Interview With An Obama Supporter

Well, I continue to be amazed at the support this man has obtained.  I know there is a lot of Bush-hatin’ goin’ on out there–but so many people are ready to throw their freedoms away to a leader willing to expand government intrusion into our lives and suck away millions more $ from our pockets in the form of higher taxes, expand entitlements for the “poor” and tax the producers thereby discouraging production and innovation.  And this is amazing–so I thought I’d send out a senior level of my staff here at Murphy Klasing’s Conservative Blog to interview a few Obama supporters and find out the truth behind their robotic praise of this man.

 Here is what we found:

(First to the guy on the left):  “So tell us, why are you supporting Obama for President?”

Jethro: “Because Obama stands for Change and for Hope and for the Future and we need Change and Hope in the Future because right now is the present and we stand here without Hope or even Hope for Change in the present because it is already here.”

“Okay, but what type of Change is he proposing that you support?”

Jethro: “The kind of Change that brings Hope to the Future.  You see, in the Future we must have Change because without it there will be no Hope.  If we live in the Future without Hope, then we will be the same….and…look at me, I need change.”

“Um, okay, let’s see what you have to say.”  (Turning to the middle guy)


 “So, you seem to be pretty gung-ho about Obama, with the face shirt and all, what do you consider Obama’s greatest accomplishment so far?”

Monty“Well, he stayed in the race for President when he was initially losing to that white chick.  Ummm…oh, and he has developed a plan for the Future.”

“Well, I meant what accomplishments does he have prior to running for President that qualifies him for such a high position in the World?”

Monty: “Oh, well, I just started liking him when he started running so I’m not sure, but someone on your blog said he had been a community leader once and he taught at a law school or somthing but the thing is, he knows the Future because he has had Hope for it and that Hope means that he can Change the Future…which is good because right now the Future is bad news with all the gas prices and the war that Bush and Halibut started.”

“You mean Halliburton?”

Monty:  “Yeah, that company that Cheney is running.”

“You realize, don’t you that Cheney is the Vice-President?”

Monty:  “Really?  I thought he was like the CEO or CFO or whatever.”

“Well, we are getting off track, let’s talk to our last supporter.”

(turning to the guy on the right) 


“I see you’ve been given your indoctrination papers, er… your Obama support package, can you tell me does it trouble you that Obama continues to stand behind a Preacher who spews hate-filled, racist, anti-American sentiment from the pulpit?”

Mike: “Look here, I’m not gonna be trapped into some right-wing nut jobs’ idea of a “fair and balanced” interview–if you want to talk about the issues, I’m happy to discuss them.  First, Obama is a man who understands Change.  He understands it and therefore can bring it.  Second, he understands Hope.  He understands it and therefore he can raise it.  Third, he understands the Future.  He understands it therefore he can make it.  You want me to repeat that?”

“No, I think I got it, but can you tell me what the *$#&@ that means?  I mean seriously what kind of Change, What kind of Hope and what is his vision for the Future?”

Mike:  “I think you need to get off my porch right now.  If you cannot understand the kind of Hope and Change he can bring to the Future, then you obviously have your head stuck in a pile of garbage being fed to you by Rush and Hannity.”

“Okay, but wait, one more question, how does he differ philisophically from Hillary?”

Mike: “I guess you are blind.  He is not a Clinton, he is not a woman, and he is not white.”

“Oh, but his grandmother was white…”

Mike: “Get off my porch.”

-Murphy Political Blogger Alliance

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12 Comments on “Interview With An Obama Supporter”

  1. geist0 Says:

    Obama has change???? Frell it, I’m down! Can he give me some? The vending machine took mine.

  2. mklasing Says:


    He can definitely give you some after he increases our taxes, he will have some extra change to give out.

  3. Stacy Says:

    I might have to divorce my husband so I can cash in on all those entitlement programs.

  4. Stacy Says:

    E-mail me. I need to talk you into something.

  5. Nigel Says:

    Murphy, I hope this is only the first installment of future interviews with other morons liberals in your community.

    Only by interacting with them can we understand them. Unfortunately, if I interact with them they usually end up crying.

  6. mklasing Says:

    I plan on more interviews–after getting thrown of Mike’s porch I decided I would not be defeated–more interviews must happen. Stay tuned….

  7. Murph,

    Just wanted to wish you and yours a wonderful chocolate and Peeps filled Easter, my friend.

    Let’s talk about lunch next week.


  8. geist0 Says:

    I still don’t think he’s going to give me any change. And I really wanted that Dr Pepper.

    So, Rev. Wright… Secretary of Foreign Affairs or Secretary of State?

  9. Longing for Holiday Says:

    I can’t believe you still don’t know the secret behind Obama’s popularity? Read here and find out:

  10. Longing for Holiday Says:

    Oops, please negate the question mark after sentence number 1.

  11. Interesting post!

    Just thought I’d wish you a Happy Easter, in any case!

    Stay well!

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