Republicans for Obama? I Don’t Hardly Think So.

Seriously?  This is absolutely laughable.  The media has already elected Obama as you know.  Tom Brokaw gave an interview two days ago where he said that McCain’s campaign was disorganized and in disarray.  Wouldn’t he hope that were true?

The media along with the Obama camp have really worked hard to elect the most liberal and socialist driven man to the highest office of our Country that has ever run for the job (excluding some individuals who have run under the American Communist party).

As soon as McCain starts to gain ground in the polls, the media says he is finished.  Obama has accused McCain of being Bush #3, which is an outright lie and has joked about the attacks on his credibility associating with terrorists and radical leftists.  And now….as the election draws near, we are to believe that there are actual Republicans who are willing to wear this button.

I’m sorry–I cry foul here.

What is a Republican?

A person who believes in the Republic form of government–the form where the supreme power rests with the people, not the government.  Anyone who actually believes these principles would not vote for Obama-who clearly believes that the government should exercise ultimate authority over every aspect of our lives.

So stop fooling us–we are not idiots.  No REAL republican wears this pin–it is meant to freak us out.

But wait…My crack team of investigators begs to differ–Believe it or not, we have found other similar organizations–so maybe I’m wrong about this.  Here they are:

1.  Christians For The Devil

2.  Mets Fans For The Yankees

3.  Wine Lovers For Mad Dog 20/20

4.  Redskins For The Cowboys

5.  Trial Lawyers for Big Corporations

6.  Dogs for Cats

7.  Jews for Muslims

8.  Ahmadinejad For Gays

9.  Sharks for Vegetables

10.  Hindus For Steak

So, I guess maybe it is possible that these people exist.

My bad.

-Murphy Political Blogger Alliance

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11 Comments on “Republicans for Obama? I Don’t Hardly Think So.”

  1. Greg Says:

    Do you know what’s laughable? That you continue to write a blog that nobody reads.

    Gallup has about 9% of Republicans supporting Barack:

    Assuming you’re bad at math, that’s close to 5 million Republicans. Of course, that number does not include the millions of people who have left the Republican party since the beginning of Bush. Millions of those independents are probably also supporting Barack.

    Sorry to ruin your day, moron.

  2. brandon Says:

    They exist but they are not really Republicans and have no clue as to what conservatives or Republicans have traditionally believed. I tried to engage in a conversation with them at and was quickly banned for daring to criticize Obama

  3. mklasing Says:

    Greg: Now Greg, stop being so hard on yourself–your not a “nobody.” And don’t worry, despite the predictable name calling that comes from all of my liberal readers, you didn’t ruin my day. You just fail to understand the point of the article, which I’m sure is my fault since, after all, I am a moron. See, my point Greg is that these people that have supposedly shifted their allegiance–were never actually Republicans to begin with–that was the point. But I don’t expect you to understand that, after all–you are supporting a man who would rather reward those who do not earn a living by taking money from those who do. How could you understand–you are sitting at home waiting for your next liberal entitlement. Sorry to have misled you with the truth.

    Brandon-Thanks for getting it–you are exactly right.

  4. Paul Says:

    Hey Greg, I read the blog and kind of enjoy it. Sorry you have to stoop to level of calling people names. You actually sounded a great deal like one of my kids up in your message, you need a time out (or GASP! a spanking)! Anyway, I guess diversity is what our country is all about so I hope you have a great day… and make sure you take your blood pressure medication, I think it may have spiked yesterday.

    Coyotes for Roadrunners
    NBA Centers for Smart Cars

  5. Uggggg I have run into SEVERAL of these freaks of nature. Running about calling themselves Republicans, then promising to vote for Obama.

    My favorite part is when I inform them that in no way would an actually Republican vote for Obama even if they were dead, they get all uppity and pissed off. They get defensive and tell me I can;t tell them who to vote for. No, I can;t tell them but I sure as hell can tell them they aren’t Republicans.


  6. virgomonkey Says:

    How could you understand–you are sitting at home waiting for your next liberal entitlement.

    I am just wondering why your party always assumes that if you’re voting for Obama, that means you are without a job and looking for government handouts? Do you not realize that Liberals make more money than Conservatives. I only mention this as it is getting old to hear from you guys that only the lazy and poor vote Democrat. Puleez!

    About you post. I agree that it is odd that a Republican would vote for Obama. Very weird. I could see a moderate voting for him, but a Republican? Anyway, do you think it could possibly be former Republicans voting for him? But then why would they still be calling themselves Republicans? And what, do you think, would be their motivation to call themselves Republican and vote Democrat? I am genuinely curious.

  7. Patrick Corcoran Says:

    Hi Murphy,

    Your point is taken. But I think it’s a fact that a vocal minority of Republicans are disillusioned with their party right now and voting for Obama in this election.

    A few notables: David Brooks, New York Times. Christopher Hitchens. Christopher Buckley, (formerly) National Review. George F. Will, Washington Post.

    These people are neither faux-Republican nor misguided as to the historical meaning of the term. I understand not wanting to see Obama’s policies enacted if one prefers “small government”. But I don’t think a convincing case can be made that any Republican who votes for Obama was never one in the past.

    (And in any case, I’d prefer if people voted for issues and character instead of party. Historically both parties have meandered quite a bit in their positions over time.)


  8. mklasing Says:

    Virgo—You see the point exactly. My point is that someone voting for Obama was never “REALLY” a Republican to begin with. Sure, I can see Republicans voting Democrat in certain contexts–but not this election. Mr. Obama does not stand for even one single principle that would be considered an idealism of the Republican party–therefore, anyone claiming to be Republican voting for him–is not being honest with us or himself. Why claim to be a Republican voting for Obama?

    That is simple–Marketing. It is another way of saying–“this guy is so perfect for our country–that even the opposition is voting for him.” It is a ploy and a marketing gadget–nothing more.

    Patrick: So glad to see you in here–I know, I’m right wing to the extreme–and—as you point out—my point is extreme–and meant to be so. I agree with you completely that some people are disillusioned with their party–and I don’t support voting down party lines. My point is, I suppose, much broader. If someone is a true conservative–their own conscience would not allow them to vote for someone who is left of Karl Marx. Those “Republicans” voting for Obama–may have voted Republican in the past–but I find it hard to swallow that their core values are alligned with the Republican idealism if they are voting for the most Socialst candidate to ever run for the Presidency.

    I guess my real point is that there is a group of individuals in our Country who claim to have firm ideas about how the world works–but apparently are swayed by marketing, hype and rants against Big Oil. Those individuals either don’t really know where they stand on the issues or, like Bill Clinton, they really don’t stand for any firm ideas.

  9. Jodi06 Says:

    I agree with your statement about republicans not wearing those pins. I’m a republican and I wouldn’t be caught in one of those pins. I’m a big McCain supporter and I back your statement 100%. Absolutely.

  10. Charlie Phillips Says:

    If you had said *conservatives* I would agree with you. However, the Republican Party no longer stands for the conservatism of Goldwater and Reagan. Until they do, I’ll be voting Libertarian.


  11. ondre mann Says:

    that is so good maddog and in it suck to fatass

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