large church structures are an abomination so until you check your own facts–discussing this further has no point.

    I don’t know who the “Enemy” is you are referring to but if it is big business–then tell Marx hello when you meet him in the afterlife.

    As for other Countries–I frankly don’t want to simply “survive.” I think living free is living. Living under the thumb of government is surviving–in slavery.

    Holding the companies accountable to what? I suppose insurnace companies should not make profits? And who are you to decide how much they should earn as profits? Last time I went to the corporate offices of American General they looked like the back of a Post Office–I didn’t see any granite countertops or marble floors–but I’m sure that any profits are too many for someone who believes that Big Business is evil.

    “Evil” is a concept that rests in the heart of man–not companies. Some companies are run by evil people. But companies, like computers, are not evil in and of themselves. If you want insurnace companies to be held accountable–open up the borders of States and allow them to compete. I know, I said “Compete” a concept foreign to a follower of Marx.


  9. Gary Wise Says:

    Enemy = Satan, the Evil one. Greed, arrogance, corruption.

    US Corporations are classed as ‘people’, right?

    Ergo; Corporations can be evil.

    I am a moderate, free-market Republican, but consider being called a Marxist indicative of the current Neo-Conservative passion to excoriate those who disagree with them. In this context, it is a compliment. Thank you, Murphy!

  10. Gary Wise Says:


    Wot,no more railing against Marxists and Socialists you understand nothing about? Do us all a favor and take this abomination down.

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