Sheila Jackson Lee-A Portrait of Stupidity

Well, I must confess, that living in Houston I am saddled with being at least indirectly connected to this wonder of modern congressional idiocy.  Ms. Lee has consistently made herself into an icon for the inane, a model for socialist government and a defender of everything that is NOT freedom.

Today she may have topped herself yet again.  But before we examine her recent move–let’s take a look back at some of her more memorable moments in modern history.  Ms. Lee became a congresswoman in 1995.  Prior to that she had 3 unsuccessful attempts at running for judge in Harris County and finally became a Municipal Judge from 1987-1990.  Yes a traffic court judge!

Then while sitting on the Houston City Council from 1989-1994 she ran for Congress and has been there ever since.

Amazing stuff about Ms. Lee:

1. She Voluteered to Be and Advocate for Elian Gonzalez’s Father:  Remember this photo:


Way to go Shelia!  You really kicked that poor little boy’s butt.

2.  She Got Herself Essentially Banned From Continental Airlines:  Yes for demanding first class on every trip and screaming at airline attendants when they didn’t have the food option she wanted–that got a staffer to quit and got the airline to “suggest” she fly Delta.  I personally know that she doesn’t fly continental much anymore as I sat next to her on a Southwest Airlines flight about 4 years ago.  In her defense, she was pleasant to talk to–(hillariously, we were delayed on the tarmac for 2 hours and she was not too thrilled with that I can tell you).

3.  She Believes that Hurricanes Should Have More African-American Names:  Back in 2003, Ms. Lee was upset that names like Keisha, Jamal and Deshawn were not used to name hurricanes.  She stated, “All racial groups should be represented.”  This is important stuff people.  Why, if the Government doesn’t step in and stop this we will end up with all of these “lily-white” hurricane names-and that is simply unfair.  I for one know that my daughter Allison is very excited that her name is associated with one of the most devastating tropical storms to hit Houston in modern history–taking numerous lives and costing billions of dollars in repairs.  She is THRILLED with that.  (what a monor)

And now…(there are many more–but I don’t want to bore you)-her latest decision is that the United States Congress needs to investigate the Harris County Justice System for civil rights violations and inequalities in the system.  This following the Joe Horn grand jury decision last week.  “With the enormous fractures in the system, until we take a broom and sweep it out, there won’t be evenhanded justice,” she said.

So, I guess the roles of Congress are:

1.  Pass laws

2.  Spend OUR money

3.  Shape Foreign Policy

4.  Investigate local Justice systems to see of they are running properly.

oh and also

5.  Investigate steroid use in Baseball.

Ms. Lee’s comments highlight a much bigger looming problem with our government–the fact that it is becoming more and more powerful.  Remember a democracy is power in the hands of the people–not the few dictators we have elected.  It is NOT the role of the United States Governement to investigate the BP plant explosion (another of her great suggestions), or to steal profits away from the oil industry just because it sounds good or to investigate the Grand Jury system in one County in Texas.

But see–Ms. Lee doesn’t understand Texans–because, frankly she isn’t one.  See Texas was a Republic–it was its own Country–and by God-it wants to be one again.  It is nothing short of Anti-Texas to suggest that the US Government come in and do anything.  But of course, Ms. Lee was born somewhere else–Ms. Lee doesn’t understand Texas’ struggle for independence, she doesn’t understand Texans desire to own their own land and be their own person, because Ms. Lee was born…







   “Get a rope.”

-Murphy Political Blogger Alliance

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14 Comments on “Sheila Jackson Lee-A Portrait of Stupidity”

  1. Tex Taylor Says:

    Excellent commentary and accurate. I met this dipstick once and she is as stupid in real life as your article attests.

    Though I must admit, I used to call the Ms. Shelia the dumbest person in Congress. Maxine Waters has now earned the mantle of the dumbest Congressperson for her inability to recall the world nationalize…as in her statement to “socialize” the oil industry during the recent Congressional hearings. A Freudian, I’m sure.

