Obama: The $4 million dollar Hypocrite.

So today the news is all a-buzz with Obama’s latest strategy–attacking McCain because he did not answer a question about how many houses he owned.  (See Obama Count’s McCain’s Houses) So, I suppose challenging McCain on the issues such as the war or the mortgage crisis or the gas prices or the economy or global warming–all seems trite compared to attacking him because he is rich.  Demonizing him because he has a lot of assets. 

That is rich!  (Hey that is kind of a pun–I so amuse myself)

This from a man who just purchased a home for $1.6 million dollars and made over $4 million last year.  This from a man who claims that McCain is out of touch with the “regular American.”  I suppose the regular American makes $4 million per year?  Seriously. 

But wait, what did Obama say about personal attacks in a campaign?  What was that…….?  Oh yeah, just 2 days before the comment about the houses, and fresh off of his week-long vacation in Hawaii, Obama said it was time for McCain to “end personal attacks.”  My what can change in 2 days!

ABC news was all over this–hoping and praying I’m sure that this “gaffe” by McCain will end his chances for the white house. 

Notice the bottom of the screen “McCain’s Housing Crisis”–that was on there the entire broadcast regarding this story.  But, ABC is not biased.  What a silly accusation.

But wait–there are other issues Obama should jump on that would be so much more effective.  Here at MKCB  I’d like to do my part in assisting the Obama campaign with their non-personal attacks–here are my suggestions for some sound-bites to assist in the campaign:

1.  He obviously isn’t much of a fighter since he was in prison so dang long in Vietnam.

2.  He’s not just old, but he’s damn-old.

3.  He is white, ’nuff said.

4.  I know James Garner, and you Sen. McCain are no James Garner.

5.  McCain adopted a daughter from an orphanage in a veiled attempt to cow-tail to Catholics.

I’ll see if I can come up with some more–but Obama–I suggest you use these–because the reality is, if you start trying to debate him about your socialistic view of the world–the rest of your blind followers might discover that you are in fact a socialist–something I’m sure you want to hide until you are actually in the White House.


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8 Comments on “Obama: The $4 million dollar Hypocrite.”

  1. Beelzebubba Says:

    Yackety Smackety blah blah blah.

    You seem to forget that Johnnie Mac has been the one forgetting about the issues that face americans and instead trying to compare Barack to the likes of Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears…

    Why don’t you save your fox news talking points for the debates. or better yet. Accept that there is no way in hell John McCain is going to win this election. American’s are sick and tired of Bsh and his Cronies. The John McCain of 8 years ago would kick the John McCain of today’s ass for being a sell out.


  2. mklasing Says:

    Thanks Beelzebubba–I’m always excited to get advice from the redneck devil. (kidding–no personal attacks remember).

    I think it is hillarious that you liberals now want to say that McCain is one of Bushes “Cronies.” You seem to think that Americans are stupid–that they will believe that McCain and Bush are big buddies–when in fact, they have been on the opposite sides of numerous issues. But then–the truth is no good when you are trying to demean and belittle our President and anyone with an “R” next to their name on the ballot.

    I would just love for you to answer one question–

    “What specifically do you believe Obama will do as President that will actually help our Country and not further empower the Government while taking power away from the people?”

    I’ll listen for the silence.

  3. ChenZhen Says:

    So, I suppose challenging McCain on the issues such as the war or the mortgage crisis or the gas prices or the economy or global warming–all seems trite compared to attacking him because he is rich. Demonizing him because he has a lot of assets.

    Well, after a barrage of negative ads from McCain (like the stupid “celebrity” thing) and seeing himself slip in the polls, Obama felt he had no choice but to fight fire with fire. I guess I was just fooling myself into believing that this election would be different than last time, and that Americans would be sick of this kind of thing, but apparently this gets a lot more attention and is easier to understand than, say, the minutia of a detailed explanation of one’s health care policy.

    Am I disappointed that Obama mentioned McCain’s “house” gaffe? Sure. But I guess its a little different saying it in front of supporters instead of a paid campaign spot. Anyway, I think its really going to get ugly and childish now.

  4. ChenZhen Says:

    Oops, I should correct myself. There ARE paid campaign spots. My bad.


