The Queen of Socialism Calls Dissenters “Un-American”

Apparently, shouting out your views against Health Care is Un-American.  That is what Nancy Pelosi states in her USA Today opinion article.  How is it that Ms. Pelosi can write an opinion article in USA Today supporting socialized medicine, but Republican congressmen are having trouble sending out fliers to their constituency because Ms. Pelosi won’t approve the language being used to tell the truth about this radical takeover of our health care industry? 

Ms. Pelosi, (Lord help me I never thought I’d do THIS)-I suggest you take some advice from ….

(can I say it?)….

Hillary Clinton:

Sorry folks, I know that listening to that cackle will make asbestos melt, but I guess it doesn’t apply when people are against Democrats and their policies.  It apparently only applies when you are condemning George Bush.

One day I’ll get these silly rules straight.  I keep looking to the Constitution, but obviously the Rules are written somewhere else.


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6 Comments on “The Queen of Socialism Calls Dissenters “Un-American””

  1. Cecil Says:

    Oh, come on, Murphy.

    You darn well know that this isn’t about keeping opponents of these changes from speaking. On the contrary – it’s about dialog, it’s about manners, it’s about respect.

    There are people – on the left, yes, but mainly on the right – who feel strongly about the proposed changes to the ways we provide health care in this country. That’s fine – more than fine, actually – strong feelings are great, both pro and con.

    What’s not OK is when those strong feelings stray from “I believe this” into “You must shut up about what you believe, no matter what, and if you don’t, then I’ll shout you down, interrupt when you speak, disrupt meetings you’re present at, and make veiled and not-so-veiled threats to your life.!” Oh, and – yes, I do consider hanging a congressman in effigy to be a threat. Veiled or not veiled is left as an exercise for the reader. The same goes for a tombstone with a congress critter’s name on it.

    Imagine if you were in court, and the other party decided that every time you opened your mouth, he or she would pull out a bullhorn and out-shout you. Wouldn’t you expect the judge to make you behave civilly to one another? I would. If you were my lawyer and didn’t raise a stink, I’d be furious – and so would the partners at your firm.

    I want a full and frank discussion on this very complex subject. What I want to see – from the left and the right – is simple, kindergarten-level stuff:

    One person speaks at a time.
    Wait until you are called to start talking.
    Use polite language.
    Give the other guy a chance to speak his mind.
    Listen politely to the other guy, especially when you disagree – he may be smarter than you about some things.
    Treat others the way you want to be treated.

    The level of vitriol around this subject concerns me. If we stop talking to one another and only shout past each other, the American Experiment is doomed.

    We are all in this together.

    We areall in this together.

    To misquote Franklin, we must all hang together, or we will surely all hang apart.

    We don’t always have to agree. What we absolutely must do is to treat one another with civil respect, especially when we don’t agree with one another.


    And now we’ll see if my html worked out properly.

  2. mklasing Says:

    Now Cecil, your frantic defense of Nancy Pelosi’s improper comments is telling. I agree with what you are saying–however, the point of this article is that the Democratic party has no right to attempt to silence those in opposition–that is what this is about. Silencing and/or demonizing those who would dare to speak out against the largest government takeover of private industry in the history of the United States.

    How dare she call those people un-American–and yes, they point to a few extreme examples–but make no mistake she is demonizing anyone who would speak out whether they do it with respect or not.

    I am proud of those Americans who are willing to stand up and shout out their protest to what amounts to a socialist regime attempting a takeover of our very way of life. Those Americans are heroes–and if they have to shout loud to get someone to hear them, then baby, bring a bull horn.

  3. Fishy Says:

    After this:

    is it any wonder we need bullhorns? We actually bought one to have on hand when the Speaker herself came through town. So many people wanted to use it, I haven’t had the chance yet.

    All I have to say is, if they can’t hear us, we’ll have to turn up the volume. And this one goes up to 11.

  4. I love this site! I just started up my own conservative blog (I couldn’t handle the lies anymore) and I wanted to link to you but I don’t know how yet. Could you just add me to your site? The only person who’s commented on my blog so far is a liberal who found it by accident.

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