Hey Obama Supporters-Don’t Vote Like A Nazi!

Thanks for continuing to check in the last week–between vacation and short illness and massive workloads, I’ve been out to say the least.  But I’ve been thinking a great deal about our upcoming election and it occurs to me that we need to be very careful in our approach to voting.  Now, if you are an Obama supporter–don’t freak out–I’m not calling him a Nazi, yet…okay, I’m not calling him one at all.  But–there are some freaky similarities to the methods the Nazi’s used to sway the German people into believing that they were the best group to lead Germany and the methods the Democrats use to sway us to believe they are best to lead this one.

Hang with me a moment on this…

How did the Nazi’s rise to power?  The explanation is long but in my elementary way of attempting to summarize let me say this:  Germany for centuries was extremely antisemitic in its beliefs and in its views on the world.  These outlandish beliefs that Jews were responsible for all of the ills of the world continued to grow over hundreds of years, in part fostered by the Christian Church of that region of Europe.  As Germany continued to see its culture and its historical way of life “infiltrated” (by their thought) by successful Jewish families who were beginning to grow in numbers within the border of Germany, Germans began to seek a scapegoat or villan to blame their lack of success and standing in the world.  Some of the things that Germans were saying in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s were:

1.  Our economic standing and ability to make money is compromised by Jewish farmers and business owners who band together to sell items cheaper and at better quality;

2.  Our standing in the world is diminshed since most of Europe is equally antisemitic and we seem to have a lot of Jewish families in our region of the world (i.e.  worried about what the world thinks of them);

3.  Our culture and heritage and ultimately our rights and pride as Germans is being compromised by Jewish influence and thought.

The Nazi party, recognizing these issues and led by a crazed antisemite, was able to feed on the already ingrained thoughts of German citizens and begin a program of exclusion of Jews from society and ultimately extermination of them altogether.  The German citizens were strangely supportive or at least not opposed to the Nazi’s policies about Jews and the Jews then made a great scapegoat for all of the problems in society as well as a great group for Germans to blame their loss of WWI. 

So what does this have to do with the election?

America has been fed a lot of thought from the media and propoganda masters for the last 8 years.  Here are some prevailing thoughts in America according to recent poll data:

1.  Bush (and therefore Republicans) lied about the War, had no plan and just simply wanted to go kill middle easterners.

2.  High gas prices are the result of Big Oil profitering at society’s expense and Big Oil is in bed with the Republicans.

3.  The economy is in a recession because of failed policies of the Bush Administration.

4.  Civil liberties that we “should” have such as gay marriages, civil unions, unlimited access to abortion and a world free from any mention of “God” are constantly blocked by Republicans and their legions of far-right wing Christians.

5.  Talk Radio is damaging to our Country because it spreads hate–and is dominated by Conservative Republicans and Bush-lovers.


So what is the Democrat party doing–and Obama in particular?  Feeding on society’s misinterpretations of reality and scapegoating Republicans, Christians, and Bush in particular to sway public opinion into believing that the following policies would be good for America:

1.  Big Oil Companies (although private industries) should only be able to make “reasonable” profits.

2.  Terrorists who are prisoners should be freed if we have no charges to level against them specifically–even though we are at war (which we shouldn’t be in the first place).

3.  Taxes should be raised on those in our society who are the most successful–those who employ the majority of Americans, those who make and produce the majority of the goods and food we consume–yes, those people.

4.  Taxes should be raised on investment gains to 25% just because gain on investments is an unfair windfall to the investor and it isn’t fair to the rest of us.

5. The Government (the least efficient machine in the factory that makes up this Country) is somehow best suited to administer our health care coverage and decide what care we should receive.

Shockingly–many of you are lining up and sending money to this party like blind robots, like cows in line at a slaughter house.  The fact that free people can be convinced to give up their freedom to the “State” is something most of us don’t think would ever happen.  Well–Germany was a Republic right before it was a Nazi regime.  Germans were free right before they VOTED Hitler into office.  Yes–he was voted into office.

