Sarah Palin is a Major Hit-But No Community Organizing Experience

I must admit, I was very skeptical of John McCain’s choice for VP last week.  Skeptical because frankly I knew very little about Ms. Palin.  I did not know about her popularity in Alaska, or her children or her husband or her roots, her beliefs, her intelligence, her patriotism or her conservatism.  In recent days I have read numerous articles about Ms. Palin–some are neutral pieces about who she is, many were hit pieces about her daughter and her husband’s DWI when Regan was in office and her alleged “scandal” involving the firing of a government employee.  What I had determined before last night is that she is a tough, no-nonsense person struggling to live in a broken world while maintaining her own integrity, morals and convictions.  She is likeable, smart and accomplished.  But…could she ever be ready to lead a Country from an office where she is literally a heartbeat away from the Presidency?

If you missed it–here is a clip of 9 minutes of highlights from her amazing speech:

She was nothing short of awesome.  I think my favorite part of the speech was comparing her mayoral experience to that of a community organizer.  Here is the quote:

“I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a ‘community organizer,’ except that you have actual responsibilities.”

For an EXCELLENT review of Obama’s “community organizer” roots, I highly recommend you read an article from the blog: THE CONFLUENCE.  Frankly–it is scary to see the methods he used to bring “hope” and “change.”
Here is one of his community development housing projects today:


His only “real” accomplishment on the South side of Chicago is forcing the government to test for asbestos.  And for that he should be congratulated.  But as for transforming the south side of Chicago with affordable housing and jobs–he gets an “F.”

Look here:

What a beautiful playground for the children to use.  See them sliding down the pretty slide and singing and playing?  You don’t–well put on the glasses of hope and change and see if it comes into view then.

You would think that the citizens of this community would vote McCain after seeing that Obama took campaign contributions from Tony Rezko while Rezko was allowing citizens in Obama’s district to live in squallor and not pay their electricity bills or heating bills.  But alas, they appear to be lining up to praise and support a man who simply has no ability to lead and no actual vision for the future.

As Gov. Palin said–Obama is a man who uses “change” to further his career, McCain is a man who uses his career to bring about “change.”  The choice is clear.

-Murphy Political Blogger Alliance

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17 Comments on “Sarah Palin is a Major Hit-But No Community Organizing Experience”

  1. dayooch Says:

    that comment about the organizers pretty much sh**s on every non-profit worker in America.

  2. mklasing Says:

    Day: I totally disagree–that is the perspective of someone who wants to turn her comment into something negative. Obama has used that “experience” as part of his claim that he is qualified to be the President. Her point is not that non-profit workers are bad–her point is a response to Obama saying that her mayoral experience is nothing to qualify her for VP. She was drawing a comparrison between her experience and his to make the point that it is more relevant to the job of VP. But spin it as you will–I’m sure other liberals in the Country will say the same thing.

  3. merge divide Says:

    I’ll admit that I watched her speech mostly to see what mistakes she would make on national television. I feel her entire “Paula Poundstone”-like routine was a misstep. But she’s never going to hear the end of her attack on community organizers. People are going to look back at that gaffe and realize that it was the point when the veneer came off completely. She ensured a big chunk of votes would go to Obama with that little quip.

  4. dayooch Says:

    She specifically states in her speech that community organizers don’t have any responsibilites. how is that not demeaning and a comparison to her experience and Obama’s experience. If she didn’t want to be demeaning, maybe she should have used some less demeaning words. Non profit workers in America have responsibilities just as important to running a Mayors office in Alaska. Ever hear of the Red Cross, United Way?

  5. mklasing Says:

    It is a HUGE leap to say that “community organizer” was meant to refer to the Red Cross or United Way–which are actual non-profit organizations–with boards of directors and employees and HUGE budgets. She was referring to Obasma specifcally-and oddly, the only people I hear making a big deal about this are Obama supporters like Gloria Steinam and a “few” members of the sold-out media. If you really believe the “veneer came off completely” then I encourage you to remain blissful in such a belief. Strange though–the VAST majority of news reports today–even from the UK-say that she knocked the veneer off of Obama–I guess we will soon know for sure.

  6. dayooch Says:

    I guess you really need to talk to some community organizers to see how offended they were. Thats all i’m saying. Her words were demeaning to them. I guess you don’t agree. I’ll leave it at that. Discussion is always good.

  7. Evan Says:

    mklasing, you’re obviously trying to say something else, so stop with all the euphemizing, ok thx bye…

    PS The Confluence is a thoroughly discredited blog of butthurt children.

