I’m Voting For the Belmont Basketball Team for President


As you may have heard, last night the men of Belmont nearly rose up and defeated the #2 seed Duke.  Unfortunately they did not prevail with Duke edging them in the last few seconds 71-70.  However, as I watched this game it occurred to me that the Belmont team would make a great President.

1.  First-they were in a war that most people had decided they could not win.  Only 2% of Vegas betters had Belmont winning the game.  Nevertheless, they continued to fight hard all the way to the end, never showing any signs of defeat or signs that they believed they could not win.

2.  They played with class–they did not criticize Duke or try and belittle them as a way of making their point, they simply rose to the occassion, played better than they were expected to and showed class and stamina.

3.  They didn’t race bait–they never pointed out how “white” Duke was compared to them or how they were being oppressed by Duke or how Duke was playing a race card to get ahead.  They simply met them on the floor man to man and out-played them most of the game.

4.  They are not any more or less experienced than either Democrat candidate, nor or they any less qualified.  As for McCain–well he does have them beat on that–but they are much younger so there’s that.

In the end, the team I wanted didn’t win.  The difference–in the Fall the candidate with the most credibility, experience, stamina and integrity will win the most coveted office in Government in the World.  Sorry Obama–better luck next time.

Have a great and wonderful Easter–or at least one better than this kid:  (note to Parents–if the Easter bunny resembles the love child of Satan and Steven Tyler–probably going to make your kid cry) 


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5 Comments on “I’m Voting For the Belmont Basketball Team for President”

  1. Longing for Holiday Says:

    Well, the team I wanted (my alma mater) did win. SO SORRY!

  2. Nigel Says:

    Safe to say that your March Madness blogging was better than mine…

  3. Tom Paine Says:

    Not directly relevant to the current post, but let me just say I’m of the firm opinion that the U.S. actually lost the war with Mexico since we had to take Texas.

    No seriously though – I posted on my California conservative blog about how conservatives like to pick on California and San Francisco (my hometown) and cited an entry on this blog, and your excellent host responded. The important point is how mass media generally only repeats what it thinks we already believe, which is why when CNN goes to Berkeley they always pick the most incoherent banner-waver to ask about Iraq. In the case of the GOP this ends up dividing us geographically. It always pays to scrutinize regional American stereotypes (especially in the media).

    McCain 2008!


  4. mklasing Says:

    Tom: Thanks for stopping by–love your site — I’m adding you to my blogroll today. And–you are right of course about regional stereotypes. Anyways, I gotta hitch a ride home now and clean out the outhouse–it gets smelly if I don’t change it once a week during the spring. Yee Haw!!!

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