A Little Humor For the Weekend.

Just to lighten the load for the weekend I submit the following sad tale:

At the gates of Heaven, 3 men approach at nearly the exact same time.  St. Peter, being overloaded that day looks at them and says, “I’m very busy, why don’t you just tell me how you three died as quick as you can?”

The first guy says, “Well, I came home to my apartment and found my wife naked in the bedroom and a man hanging from my 3rd floor balcony.  I grabbed my laptop, ran out to the balcony and smashed his fingers to make him fall.  But he fell into a tree and survived.  So I ran into the kitchen, unplugged the refrigerator and began to push it out the door onto the balcony.  Even though it was very heavy, I managed to push it out and over the balcony.  In the process, I overexerted myself and had a heart attack.”

St. Peter looked at the second man and said, “what about you?”

The second man said, “Well, I was sunbathing on my balcony and I fell asleep.  I suddenly awoke when I realized I had rolled off the balcony and was falling.  I reached out and miraculously grabbed the railing of the balcony below.  Then this guy (pointing to the first guy) came out to save me, but instead he took his laptop and smashed my fingers!  I fell again but again miraculously landed in a tree.  I was dazed but alive.  Just as I was about to climb down, I looked up and a giant refrigerator fell on me crushing me to death.”

St. Peter looked at the last guy, “and you?”

The third man said, “I don’t know.  I heard my ‘friend’s’ husband come home, so I hid in his giant refrigerator.  Next thing I knew I ended up here.”

The moral:  Things are not always what they seem.  Sometimes the “change” we “hope” for is not the “change” we get.


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2 Comments on “A Little Humor For the Weekend.”

  1. kristiane Says:

    Murphy- Where are you?

  2. mklasing Says:

    Kris: I’m back–I took about a 2 week vacation and then another 2 week blog hiatus while I tried to get the rest of my life in order. I’m going to start posting again this weekend or Monday. Thanks for checking in!

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