  8. Joe Says:

    It will be difficult to win a presidency without doing any community organizing. If McCain/ Palin win it will be very ironic, for all election campaign’s and “get out the vote” initiatives (and to a degree, all of democracy for that matter) are based on a community organizing model. I assume there are many divergent definitions of “community organizer,” it would have served Ms. Palin to explain herself more- because she did offend much of the nonprofit sector, highlighting the fact, at least minimally, her lack of understanding to the fact community organizing skills are used to run community organizations HUGE and small. To close, here are comments passed from a response from a colleague regarding the issue:

    “I can’t say what possessed Palin to dis community organizers. I hope she understands that most Americans are not on a first-name basis with their mayor. I hope she understands that most Americans cannot and should not expect to get a check from their state government because corporations are making billions by extracting nonrenewable resources. I hope she understands that there are millions of Americans living in places like the South Side of Chicago, inner-city Detroit, and small towns across America whose lives and communities have been devastated by deindustrialization, environmental degradation, the war on drugs, the collapse of public school systems, and so on.

    So now is our chance to see what Sarah Palin is really made of. Let’s see her go to cities like Detroit and talk to people about their problems, not just the soccer/hockey mom in the suburbs but also the youth whose neighborhood school was just shut down, the mother living on a street haunted by drug dealers and gang violence, and the ex-con trying to go straight but unable to secure a job. Once Palin belittles community organizers, what will she have to offer? Will she provide any new ideas or just the same old GOP talking points about how the free market gives everyone a chance to lift themselves up by their bootstraps? Or, will she, just like the politicians she claims to resent, continue to ignore the needs and concerns of the most marginalized sectors of our population?”

  9. Zoonomia Says:

    I think you’re dead wrong about saying the only people making a big deal about this (community organizer comment) are “Obama supporters like Gloria Steinam (sic) and a “few” members of the sold-out media”. As a now former McCain supporter I found it incredibly insensitive especially in light of the emphasis on “service” at the convention. I guess service is just another convenient political prop, sort of like compassionate conservatism. Perhaps I shouldn’t be upset by another example of “sound bite” political speech; red meat tossed out for the faithful’s consumption, but I really feel like Palin and Rudy did a disservice to thousands of Americans trying to make a difference, me included. Shame on them!

  10. mswanson Says:

    Try looking up community organizer and you will see that most have a higher education than Mrs. Palin. I was highly offended and I think she grossly offended many social workers that received a MSW in Community Organization. I am not a Community Organizer but she offended my peers. I think she lost social worker votes with that comment. To be fair her speech writer should have looked up community organizer before she made those comments.

  11. Nigel Says:

    Hell Murphy, why didn’t you tell me you were blogging again? I’d have linked this in a sec…

    Good post!

  12. GBS Says:

    I guess the “community organizer” vote is now out of reach for McCain.

    Undoubtedly, that will be the tipping point in this election.

  13. Jenn Says:

    Well I just heard the left rules her out as relevant because she hasn’t had an abortion.


  14. I think everyone was skeptical. But McCain and all of his people were most likely researching and such for weeks and weeks. Obviously they all think it’s the right choice, it’s not like it was just a random choice.

  15. clafepah Says:

    favorited this one, brother

  16. mklasing Says:

    Out for the hurricane for a while–sorry for the lack of response so here goes:

    Right Handed: You are correct–this choice was very well planned and purposeful

    Jenn: That made me laugh out loud.

    GBS: Funny

    mswanson: You are clearly a democrat and are using her comment to feign offense. She was slamming the gaul he had for attacking her experience–nothing more–to assume that she was attacking all “community organizers” is simply silly and transparent. Besides, I agree with her–I don’t think being a community organizer is sufficient experience to run for President.

    Zoonomia: Seriously? You left McCain because of her comment–that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard since the suggestion that airing my tires will solve the oil crisis.

    Evan: I have no idea what you mean but at least “blog of butthurt children” makes sense. Wha?

    Joe: Sit back and watch–I think somewhere in the 80% of Alaskans that love her there are some people that don’t fit her mold. She continues to rock–but I’m sure Sen. Biden will be able to connect with inner-city Detroit–as Wayne and Garth used to say, “Shaa!”

  17. mklasing Says:

    Sorry Nigel–my blogging has been sporadic with busy summer and hurricanes, blah, blah, blah, excuses excuses excuses. 🙂

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