And all the while, Obama’s new anti-rumor website says:  “What you won’t hear from this campaign or this party, is the kind of politics that uses religion as a wedge, and patriotism as a bludgeon—that sees our opponents not as competitors to challenge, but enemies to demonize.” 

And yet–that is what the party does every day–that is what Obama does every day when he attacks private industry, wealthy financially successful Americans and Republicans in general.  But that’s okay–because his new website says he doesn’t do that–so I guess we must all be mistaken.  Silly, stupid, unworthy us.

Seriously folks–Use your head, not your media-fed emotion and listen to what your life will be like as our Country moves another 10 steps towards socialism.  And all of you that will come on and call me names for not supporting Obama–read this carefully–I’m not demonizing him, I’m simply stating facts about the tactics he employs and the ideas he espouses.  It is reality-don’t believe me–elect him and then write back in 2010 and tell me how its going.  I’ll be living in a smaller house with my cash hidden under my mattress praying to God I don’t ever get sick again.


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16 Comments on “Hey Obama Supporters-Don’t Vote Like A Nazi!”

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  2. Pathia Says:

    I have been fired repeatedly for my personal lifestyle that they discover by doing background checks ie: I am not ‘out and proud’ at work.

    I have been assaulted and even raped. The police refused to do anything, refused to enforce the laws, then mocked me for asking them to do so.

    I have had six friends and associates murdered and thrown in the gutter, only the most casual investigation was done into their deaths.

    I am consistently denied health insurance, no insurance provider will cover me. The free market offers me no solutions, no coverage. I have filed for bankruptcy due to medical bills twice, I am only 28. I will be filing again as soon as my waiting period has passed.

    What will McCain do for me, that will stop these things from continuing to occur? I doubt Obama could fix all of them to be for sure, but I’m pretty sure he at least cares that they have happened. I can’t say the same for any other candidate.

  3. rms42296 Says:

    Pathia, seriously. I hate to seem insensitive, although I will seem that way, but it seems like every post you put up starts with your rape and persecution due to your gender. Seriously, if you’re going to argue for Obama, then present a legitimate argument, ’cause guess what! Obama could care less about what’s happened to you, or me, or anyone else! He has all these great plans that sound so good – but WHO’S GOING TO PAY FOR THEM?????????? You, me – all of America! Murphy makes a great point in comparing (albeit not directly) Obama to Hitler – a comparison I’ve made several times in the past – not necessarily due to his character (although we shall see on that!), but because of his eloquence. Hitler was also full of promises for a “better Germany”. I’ve watched all of his speeches both in English and German (I’m a teacher), and studied him extensively in college (my minor is in German), and while he was almost magical in his ability to sway a crowd and meet his audience, all of his promises were, when you boiled it down, empty. Lookk at how Germany ended up! Don’t kid yourself, Pathia, if he gets in, he’ll show his true Muslim self, and when that happens, there will be no place for any of us, gay, stratght or transgender, who don’t agree.

  4. Pathia Says:

    I’d like to see anyone else go through what I have and not have it affect your every day life.

    There’s no way around it, it simply does, I’ve been homeless, I’ve been jobless, I’ve been starving because of how this country treats me. It screws up my daily life. I can’t do the things I like, I can’t even feed myself properly, or keep a decent job for long. Try imagining yourself in that kind of situation, and then not try to bring it up in any political conversation. It’s not easy. All I have is my health, and I don’t even have that most of the time. I am hospitalized four or five times a year, my bones are in the state of a seventy year old (I have osteoporosis…at 28) because I can’t afford the drugs I need to keep my body healthy.

