I’ve missed blogging this week.  I’ve had to work hard again so that I can continue to make money for the government.  Especially this time of year when I get to pay taxes from last year and the first quarter taxes for this year all on the same day.  I guess its rice and beans for the next month.

So, there has been a lot of talk about lying the last few days.  If Letterman would have a TOP 10 list for Hillary and Obama, I think it would look like this:


10.  “I am African American.”  (See post by Laurie Kendrick)

9.  “I did not personally hear Rev. Wright’s speech.”  (But then later he said he did–is he John Kerry?)

8.  “I do not support terrorism” (what about the Weather Underground and William Ayers?)

7.  “That Questionaire is not mine…well its my signature, but….”  (okay-playing the conspiracy card a little early aren’t we?)

6.  “I am patriotic.” (see previous posts by Me)

5.  “I support opportunity and growth.”  (but recently said that raising the capital gains tax from 15% to 20 or even 25% really won’t have much impact on Americans.  Really?  ha ha ha ha ha)

4.  “I have the experience necessary to lead this Country.”  (community leader? lawyer? thanks for the compliment Obama–I’m both as well–but probably not fit to lead the US–you go right ahead and try)

3.  “I want to unite all of us.”  (“But don’t forget my grandmother is scared of black people”)

2.  “My father was brought here to learn by Kennedy.” (actually, his father came over as part of a program that the Kennedy’s contributed to–at a later time-nice try dude)


1.  “I AM NOT A LIBERAL.”  (That actually may be true as his ideas tend to lean more to socialism than liberalism)


10.  “I wear a size 6 pants.” (seriously)

9.  “I was nearly shot in Serbia” (while being greeted by security and supporters and a freaking parade)

8.  “I was named after Sir Edmund Hilary” (the man who climbed Mt. Everest–problem is, he did that 5 years after she was born–ha ha ha)

7.  “Chelsea was jogging toward the towers on 9/11” (in a later interview Chelsea said she was in bed asleep on the other side of town when they were hit)

6. “I’m not some little woman standing by her man like Tammy Wynette” (wow!  sure seems that way)

5.  “When I was young I played pickup basketball”  ( I so wish I could photoshop something for this–UPDATE:  last week she declared that the 10-22 Michigan Wolverines should be the NCAA Champions-wha?)

4.  “I am an avid duck-hunter.” (she actually said this to some upstate New Yorkers–good try to get the NRA–but sorry Hillary, they hate your ever-lovin’ guts)

3.  “When I lived in Chicago I was a Yankees’ Fan.” (whatever)

2.  “I learned how to make money in the futures market from the Wall Street Journal.” (actually the Journal didn’t cover the futures market when she “made” her money in it.)



So with all of this lying going on–what is the message we are to glean from it all?  Is it simply okay to lie?  Should we use that as a method of getting ahead?  You say–I’m not a liar!  Let’s see:


Do you ever . . . ?

– pretend to be some thing, or some one other than who and what you really are?

– smile, while hiding your true feelings about people, activities, or situations?

– say one thing while thinking something different or totally opposite?

– answer questions according to what you think the other person wants to hear, rather than the truth?

– express agreement just to avoid an argument?

– make promises which you do not intend to keep?

– say one thing aloud, while silently qualifying your statement to yourself?

– use an excuse to qualify a previous untrue statement?

– withhold certain facts and overemphasize others to lead your listener to your desired conclusion?

– omit the positive and emphasize the negative in order to obtain sympathy for yourself?

– pretend to “forget” or pretend to have “misunderstood” when it suits your purposes?

– blame others for your problems or mistakes?

– say anything other than what you are thinking out of fear of the consequences?

– use evasive answers to avoid telling the truth?

– accept only those who agree with you as having the truth?

– allege a noble reason for fulfilling a selfish desire?

– use unrevealed exaggeration to get or hold the attention of others?

– claim to want the truth when you truly want anything else?

– claim to be offended by liars and by lying, and yet you lie to others?

– condemn the lying of others, but relabel your lies with softer sounding names?

– accept and reject lies from others as it suits your personal interests?

– pretend that a lie is the truth merely because you want it to be the truth?

– hear only what you want to hear and ignore the rest?

