Making the Wrong Hand Gesture Can Land You In Jail

Austin, Texas–Attorneys are constantly getting a bad rap in society.  I should know, I am one.  Funny thing is–nearly all of my friends are not attorneys.  That is because, simply, I typically don’t like them.  No offense to my colleagues, but I rarely enjoy the company of a group of barristers.  We are ego-maniacs, pretentious, rude, self-absorbed, and not fun to hang out with.  Sure, there are plenty of us who are not like that but as a group, some of our stereotypes are well deserved.  Then something like this happens to really confirm our arrogance:

Adam Reposa-on the left , an Austin Lawyer was sentenced to 90 days in jail on a contempt of Court charge.  The reason?  He simulated a lewd gesture in front of a judge.  No, not the one-finger salute (although that is also illegal in Texas–truly) but he, in response to what a prosecutor was saying, moved his hand up in down while positioning it in a way that looked like he was holding a, er, um, a thick pencil.

But this should’nt surprise anyone.  Apparently Reposa has a history of being an idiot.  Check out a blog story about him from March.  Yes he has an ad where he calls himself the DWI STUD.  Now that is funny.  Here it is:
Can you read what it says? Here, I’ll help (this picture has been edited in my continued efforts to make this blog PG at worst):

“Check out Austin’s hottest DWI TAPES from cases where people were found NOT GUILTY. There are lots of DWI LAWYERS in town, but how many TAPES do they have? Who can put it down in the courtroom, and make them take it like he wants? BULLETPROOF, THE DWI STUD That’s who…You’d be a fool not to check out this man’s body of work. Watch him perform and then, you decide who you want.” (reprinted from the blog mentioned above)

Wow!  Seriously disturbing.  Well, he may be the DWI Stud, but he is not the Contempt of Court Stud–a visiting Judge sentenced him to 90 days in jail for his lewd gesture.  Ahhh, sweet justice.  I guess BULLETPROOF won’t be marketing his tape of this proceeding.  And of course, our image isn’t helped by shirts like this one:

Lawyers Do It

Is it fair to judge my profession by buffoons like this?  I mean there are a lot of very respectable men and women in my profession.  For example:

BILL CLINTON:  Well actually he doesn’t count because he has since been disbarred for lying under oath. Sorry, how about:

JONNIE COCHRAN:  Well, hard to argue that he was good–after all he was able to get an obvious murderer off.  And then there is:

STAR JONES:  Yes, Star Jones, the once large, now fit Star has a law degree.  Who knew?  Her commentary on The View was so non-revealing of this fact.  (Oh, how could I know that?  I’ve never watched the show–really I haven’t, I mean it)

Spiro Agnew

SPIRO AGNEW:  Yes the once VP to President Nixon (also a lawyer–also disbarred) was disbarred for bribery and tax evasion–now that is the funniest part–tax evasion–on someone who is part of the Federal government. 

Well, maybe this list is not a good look at the profession either (except for Star of course) but some of us are idealists.  Some of us do represent individuals because we like helping people and companies because we like making sure that the company doesn’t go bankrupt and all of its employees become unemployed.  Some of us take on cases now and then because we simply want to do what is right.

All in all many of us are honest, hard working professionals.  Why just last year a client came in my office who has been caught embezzling millions from his employer.  He asked me for advice and told me that he didn’t want to go to jail.  I told him “Don’t worry, you will never go to jail with all that money.  Sure enough, after a lengthy trial, he was sent to prison and by then he didn’t have a dime left.



UPDATE:  Here is the link to the Austin news story on the sentencing and his hillarious post-sentencing interview.  There is a great close-up of him being handcuffed.  I guess he “took it like they wanted.” Political Blogger Alliance

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14 Comments on “Making the Wrong Hand Gesture Can Land You In Jail”

  1. Murph,

    As you know, I come from a LONG LINE of barristers. Having a Juris Doctorate doesn’t preclude the bearer from idiocy.

