Universal Health Care And Other Stuff We “Deserve”

“Americans Deserve Universal Health Care”  USA Today, Reader Opinion Feb. 26, 2009.

All of us deserve access to care, so I think universal health care should be this country’s goal just like other developed countries,”  Wendell Potter, former Chief of Public Relations for CIGNA

“Americans deserve universal health care,” Congressman Jim McDermott, D-Washington State, May 2004.

When did Americans elevate themselves into a position of “deserving” certain things for free or at least at the expense of others.  I thought we were the America that was too “arrogant” and needed this President to take us down to reality.  And yet…we seem to deserve a great many things.

DESERVE:  (according to Dictionary.com):  to merit, to be qualified for, or have a claim to because of actions, qualities or situation.

Interesting isn’t it?  Here are some other things we apparently deserve:

1. McDonalds:  “You deserve a break today.”

2. Maureen Dowd The New York Times:  “The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.”

3. Shiney Red Button Advertising:  “Full Service.  Because you Deserve it.”

4. John McCain Campaign:  “The Change You Deserve.” (see even the elephants are in on this trend)

it goes on and on…

I never realized how much I deserved.  I mean there is that Constitution which outlines rights we have–but it doesn’t have a “Bill of Stuff We Deserve.”

The last time I checked, Health Care was an industry–mostly private in nature.  What happens is this, a person gets to feeling kind of bad.  The person makes a decision to become a consumer of either a doctor, a clinic or an ER and makes an appointment to be checked out.  The doctor diagnoses the problem (after 8 + years of school and training that most people would never be able to accomplish) and then charges for his/her time in treating the patient.  The patient then writes a check for the amount owed and moves on with his/her life.

Sometimes, unfortunately, a person has a really bad thing like cancer or a heart attack or a debilitating disease and that person’s medical bills will be substantially worse.  Life is just that way–some will have high medical costs, some will not.  Some will get sick despite living a healthy lifestyle, some will get sick because they spent a majority of their lives smoking, or doing drugs, or eating unhealthy food or drinking in excess or…..

But now, all of a sudden, we “deserve” this health care treatment for free or for a reasonable price–determined by our government.

If you buy that and believe me, if it passes you will certainly BUY it—then answer me this–why don’t we also deserve the following other things that would make us (or at least me) happy?

1.  A Car That Runs On Air

The Air Car–runs on compressed air.  I think I deserve a car of my liking (not this ugly piece of crud) that runs on air–and I deserve it at the same price as a mid-sized car like a Corolla.

I Deserve one of these to run on air:

2.  To Be Debt Free

Is this guy happy or jumping off a cliff?  Anyway–sure I have some student loans (just like most doctors do) but I don’t deserve it.  I went to Law School, graduated and have held a job ever since–I think I deserve the remainder of my loans to be waived.

3.  Great Food

Why should I, a great American, be subjected to eating garbage for food.  I expect as a human being in this land to be served Great Food no matter where I dine.  If I order a quadruple meat crabby patty from King in the Box–I expect it to be made with 100% fat free, organically fed beef and to look similar to the dishes above–after all—I DESERVE IT!

I could go on–but of course this kind of thinking is ridiculous.  As a human being, I don’t deserve anything.  Sure if I work I deserve to be paid for my work.  But the difference there is the give and take.  I don’t deserve health care–but am thankful we have the greatest in the world.  I don’t deserve air conditioning–but am thankful it was invented and I can afford it.  I don’t deserve friends—but am thankful that some people find me amusing enough to call me “friend.”  I don’t deserve a beautiful wife and family–but am thankful they don’t see the real me and if they do, they love me anyway.

I don’t even deserve Freedom–but am thanful to the men and women who over the past 230+ years have fought for it and died for it so that I could reap the unearned benefits of it. 

And so—that argument is frankly stupid.  We don’t deserve national health care–we don’t deserve for the government to take over one of our largest industries and turn it into the ineffcient boob that the IRS, USPS and TSA already are.  We don’t deserve to be taxed to death to pay for a system that will become worse once the government decides to take it from us. 

So please, with all deserving respect Mr. President and Ms. Speaker, quit lying to us, quit trying to convince us that only you can save us from ourselves and quit turning our Country into Europe–we certainly don’t deserve that!


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7 Comments on “Universal Health Care And Other Stuff We “Deserve””

  1. sekanblogger Says:

    What do we do about a sense of entitlement?
    Just cut everybody off?
    Change human nature?

    I always did say stupid people shouldn’t breed, but that sounds a bit communist.

  2. sekanblogger Says:

    Come to think of it, knowing people who in the past have refused to be responsible for their own medical costs, do we just refuse them?
    A public plan that they are required to have, similar to liabilty insurance, would at least get most freeloaders paying something.
    As it is now, they have no incentive to be responsible. They know that our higher costs will cover them. They LIKE THAT!

  3. mklasing Says:

    Sekan: we can’t change human nature–that is something we are each entitled to have–even if it is stupid–but we can avoid enabling stupid behavior. As for those who are not responsible–think about this–first, most people if they go to the doctor and don’t pay, the doctor (not society) goes after them. If you are referring to County Hospitals–well how is us paying for insurance with our tax dollars better than paying for a county hospital with our tax dollars? In fact, under nationalized health care–we will be paying more–we will pay for insurance AND pay higher taxes to support the “freeloaders.” That is bull____ as they say in Texas.

    • Gary Wise Says:

      Funny, for a country built on Christianity there is very little compassion for the uneducated poor. They don’t deserve hand-outs, they deserve our help. What’s your suggestion?

      There is no incentive to get people healthier when all we do is fix symptoms instead of the cause; lack of education. Why would Insurance companies want us well? They make more money when we are sick! Look at what the banks just did to us!!!

      • mklasing Says:

        I don’t know the solution–but I can guarantee you it is NOT resting somewhere in the bowels of the Federal Government. Currently the “poor” as you call them, can get health care at any one of a billion county hospitals all over the Country–plus there is Medicaid. Just ask any illegal alien you know–they can get health care any day of the week at the hospital that you and I currently pay for. So don’t buy into the hype that there is the mass number of people dying in the US because they cannot get aspirin for their cold–that is simply not true–look at our mortality rates and compare them with just about every other nation in the world–especially those with Nationalized Health Care. Don’t come at me with emotional arguments–because they are full of garbage. This Christian Country, where the Government tells us we cannot pray in school or at graduations, where God is being stamped out of every corner of our lives, is the same one trying to tell us that when we get old–instead of Medicare, we should take mandatory “end of life” counseling and take a pain pill.

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  5. Gary Wise Says:

    The Medicare euthanisia intent has already been de-bunked. http://bit.ly/1accKC Betsy McCaughey is a shill of the most dispicable kind, along with that loser/waffler Fred Thompson.

    I am one of those ‘poor’. I am self-employed and do not have insurance. I have been through the system, had all kinds of things fixed and it didn’t cost me $500 a month because I CONTROLLED THE COSTS. I miss catastrophic coverage and will be insured once the system becomes a little less profit-driven.

    Just because constitutionality forbids the God thing in Government, people like you spreading hatred of the disenfranchised is not a good example to others. Where’s your Christian compassion for those whom we have left behind? “I’m allright Jack” is not an answer! It is our duty to take care of those less fortunate, [illegal or not] unless you’re just a “Sunday Christian”. You know, “right to lifers” who also support the death penalty!

    I am a registered Republican. I voted for GW both times. I would have voted Republican again had there been a credible candidate.

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