Obama está loco en la cabeza!

It is no secret that I do not like Barack Obama.  Okay so that was an understatement.  But now I’m starting to believe that he might actually be crazy.  He has said some amazing things lately but this really tops it.

Wow–“All weeze can say”  is that English?  This from a man who does not speak spanish.   So according to Obama it should be “required” that all children learn a second language?  His stated reason:  because it is embarassing when Europeans come here and speak English and then we go over there and “all weeeze can say” is one or two phrases?  I really think he might be crazy.

First of all-prior to Obama becoming the nominee, this was still America–where English is the national language.  And for the record, I have known MANY immigrants from Mexico, Japan, and other places that have lived here 10-20 years and still cannot speak English very well and certainly cannot read and write it.

No, Senator, we should not be worried about whether foreigners speak English–because that is their problem.  We should, however be worried about pourous borders allowing millions of illegal immigrants to simply walk over and begin living here illegally.  We should be worried about terrorism on our own soil. We should be worried about our economy and we should be worried about the tax implications of electing an absolute economic idiot to the highest office in the land.

And for our Spanish readers:

Obama no se califica para manejar el trabajo del Presidente de los Estados Unidos. Obama es un elitista que cree que él debe poder hacer cumplir y regular sus opiniones sobre todos los ciudadanos de este país. Obama es un socialista cuyo objetivo principal es autorizar al gobierno mientras que quita energía de la gente. Funcione de este hombre–funcione rápido y difícilmente.
And for you second class English speakers, here is the translation:
Obama is not qualified to handle the job of President of the United States.  Obama is an elitist who believes he should be able to enforce and regulate his views on all the citizens of this Country.  Obama is a socialist whose main goal is to empower government while taking away power from the people.  Run from this man–run fast and hard.


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5 Comments on “Obama está loco en la cabeza!”

  1. rms42296 Says:

    First of all – WHO KNEW you could hablar the Espanol (sorry – can’t get the tilde over the n to show up). Secondly, as someone who DOES speak two languages, and understands enough Spanish to be functional in most situations ( which I primarily learned from my non-English speaking students), I agree in principle that having a second language is not only beneficial, it is fast becoming essential. HOWEVER, I completely disagree with Obama (keep accidentally calling him “Osama”?!?!?), if for no other reason that he is a complete POSER!! Specifying that our kids learn Spanish over any other language is not only disturbing, it’s obviously to get the votes from Hispanic America – many of which feel very strongly that their children should speak English! I am terrified at the prospect of this man running our country – and I shudder to think what he will do to education….

  2. wickle Says:

    Actually, I’d agree with him if he had a better reason than being embarrassed. There are many reasons why we should encourage greater knowledge of languages. Of course, it might be nice if more people could read and write English, too.

    On the other hand, here’s a joke a Canadian friend of mine told me:

    “If someone who speaks two languages is bilingual, and someone who speaks three languages is trilingual, what do you call someone who only speaks one language?”

    An American.

  3. wickle Says:

    By the way …

    In the interest of promoting linguistic education, I’d like Obama to change his slogan to “Change in which we can believe.” Do you think that would go over well?

  4. mklasing Says:

    RMS: actually I speak exactly as much Spanish as Obama does.–nada. I just know an altovista site that can do translations. 🙂

    Wickle: I’m all for kids learning a second language–the context of his reasoning though was so off. He thinks that it is wrong for us to be focused on forcing immigrants to learn English–that instead we should focus on learning Spanish–that is reverse logic. And his statement that “immigrants will learn English”–that is simply stupid of him to say. In some parts of Houston hispanic families don’t allow their children to speak English in the home because it is “counter to their culture”–which ends up keeping their children down in society.

    And all jokes aside–English is all we need here–it is the language of international banking, it is the language of all air traffic controllers in the world–and it is OUR language–Bending over to the needs of illegal immigrants (and legal ones) is simply ridiculous. If he is elected we all better pray that no one decides to attack us–it will not be good.

  5. Rick Says:

    Murphy sadly the president is using it for political reasons. I lived in Europe (Spain and Switzerland) and their knowledge of languages depends a lot of the individual education, effort or practical need. In Spain for example English speakers will have a hard time in many places finding just one person who understand the language.

    The fact is that European countries are smallers and closer which facilitates the interchange and the need of at least basic communication in other languages. Here you see many foreigners (specially from spanish speaking countries) that don’t need to learn english depending of where they live (Los Angeles, San Antonio or Miami for example).

    You don’t impose learning languages, people need to have the desire to learn in first place.

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