United States on “The Road to Hell”

According to the current President of the European Union, Czech’s Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek, that is exactly where we are headed.  Interestingly Eurpoean leaders from Britain to Italy are making comments regarding President Obama’s economic policies as a “return to the failed policies of the 1930’s” and “a streamlined way to bankrupt the US and the World.”

And yet, the Democrats continue not to listen.  Instead of considering the destructive path they are leading us down, we have the President and the Sec. of the Treasury telling us that the Government needs to have the ability to step into private industry, take it over, and run it the way they see fit.  Like they have done with AIG.  Of course, all of this fun has caused death threats to AIG employees and a complete sense that the company has run amok in the last few months.

Somewhere along the line Democrats have decided to penalize companies and the rich because they are the real problem in our society.  This constant demonization of the rich is not unprecedented.  After all, Russia, prior to becoming the Soviet Union, used the same tactics to blame its economy under Stalin–and then murdered most of its upper class citizens during his regime.  Hitler used such tactics to demonize Jews and then of course began a massive slaughter intended to kill every Jewish person in Europe.

It has been hard to blog about things going on in our Country because it would take a full time job on my part and a staff of people to keep up with the liberal and socialist agenda being crammed down our throats on a second by second basis.  And unfortunately, I have to work–maybe harder than ever to store up for the coming economic collapse.

Recently I ran across a transcript of a speech given by a CEO of an American-based company that was given to the Bank Administration Institute in 1972.  I cannot reveal the name of the person or the company but I can quote from this individual’s brilliant words of wisdom.   HEY PRESIDENT OBAMA–THIS IS FOR YOU! (There, maybe that will cause this post to get picked up by the SS in Washington)

My first point is simply this…our most fundamental responsibility as managers of any business is to make a profit.  Those who would have us believe that other factors have overtaken the importance of the profit motive in our economic system are kidding themselves.  Talk about putting social concerns ahead of business’s drive to earn a fair return is really a contradiction in terms.

Some idealists confuse profits and selfishness.  They tend to shun profit-making jobs; seek profit-using careers, and the agitate vigorously for government action to prevent others from generating profits.  This is the group that teaches-“don’t earn-burn.”

Let’s not forget that it is business-the private sector of our economic system-that produces the wealth which enables government-the public sector-to plan, administer, and pay for programs that cannot be carried out by the private sector.

Simply said, government can generate money to serve the needs of the people onlythrough collection of taxes.  And taxes come from individuals and corporations.  In the case of the corporation, unless it is a profitable business, there are no taxes…unless business is profitable, it cannot spend the research and development dollars necessary to develop superior technology, or hire the handicapped, or support higher education, or help meet the human need activities of the community.

We need to keep telling ourselves and anyone who will listen that our profit system is the source of everything we do.  You must have a healthy, viable business as a base for your efforts so you can accept your social responsibility to contribute money, know-how or people-any talk of social responsibility without that strong base is just that-talk.”

For the sake of my children and my grandchildren.  For the sake of your own daughters and the community of people you allegedly represent.  For the sake of our National Security, our freedom, our liberty, our pursuit of happiness—PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS!   We cannot afford anymore of your “talk” Mr. President–we simply cannot afford it.


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6 Comments on “United States on “The Road to Hell””

  1. Fishie Says:

    Nice analysis you found there! I’m reading Sowell’s Basic Economics now, and if people JUST READ THAT and nothing else, they would be so much more educated about what the government is really trying to destroy. Then they might… aw, who am I kiddin’.

    Hey, can you come to the Tax Day Tea Party downtown onthe 15th? It’s in the evening and I can use you as a speaker.

  2. mklasing Says:

    I would LOVE to do that. Let me know what you would like me to talk about and I’ll be ready–or if it is just to discuss our situation in general-I’m good with that too.

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  5. As simple it looks…just following the road, if nothing changes.

  6. Nice post, very good one!

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