    What’s a little more money from my pocket? What pocket? I have nothing to give anymore. I have half a million dollars in active medical debt, that will go away, but not before I can give them as much as I possibly can, which will further ruin me. What’s a few hundred or thousand dollars more in taxes for me? Absolutely nothing. You can’t bleed a stone. I live off of ramen noodles, mac and cheese and bologna. Nothing Obama does is going to make it worse, I’m already at rock bottom. The only way things could be worse for me is if I was in another country. I get my internet from coffee shops and while at work, I don’t own a car, at best I sleep on a friend’s couch. Less so lately, thankfully it’s warm outside. Generally speaking trans people aren’t very welcome at homeless shelters, so those I never go to unless absolutely necessary.

    Perhaps you should try explaining how McCain would do anything that would benefit me, help me live longer than the projected lifespan of 35? I would just like to live a peaceful life and try to enjoy it before I die my premature death, which is basically inevitable at this point, but I can’t even do that.

  5. kristiane Says:

    Happy Fathers Day! Hope you get to relax a bit!

  6. rms42296 Says:

    I am truly sorry for your state of affairs, for lack of a better description, and will pray for you (really – I’m not just saying that). However, the question shouldn’t be what will McCain do FOR you, it’s what will Obama do TO you? Are you familiar with what Islam thinks about, and says should happen, to homosexuals? (Puh-lease don’t tell me he isn’t a Muslim! Come on!) I realize you (probably) don’t view yourself as homosexual, but, based upon your description of your sexuality, I think it is safe to say that you don’t fit the “mainstream” mold. I’m not necessarily saying that he will exact Islamic justice on the “infidels”, which would include you and I (you because of your sexuality, me because I’m a Christian), but I do believe that we would quickly become second and third class citizens – you decide which one of us would be which. I think we should all be VERY afraid of what our country will become, should Obama get into office. Remember, Germany elected Hitler into office, thinking he could bring about a “new” Germany, mainly because they were tired of the way things were, and just wanted “change” (sound familiar)?

  7. Pathia Says:

    I’m a transsexual, and Islam has no position on them, and when it does it is semi-positive. Transsexuals are more accepted in Iran than here for example. The government even PAYS for the surgery.

    I can’t really continue any discussion with you. I completely and utterly do not believe Obama is muslim, I see no evidence to support it and mountains of evidence to refute it, I simply don’t have the time, or even care to debate with you about that.

  8. mklasing Says:

    Thanks Kris: I did relax a little this weekend–hope your vacation is still going awesome!

    Pathia: It is not the President’s job to do anything for YOU. The President’s role is to lead our Nation, not benefit its inhabitants with freebies and government intrusions into their lives. Sorry–not the role of government–I think Italy is the place for you–where the Government basically controls everything. Maybe you and Susan Sarrandon can live together when McCain wins.

  9. Pathia Says:


    I don’t want them to control everything. I want them to enforce the laws that already exist. I’ve been assaulted without action. Do you think it should be legal for me to be beaten, just because of my lifestyle? The cops LAUGHED at me when I tried to get them to charge the creep that tried to rape me. I don’t even need a special right there, I just need them to get off their butt and do their job!

  10. Pathia Says:

    And as for the matter of emigration, as I’ve stated before I am chronically ill. I don’t have half a million in hospital debt because I go to the ER for a stubbed toe

    I am being examined for a _replacement hip_, I’m only 28, but my bones are already deteriorating at the level not normally seen outside of a nursing home. No country is going to take me as a citizen when I’m just going to collapse over into complete disability before I even hit 35, if I even live that long.

    My immune system is weak, and I get pneumonia about once a year, pretty much every weekend. It hospitalizes me pretty much every single time for a week. It just doesn’t make good economic sense! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate this country. Most likely in any number of European countries I would have been euthanized or ‘allowed to die’ as an infant. I’ve even gotten a form of meningitis that normally only AIDS patients get, though I have no STDs what so ever, my immune system is so compromised that my doctors insist I wear a face mask during the flu season.

