Health Care Reform, Taxes on Chips, Bankers Salaries, Oh My!

socialism illustrated


-That’s right, I have decided that I simply cannot make light of the ongoing barrage of socialistic filth that is coming down from Mount Olympus, er… Washington D.C.  Today I heard a report on how Congress is considering taxing soft drinks, sugary foods and chips.  Which by the way, discriminates against fat people–didn’t I do a post about this at one time…


Then I heard a report about how Congress wants to regulate how bankers get paid–even with banks that did not take any bailout money.  Then I hear about how Nancy Pelosi has guaranteed a health care reform bill by August.

After my head exploded and I picked up the pieces of my severed skull and taped it back together I realized something that I have been denying for the past 7 months.  I am really really mad.  Not just a little mad–but REALLY mad.

Since the election I have tried to be understanding and humble about the outcome.  I know that although 58 million people did not vote for Barack Obama, 60 million did and those 60 million are entitled to their reasons and feelings and this is a free country and blah, blah, blah, blah.

However, numerous people have told me recently that they voted for Mr. Obama because they “were afraid that McCain was just another Bush,” or “I had no idea he would take us this far to the left,” or “we just needed a change,” or “I gave the Republicans 8 years and they didn’t take care of things.”  And now I’m just mad.

I’m mad at the voters–I’m mad at you if you voted for Barack Obama.  I know it seems like sour grapes and all that–but here is a newsflash for you liberals–it is not about ME winning or ME getting my way in the election.  It is about what is best for our Country.  It’s about not allowing all of our freedoms and liberties to be sucked into the socialistic vaccum cleaner of the Democratic Party.

So I’m Mad at each person who voted for Mr. Obama.  And as the Country slides further into socialism YOU are to blame.  When my daughter is 80 and cannot get a hip replacement without a 6 month wait-YOU are to blame.  When unemployment hits 20% under the thumb of over taxation and regulation, YOU are to blame.  When our military can no longer defend our Nation because of the dismantling of our post 9/11 defenses put in place by the Bush administration-YOU are to blame.  When we slip from lone Superpower to being dependent on the good graces of Europe, China and Russia-YOU are to blame.

So today I’m mad–I’ll get over it I suppose.  I don’t mean any offense to any liberals out there (and I know how easy you take offense–at least I didn’t post a giant picture of a nativity scene) or any friends who voted for Obama.  After all, I’m confident you will rectify this situation in 2012–I just hope it won’t be too late.





Keep going…








he heee

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3 Comments on “Health Care Reform, Taxes on Chips, Bankers Salaries, Oh My!”

  1. David Bippus Says:

    Nice work, Murphy. I agree with your sentiments. Among the many issues that concern me, healthcare is at the top of the list. Those in favor of socialized medicine need not travel to Canada or Europe to witness the inefficiencies of government-run healthcare. You need to look no further than the debacle of Medicaid and Medicare right here at home. Another great example of how poorly the government executes managed healthcare programs is to visit your local VA hospital and see the lines and the bureaucracy. Socialized medicine does not work anywhere and it will bankrupt the nation if enacted here.

    According to the US Census Bureau (2006) there are 46.6 million people in the U.S. that do not have health insurance. Of that alleged 46.6 million – 9.5 million are NOT citizens. Another 17 million live in households that earn over $500,000 and can purchase their own insurance if they so desire. Another 18 million are between the ages of 18 and 34, are in good health and decline insurance coverage. The problem is not nearly as dire as BHO and his cohorts make it out to be. This is simply a power grab on the part of the socialists currently occupying the White House.

    People also need to realize that having insurance does not translate into receiving healthcare. Socialized medicine will not provide more doctors and healthcare professionals with additional services at their disposal. Quite the opposite will be the case and rationing, waiting lists, long lines and fewer services will be the norm. Older citizens will “bear the brunt” (according to Tom Daschle) of the proposed system through decreased services as cost-benefit analyses will replace the ability for patients to work with their private doctors on solutions to issues.

    The Government is already WAY too involved in healthcare (and other markets) as is. The free market needs to be allowed to function and bring competition and lower prices into the healthcare arena. Once the bureaucrats are out, the market can perform and solutions can be found.

  2. mklasing Says:

    Exactly David—but we are going to be told that the “ONLY SOLUTION” is for the Government to “save” us. Unfortunately, the same people that bought BHO’s mantra of “hope and change” without any idea of what he really meant–will be hooked like a hungry bass by the rhetoric of “saving lives” and “saving health care costs” and “insurance for everyone” so buckle up and pray you don’t need a kidney in 5 years or you may not get one for 5 more.

    • David Bippus Says:

      From Rasmussen Reports earlier today:
      Seventy percent (70%) of Americans with health insurance rate their coverage as good or excellent.
      Twenty-three percent (23%) say their insurance coverage is fair, and six percent (6%) rate it as poor, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.
      Overall, including those without insurance, 62% rate the health care they receive as good or excellent, while eight percent (8%) say it’s poor. For Americans with health insurance, satisfaction is a bit higher: 70% say their health care is good or excellent, while just four percent (4%) view it as poor. These findings are virtually unchanged from a survey in July of last year.

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