University of Texas vs. Sooners 2008



Last year I posted about this game and predicted at 35-21 beating by OU.  (Actual score was 28-21 OU).  OU was fresh off a loss as was UT but Colt McCoy really didn’t have the offense in synch last year and OU was cooking pretty well.

Now they are 1 and 5 in the polls, undefeated, both clicking on all cylinders and…I’m terrified to watch the game–but watch I must.

Above is my favorite Internet picture of the sooners–a small sooner boy, hoping against hope that he can muster up a 2.5 gpa in High School so that he can attend his favorite college, the University of Oklahoma–and there he is watching his team get beat by its biggest rival.  Poor little kid.  But what of the J’Ville fan who lost to Davidson by 35 points–no one seems to care about him.

Well, as I am apt to do, it seems fitting to make fun of our rival’s school traditions–if for no other reason than–it is fun.  So here are some Sooner Traditions, straight from the School’s actual website:

1.  School Color Confusion

Turns out the school colors are “crimson and cream.”  Really, they are.  Let’s see…

Crimson & Cream

Odd…the page describing the colors shows this photo–hey elitists-that is red and white!

2.  The Band

Most college campuses like to talk about how their marching band began as a military band and was made up of soon-to-be soldiers.  The OU website has this to proudly say about its band:

The Pride of Oklahoma

“The Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band has been supporting Sooner Spirit for nearly a century. Unlike many other college bands, which began as military drill units, the Pride of Oklahoma had its beginnings as a pep band.”

Wow.  So they are excited about the fact that it was actually formed from a “pep band.” 

3.  Sooner actually means Cheater

This is my favorite.  The website wants to explain to you why they are called the “Sooners.”  It states the following:

“The origins of Oklahoma’s nickname stretch back to the Civil War era. The Homestead Act of 1862 provided that a legal settler could claim 160 acres of public land, and those who lived on and improved the claim for five years could receive title.”Boomers” were settlers who favored the opening of unassigned lands in the Oklahoma Territory.  At high noon on April 22, 1889, legal aspirants would be able to enter the Oklahoma Territory and choose 160 acres of land. The event soon became known as the “Oklahoma Land Run” or “Land Run of 1889″.  The great dramatic moment came when, at the stroke of noon, starting signals were given at the many points of entry. In some instances it was given by a blue-clad military officer firing his pistol or by his trumpeter, at times by a citizen firing his rifle in the air, or, as at Fort Reno, by the boom of a cannon. All produced the same results — a tumultuous avalanche of wagons and horsemen surging forward all in one breathtaking instant.”
Okay–so that would explain why you might call them the “Boomers” but why “Sooner?”  Read on:

“One of the few rules to claiming a lot of land was that all participants were to start at the same time. Those who went too soon were called ‘Sooners’.”

So “Sooner” is a word meant for those lawbreaking individuals who decided to evade the rules, cheat, and grab land before the designated time.   Well, isn’t that interesting in light of Barry Switzer’s reign at the University?  But wait, the website, like a well crafted Obama speech, spins it a little differently:

“As time went on, “Sooner” came to be a synonym of Progressivism. The Sooner was an “energetic individual who travels ahead of the human procession.” He was prosperous, ambitious, competent, a “can-do” individual. And Oklahoma was the Sooner State, the land of opportunity, enterprise and economic expansion, very much in the Progressive spirit that engulfed the old South in the 1920s.”

Excellent work spin meisters–Sooner doesn’t mean Cheater–it describes someone who is ahead of human achievement–yes ahead because they CHEATED!

4.  That Annoying Song

Yes, almost no school is more annoying than Texas A&M with their ridiculous fight song and cheers, but this one is brilliant.  I have to think that the words to this song were actually penned by someone who was given the task of writing it, but forgot to write it until the day he was supposed to present it:

Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner
Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner
Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner
Boomer Sooner, OK U!
Oklahoma, Oklahoma
Oklahoma, Oklahoma
Oklahoma, Oklahoma
Oklahoma, OK U!
I’m a Sooner born and Sooner bred
and when I die, I’ll be Sooner dead
Rah Oklahoma, Rah Oklahoma
Rah Oklahoma, OK U!