  5. mklasing Says:

    Chen: You are absolutely right–it is going to get childish and ugly. Something you said about Obama highlights one of my real fears of his Presidency. You said “Obama felt he had no choice but to fight fire with fire.” That tells me that he is unable to stand firm on his own convictions. I understand that both candidates have “changed their minds on some issues,” but personal attacks are things that he has stood firm on since the beginning–yet, he finally caved out of what–pressure from his opponent–that doesn’t sound like a “leader” to me. His inexperience and ability to shift even his most firm convictions in the face of pressure from others is not a quality I treasure in a President.

  6. mklasing Says:

    Yep-they hired a film crew immediately to create ads to talk about this. “sigh” is right.

  7. I am on the one hundredth feathers and plucking away…, 101th feather on its way…, how many feathers do eagles have…, before they bold? Can’t wait for BARAK to get into office – I need more feathers…, still not finished plucking Bush’s feathers off of his eagle ends…, one left at his tail…, to pluck off! Taken two feathers off of McCain and Baraks for their intro on Georgian Russian conflict, but all are entitled to their own personal uneducated opinion…, as I plucked their feathers off of their golden eagle selves, shoved it back into their golden bills, and stated shut up! I am not done as finished plucking Bush’s and there goes another President into office; someone please get a perch or a cage for the American pests; menaces to society in social disguise…, that is all I have to say. Bush borrowed some feathers from Barak and McCain during the entire start of the middle of the Georgian and Russian conflict…, what you are doing on your site, is considered plucking the eagle…, continue…, I need extra assistance at plucking out their feathers…, once all of the feathers are plucked…, they are out…, I do NOT know how long they think they can hold on to their eagle feathers…, hhhm? As I am on the hundredth feather, noticed Bush was a buzz buzzard in disguise…, with a command of pests…, I am almost at the last feather my dear at his tail end…, there they bring me another…, I need more I shout! I need more paper! I need more color!

  8. ChenZhen,

    Weeks before Team McCain and the always nefarious “Republicanazi Attack Machine” slithered to unprecedented depths of depravity by suggesting that perhaps celebrity alone isn’t the most compelling basis on which to cast one’s vote for President (hence the references to Paris and Brittney, two celebretards notoriously famous for being famous), Senator Obama told a Jacksonville, FL, audience that John McCain was going to use racist attacks to try to scare America from voting for change. Remember, Sen. Obama said that McCain didn’t have anything to run on except for fear. Therefore, according to Sen. Obama, McCain would say that Obama has a “funny name, doesn’t look like all the other dead Presidents on the dollar bills and … oh yeah, did I mention that he’s BLACK?”

    Obama preemptively accused John McCain of being racist. He was warning America not to be fooled by the fact that McCain hadn’t actually made racist attacks — because he would, no doubt, do so sometime in the future.

    Sure, John McCain has never been known to be a racist. And sure, John McCain wasn’t racist at the time. But Sen. Obama guaranteed Jacksonvillians that, despite the fact that John McCain wasn’t yet a racist, the old man was going to BECOME a racist at some point in the future — even though he wasn’t technically a racist at the time.

    Most importantly: poor little Senator Obama would be the VICTIM of that evil old racist man’s — McCainhitler’s — evil, racist attacks.

    But yeah, the McCain campaign’s Paris/Brittney ad was really dirty, below the belt politics. Shame on McCain for dragging what had otherwise been an elevated, harmonious campaign down into the Republican/Rovian/racist/ gutter.


    Mr. Klasing,

    Don’t forget that when Sen. Obama purchased his crib for $1.6 mil, the sale price was substantially below the home’s list price (and the price that one would’ve expected a similar home in that neighborhood to have sold for at the time). And don’t forget that he secured the home loan with a little help (and a little $$) from his pal, convicted felon and former Illinois political king maker/Cook Co. political fixer, Tony Rezko.

    And coincidentally, Mr. Rezko’s wife bought the lot adjacent to Sen. Obama’s home, but allowed it to remain vacant and be used by the Obamas. Which was quite a kind gesture, if you ask me. The adjacent lot now serves as the Obama family’s back yard/garden.

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