Who is The Father of Rielle Hunter’s Baby? Next on Maury

Maury Povich had a brief period of time when his show began where he attempted to have more of a “Dr. Phil” format.  You know, people being mean to each other and addicted to drugs and having financial crisis and affairs and Maury there to talk them through it.  Then all of a sudden he decided to “specialize.”  Now his shows are all about paternity tests and determining the father of some baby born to a woman who has had 10-20 sexual partners in the previous month.  They talk about how horrible it will be if so and so is the father, but how great if so and so is, etc…  And then the tests are revealed.

Well, Maury, I have the mother of all ideas for your show.  We here at Murphy’s Conservative Blog believe that the world should know if John Edwards is or is not the father of Rielle Hunter’s 5-month old.  Enough speculation, enough innuendo, enough already, let’s invite them on, talk about how wonderful it would be if little baby Hunter could grow up and live in the Edwards’ mansion.

And just look at him holding someone else’s baby 19 months ago:


He is a natural father.  Why some say he can even act as a medium for children in a court room–but that is another story.

And what about Andrew Young?  I can find no picture of him on the web–so he must not be very famous.  And he is a 41 year old married father–he claims that he is the father–but he also was a poltical operative for John Edwards during his campaign.  (I love the word “operative.”)

And what about this weird photo from the Enquirer?









I mean look at that baby’s hair–no way that is Edwards’ baby–the hair is all gangly and receeding.  (I also love the term “love child”  as if “love” had anything to do with it.)

So there it is Maury–my plea to you to have these individuals on your show.  Maybe put the baby on the floor and have Andrew and John call it and see where it crawls.  Well–whatever, you know better how to run the show than me.  All I ask is a small royalty, say 3-5% of the proceeds from the show for coming up with the idea.

Thanks, Maury, all of America will be watching.


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3 Comments on “Who is The Father of Rielle Hunter’s Baby? Next on Maury”

  1. ChenZhen Says:

    Yea I’d bet that Edwards is still lying about being the baby’s father, which makes me wonder why he’d fess up to half of it (the affair part), but not the other half. He might as well just gone for the whole thing, throw in the towel politically, and move on. Instead he just drags out the embarrassment.

  2. mklasing Says:

    Chen: you are so right–but remember he is a plaintiff’s attorney. My experience with them is that they are willing to spin any truth until it simply cannot be spun any further–then admit it like it was no big deal all along. I guess he won’t be the VP for Obama now? 😉

  3. wickle Says:

    Is that the Edwards mansion? Wow, and I thought I had trouble getting the lawn going … I know I was too cheap to hydroseed, but it seems like he could afford it.

    And what’s with the circled cars? What kind of picture is this?

    What? Were we talking about something else? Sorry …

    For my own part, I’m not really interested in the paternity part. We already know just about everything we need to know about his character. Maybe I don’t care because he can’t sink any lower …

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