Seriously?  “and when I die, I’ll be Sooner dead?”  What in sweet Moses does that mean?  That is the best rhyme you could come up with for the word bred?  What about “instead” or “red” or “bed” or “led” or “bled” or “fed” or anything but “dead?” 

Well, all I can say OU is that you better bring your “A” game this weekend or you may find yourself “Sooner dead” on the field of the Cotton Bowl.

Hook ’em.

Bold prediction:  Texas 31, OU 24


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9 Comments on “University of Texas vs. Sooners 2008”

  1. cottonbowl777 Says:

    did you just make up a number with texas’ score being higher or do you really see texas holding oklahoma’s offense to half of their season average?
    i know, i know texas’ defense is by far the best one ou has faced all year, but ut’s secondary is pretty unproven and bradford is playing much better than he did last year even.

  2. mklasing Says:

    I really see them holding OK to half their offense. Texas secondary has looked much better the last two weeks. The front line has put tremendous pressure on the quarterback in nearly every game. I expect OU to score 2-3 touchdowns, they may even score 28, but I think UT’s offense is better and will outscore them in the long run. I also expect that the second quarter will be a defensive battle as both teams will come out hard in the beginning but wear out a little towards the end of the 2nd quarter before halftime.

  3. cottonbowl777 Says:

    ya i guess you’re right the secondary played like they were all first team all-americans…against colorado and arkansas! the fact that you held arkansas’ passing game down is what’s giving you encouragement that your secondary won’t get torched? you do know that this is the same arkansas that beat the daunted UL-Monroe and Western Illinois by a combined 5 points right?
    oh and texas’ offense is better? do you guys even have a third receiver, reliable option at running back, or a tight end that doesn’t have frying pans for hands? the game won’t be decided in the first half, but it will be in the second half that the superior depth of Oklahoma’s offense (three solid receivers: iglesias, johnson, and broyles; the best tight end in the nation jermaine greshem; an offensive line that starts 4 seniors and a junior that started last year; and two solid backs in murray and brown) will put more pressure on ut’s defense than it can possibly handle.
    realistically unless ou makes a ton of mistakes that somehow give ut an emotional edge than i don’t see any way ut can keep it close for more than 3 quarters.

    OU 38-20 over texas

  4. OUCH….
    Murphy love your blog and your spirit….

    …but I wouldn’t go knocking the colors of another team when Texas proudly wears “BURNT” Orange…sort of has that newborn excrement color, you know?

    🙂 – Just had to harass you!

    Go you little red, crimson, cream, cheatin’ progessives….I love ya!

    OU 35 TEXAS 21

  5. mklasing Says:

    Sharp: true–making fun of anyone’s colors with Burnt Orange as a choice is kind of like the Pot and the Kettle–but hey, I had to find something wrong with OU since there is a better than 50% chance that your prediction is right and mine is wrong.

    Good luck red and white—we will talk after the game. 😉

  6. Murphy,

    Well OK, I got the 35 part right…’s just that the other number was WAY OFF!

    Congrats to the Longhorns…..I am a pretty big Sooner fan so that is so hard to say (I am a terrible sport when it comes to college football) 🙂

    Seriously, While I really like Sam Bradford, I do have to say that if OU has to get beat by a quarterback, there is no better person than Colt McCoy….he just seems like such a clean cut, nice, likable, Christian kid with loads of talent…my hat is off to him!

  7. OH—almost forgot

    Today I felt just like like the kid in the picture above….only I really wanted to throw something!

  8. Michelle Says:

    ha! I like your blog.
    just talking smack.
    But you are so right.
    I hate ou!!!!
    Texas is the place to live and football is a religion.
    + our teams are usually good :]
    and honestly 98% ou players are from texas.(you forgot that one)
    I only got one good thing to say..
    Bradford is handsome! BUT I would hate if he got the heismen.
    mccoy deserves it I just hope in the future he won’t fall for a jessica Simpson .
    . I must add the lyrics to that song are stupid! -Michelle, 15

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