    The stories I could tell you. Adam Reposa should be disbarred. Why? Not for an alleged lewd simulations before a judge. No, he should be disbarred for breach of taste. That shiny, silver sharkskin suit should be litigated and his tacky, slicked back Eddie Munster head of hair would make one of those idiot Gotti boys jealous.

    Something tells me that when he sweats, you can smell herbs.


  2. SC&A Says:

    Check this out:

    My favorite case so far: “Circumcision is sexual abuse, torture and mutilation”

    Any man that was circumcised is due reparations for the lost sexual functioning he inevitably suffered since circumcision removes the most sensitive part of the penis.

    1 million infant boys are sexually tortured and mutilated each year in the U.S. This is a violation of their human rights.

    Others have joined this Class Action…”

  3. mklasing Says:

    LK: You are right about a JD degree–I remember sitting around the bar examination room thinking–if these guys can pass–surely I can. (ha-kidding, but not really)

    SC&A: That is one of the most ridiculous lawsuits I have ever heard about. But hey, might as well join up and see what they can get for me right? At least, that will be the mindset of most entitlement-driven Americans. What a joke. I remember when my son had his–I did have to leave the room because it made me kind of sick–so I guess I would have bystander pain and mental suffering claims as well–hmmmmm.

  4. SC&A Says:

    The comments on the post were…well, speak for themselves.

  5. mklasing Says:

    You are not kidding–my favorite is the one that says “I was circumcised without consent as an infant–as a result I have been changed psychologically and mentally”==wow–I’m most amazed that the guy remembers his psychological and mental state prior to the circumcision–he must have been what, 1-5 days old. That is amazing.

  6. kristiane Says:

    I have only been friends with one real live attorney. his general complaint as he was entering the field was that the majority of his peers were married to their jobs, and would literally ignore family much of the time. Kind of sad.
    I have been pushed by my family since I was young to enter law, based on my stubbornness and argumentative ways. I just cannot imagine having to be in places for so much time.

  7. mklasing Says:

    Kris: In all honesty I love my career–but the key has been that I have formed it my way–not the way of a firm or organization. Most law firms work lawyers to death and they end up divorced and alcoholics, etc… I have always kept my weekends to myself and worked the hours I was willing and no more–I’ve been lucky with employers over the years though.

  8. mklasing Says:

    To all who have commented–I have a news alert–Mr. Bulletproof himself sent a comment into the site apologizing that he is better looking that me and asking me if I have ever had a three way among other things. I didn’t mean to delete it but it had too many f-bombs for me to post on this site. I encourage Mr. Reposa to comment again–in the same way, minus the cursing and I’ll happily post it to show the world what an amazing tool and idiot he is.

    Please Adam–come back and repost.

  9. Nigel Says:


    You should add this douchebag Texas attorney to your list:

  10. Stacy Says:

    I hope he is assaulted in jail. Attorneys are a necessity to our society, but being the aunt of a fine, young man who was killed by a drunk driver; I wish ill upon attorneys who defend DWI/DUI; may they rot in hell.

  11. mklasing Says:

    I’m an attorney and I’m with ya on this one. This guy is a major tool. His interview (which is linked above) after he got out on an appeal bond is surreal. He is seriously unstable. As soon as i think I should defend my profession because of the good guys and gals in it, something like this rolls along.

  12. Darren Says:

    Murph, turns out your boy Adam Reposa is no stranger to being in trouble with the law (allegedly). Turns out that he allegedly was charged with drug possession of 2lbs of pot (charges dropped) before he went for the bar. Allegedly he was sited with a DWI of his own. Of course this is all hearsay, but none the less his character is anything but credible. As someone who is married to a lawyer in training it upsets me when others in the field act in ways that besmirch that which my wife is working so hard for. MAy you keep up the good work and one day bring honor to your kind.

  13. pistolpete Says:

    It’s good to read a lawyer who doesn’t take himself too seriously. Keep up the good work.

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