– claim that an untruth is “for their own good”?

– claim that “the truth will do more harm than good”?

– place others in a position of having to choose whether to lie in order to spare your feelings?

– tell yourself that if it concerns something unimportant, then the truth doesn’t matter?

– tell yourself that as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, the truth doesn’t matter?

– tell yourself or others that some lies (xmas, easter bunny, social flattery) are better than the truth?

– practice denial?

– say anything other than the truth in order to manipulate others?

– pay insincere compliments in order to appear friendly?

– withhold critical information in order to appear more desirable?

– use unrevealed exaggeration to enhance your reputation?

Okay–I could go on and on–if you answered “yes” to any of these–congrats–you are a liar!  So therefore, we should not be so harsh on poor little Obama and Hillary right?

WRONG–there is a huge difference in excusing the lies of others and excusing the lies of someone who wants to lead the greatest Nation in the World.  Leaders are people that others follow.  Therefore, the single most powerful leader of this World must have integrity, honesty, compassion, determination, steadfastness, diligence, honor, self-sacrifice, boldness, and greatness.  None of these words are used to define a liar.  Higher standard?  You Bet!

-Murphy Political Blogger Alliance

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9 Comments on “TOP 10 OBAMA AND HILLARY LIES!”

  1. Mike Harmon Says:

    I came across your blog on Technorati. Nice site layout. I will stop by and read more soon.

    Mike Harmon

  2. mklasing Says:

    Thanks for stopping by Mike–come back anytime and often! 🙂

  3. Stacy Says:

    There’s just too much for me to say; so I’ll leave it with this . . . we too are some of those people dishing out to pay last years’ taxes with that first 1040-ES. Sucks big time.

  4. William Freeman Says:

    You are completly lacking in logic or understanding. The fact that you would even imply that Barack Obama is not black is ridiculous. Of course we all know that his mother was white! But the tradition of this country for its entire history has been that any black meant all black. Why does that change now just because it ACTUALLY works to the advantage of a black person for once?! Also how could you even begin to imply that Barack Obama does not stand for every American based solely on the fact that his grandmother was afraid of black people. My grandmother is a afraid of spiders but I do not have that problem. You and those like you are a perfect example of what is wrong with this country. You do not contribute to the dialouge about the issues, all you do is spread lies, half-truths, and talking points as they are dictated to you by the powerful business interests that you serve with your ignorance.

  5. mklasing Says:

    Mr. Freeman: I always enjoy it when liberals come on to this site and first attack me personally and then “attempt” to debate issues from posts which are part truth and part satire. You sir are the one who does not understand. I do not imply that he is not black–simply that he is not “african” which is true–if you had bothered to go to Laurie Kendrick’s site and read her very humorous post on the subject you would see what I mean. So your rant is unnecessary as I was simply poking fun at some of the things he says that are more political rhetoric than actual truth. But of course, like all blind followers of the Obamamessaiah you are simply angry that I DARED to speak ill of such a perfect man.

    You sir are the problem with this Country–you are apparently willing to hand this COuntry over to a man who wants to raise our taxes, increase the size of Government and do everything he can to turn this Free Country into a Socialist Country with more and more dependence on the Federal Government.

    No powerful business interest is dictating anything to me–the only thing that dicates my views is the earnest desire to remain free. If you like bondage so much, I suggest China as a wonderful spot for you to move.

    Thanks for stopping by and spreading your lack of common sense and your desire for a Country that punishes success and enslaves its poor–come back anytime.

  6. Chase Gregory Says:

    i dont mean to sound rude but your writings of “satire” are taken seriously by many.
    and its true that most statements are simply half truths with simply funny arguement.
    and how can you speak of such a perfect man in such an ill manner?!
    look at him!:

  7. mklasing Says:

    Chase: I’m not sure if your comment is serious so I’ll respond in 2 ways.

    If serious: Just know this–the quotes are real–the commentary is mostly mine. Besides, it ought to be perfectly clear from the name of this blog that I’m biased.

    If not serious: good point–He is much like superman and I keep forgetting that–except Superman always did good deeds expecting nothing in return. Barack talks about his version of good deeds but wants to raise all of our taxes to pay for them–He is kind of like the anti-superman from the 3rd movie.

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