    Do you really think any country with restrictive immigration policies (Like say, all of europe) would have ANY interest in taking a worthless vagrant like me? I make no qualms about it, I am a drain on society. However, society forces me into a position of being even MORE of a drain than I really need to be, that is what I am upset about.

  11. Pathia Says:

    (errr, pneumonia every winter, not weekend. I’m on heavy medication right now if my typing skills didn’t hint at it enough already *laugh*)

  12. XM8500 Says:

    So someone’s eloquence dictates that they’re a Nazi?

    I’m sorry, but this arcticle is pretty slanderous: you’re merely playing the “guilty by association” game by stating what Hitler’s party did to rise to power and then showing how “similar” things are with Obama’s political run as if any person who says that they’re going to change things = Holocaust 2.0.

    Mind you, you’re not as much of a “douchebag” as some other anti-Obama people that I’ve encountered on the internet, but come on! This is ridiculous.

    Maybe he IS turning the Republican party into the “enemy”, maybe the fact that this current administration has messed an unprecedented amount of things up for our nation coupled with the fact that he’s in the opposing party justifies this due to the fact that we’re talking about an election here. After all, if we’re going to enforce a dominantly 2 party system upon ourselves then shouldn’t the opponents represent different things?

    Oh yeah, and how is taxing the rich more a bad thing? God knows they could afford it unlike what’s left of the middle class.

  13. mklasing Says:

    Wow XM! Again, it is amazing how liberals want to name call anyone that doesn’t like Obama–although I appreciate you saying that I’m not AS MUCH of a douchebag as others.

    And–the point is not that Obama is going to bring about another Holocaust. The point is that people like yourself are lining up to follow this man even though he has no experience, an unrealistic view of the world and a clear intent on destroying the democratic way of life we enjoy–and yet, you are still willing to follow him–just like the Nazi’s did Hitler even though his ideas were nuts.

    Obama’s ideas are crazy too–just a different kind of crazy. Plus, he is using “enemy” tactics even though he claims to be a “new politician” with a “new kind of politics” which is clearly a lie.

    Finally–you prove my point with your last comment. What kind of arrogance you have to assume that the “rich” can “afford” more taxes. How dare you think it is okay for the government to take money away from people who have worked hard to earn it. That is what communists do–not Americans. Why is it a bad thing? Read your history books–if you can find them—everytime an administration has raised taxes on the wealthy–it has severely hurt our economy. When was our best economy in recent history? 1980-1992–why? Because Regan repealed the ridiculous taxes on the rich and in doing so, increased the amount of money coming into the government and boomed our economy.

    If you think taxing the people that employ everyone else is a good idea–then you must be a government employee.

  14. sharprightturn Says:

    Wow! What you described as your situation sounds ALMOST as bad as what McCain endured by his captors in Vietnam…
    Gee, I’d think you might have more in common with McCain than Obama….McCain has suffered worse than you and he suffered through no fault of his own. (Sorry but I think transexuality is a state of mind, not reality….get help for that and you might see good things happen.)
    I don’t see McCain wallowing in pity.
    While I understand that life is difficult at times for everyone, I firmly believe you need to pick yourself up from your bootstraps and get on with life….stop waiting for a President to be your mommy and your daddy.

  15. Pathia Says:

    I’m not just a transsexual. I am intersexed (Also known as hermaphrodite). I have XX, XY and XXY chromosomes in my body. I have ovarian as well as testicular tissue in my body, neither work right, so as far as having children I am sterile/neither sex.

    No doctor or therapist will treat to ‘cure’ my transsexuality, because I have physical, genetic and hormonal evidence that I am literally not one sex or the other.

  16. Pathia Says:

    Incidentally, those genetic, hormonal and physical problems are why I’m plagued with medical issues. There is no cure for it, because they would literally have to rewrite my entire DNA structure through my body to remove the ‘extra’ chromosomes. Obviously that isn’t possible. When you have too many chromosomes, bad things happen. Down’s Syndrome is another disorder that happens from too many.

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