  2. mklasing Says:

    Tex: you are exactly right–the best part about the video of her saying that was the uncontrolled laughter of the other Congressmen seated around her. I, however, was not laughing, I was crying and praying not to be left behind by the almost certain second coming of Jesus that is due any moment. 🙂

  3. vhewitt Says:

    I don’t live in SJL’s district but I have decided to help her opponent John Faulk with his campaign for her seat . I can’t vote but I can send John Faulk money. Mr. Faulk holds the views that would be a great asset to the people of District 18 located in Houston. If you really want to see this woman out of office, let’s get it done! The Faulk campaign website is If you like what you learn about John Faulk, send him money! Tell other to do the same! What a great day it will be when Shelia is not on the nightly news, bringing embarrassment to the people of the Great State of Texas.

  4. hefebear Says:


  5. John Faulk Says:

    It only takes me getting 136,000 voters to vote for me to defeat Sheila Jackson Lee and the problems will be solved.
    The group called Democrats for Faulk are willing to help me because they know a Brother cannot depose the Queen. So they are helping me to defeat her for the Texas 18th Congressional District and then they will try to defeat me in 2010 or in 2012 after the district is redrawn.


    John Faulk

  6. betme Says:

    As a fellow Houstonian, I would like to add another pat on your back for a very accurate painting of Ms. Lee. However, I do appreciate her continued ignorance for selfish reasons. My husband is rapidly sprinting over to the Conservative side… being pushed by Liberals who open their mouths, leaving him too embarrassed to be seen in their circles.

    Side note: As a CHL holder and advocate of the Castle Doctrine, I would like to give Joe Horn a big hug for helping to clean up the streets of the greater Houston area.

  7. mklasing Says:

    John Faluk: I’m with you brother–I’ll see about sending you some money.

    Betme: I agree–the Castle Doctrine is awesome!

  8. createmo Says:

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  9. Tracy Says:

    Well, I’m late to the party, but SJL is such a socialist. I’ve been researching all the bills she has sponsored, while some were well-intended she does not understand the role of government in most cases. She also has been for some crazy things. But hey, she was for the executive staying within its constitutional boundaries during GWB’s presidency, think she will introduce that bill again now?

    I’m trying to find the resolution she co-sponsored HR 419 it was essentially “Don’t ask Don’t Tell you are a Christian in the Military”. What a moron she is.

    Oh and the hurricane name thing…how lame, really not a role for the government. Who gets upset because hurricane names don’t sound like theirs?

  10. kmday Says:

    Sheila Jackson Lee has to be one of the worst representatives of Houston, probably in history. We are in the middle of a huge economic meltdown, unemployment in crazy figures, a health care reform that will only burden tax payer even more and an energy bill that will add to the health care burden to which she supports both-and what did she take time out to do a few weeks ago? Devise a friggin bill to honor micheal jackson annually and then fly out to his funeral as though she was a relative that could leave while WE ARE PAYING HER SALARY! Does this remind everyone of the editorial that was ran not too long ago where she had her staff research the obits for peoples funerals to speak in front of?

    Lord this woman must go! There has to plenty more well qualified African American Democrats or Republicans that will do a better job than this disgrace of a representative!

  11. funny Says:

    This is what was going through Sheila Jackson Lee’s mind at Micheal Jackson’s funeral mind-

    “Hey guys! i just used your taxpayer dollars to fly out here! And now after we wasted billions of government dollars and closed down a whole section of the city to honor a single man we all were disgusted with BEFORE he died, Lets waste the time of the house and senate by proposing a bill to honor him. No need to worry about the recession or more important issue’s like why I”m still holding a government office while everyone hates me. I’m just here cause i love being on camera!”

  12. REALLY R U KIDDING ME? I could care less what the name of a hurricane is, JOSE, MARIA, CHAMIQUA,JAMAL, OR WHOMEVER! IF THERE IS A HURRICANE ON THE WAY I AM GETTING OUT!! WHO CARES ABOUT THE NAME? I bet The People of New Orleans could care less of the name “Katrina or Rita:!

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