Judging Obama By His Preacher–At Least He Isn’t A Branch Davidian

Obama’s preacher has gone “off the reservation” so to speak and conservatives and talk-show hosts are imputing his words to Obama.  Is that fair? I mean just because Obama has been a member of this church for 20 years, has attended regularly, was married there–does that mean that he thinks that America is the real terrorist, that Hillary is not qualified to represent African Americans because of the color of her skin.  To figure this out lets view the tape first:

Now-the argument is that if Obama didn’t believe these things and didn’t support these statements then he wouldn’t continue to attend this church.  Obama supporters say things like, ” I don’t always agree with my pastor/rabbi.”  Yes, but not agreeing with him on some statement is one thing, attending a church where the pastor is clearly a racist and a RAGING liberal and believer in the “we caused 9/11” seems to indicate that you are not so offended by these statements that you think you should leave.  That is disturbing.

But wait, you say, let’s be fair.  Is it fair to judge a person’s beliefs by the organizations he joins?  Surely not–why that’s simply ridiculous.  For example, surely you wouldn’t judge a person who was a member of organizations like these or followed leaders like this:

1.  Waco / Branch Davidians

(for those of you in East Texas–this is David Koresh)

2.  Casper the Friendly Ghost Fan Club


3.  NAG-National Association of Gals

 4. Door to Door People Dressed in White


5.  Scientologists

6.  Red Guys


How silly of you conservatives out there–judging a person’s beliefs by the organization he has spent 20 years of his life attending.  You should be ashamed of yourselves.  Nobody thinks anything of people that belong to the groups I’ve listed above so why should you purposely single out Obama?

Now go home, realizing the error in your ways and know that you can join whatever church or organization you want and you can listen to the preacher, rabbi or speaker of that organization for 20 years and no one will think anything of it.  After all–we need change in our Country–we need the kind of change that will allow a person to have radical anti-American beliefs but be able to deny them when it is convenient.  Plausible Deniability–that is real change for America.  (Hollywood’s been doing it for years–its about time we joined them)


UPDATE:  This Morning Obama Defends His Association with His PastorAmazingly, Obama, the man asking us to put him in the White House to Lead 300+ million people, to be the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces, stood up condemning some of the rhetoric of his pastor, but continuing to defend his ongoing relationship with him.  Obama stated: “As imperfect as he may be, he has been like family to me. … I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community. I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother.”

Well, at least we know that if asked to make tough decisions that require him to stand on principle, integrity and conviction that he will do about as good a job at that as Charlie Brown would.  Imagine how this man would respond to a 9/11-like attack.  Wow–we are really in trouble.

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35 Comments on “Judging Obama By His Preacher–At Least He Isn’t A Branch Davidian”

  1. Jean Says:

    Might have added about President Clinton and Monica Lewinski. Wasn’t President a member of a Baptist Church that preach against adulterer? Not because you belong to an organization means you act along with them. Judas Iscariot has been a follower of Jesus Christ for almost 3 years and wasn’t agreed with his Teachings. Get a grip and leave the man alone. He has what it takes to be the Commander in Chief of this nation.

  2. mklasing Says:

    Jean: glad you stopped by–Please tell me what he has that qualifies him to be Commander in Chief and please also tell me what his accomplishments are that make you want to vote for him. I’d really like to know. Besides the fact that he is a Senator–why specifically are you voting for him.

    As for Judas–I see no evidence that he disagreed with Jesus’ other than the fact that he allowed himself to be bought to give up Jesus’ location. Funny–right after things went bad in that regard, Judas returned the money and hung himself–yet all I see Obama doing is attempting to distance himself from a pastor he has known for 20 years.

  3. Tex Taylor Says:

    We are being asked to believe that Obama is in no way influenced or has anything in common with a white hating, American hating, racist, vile heretic of a loon calling himself a “pastor.” And this, after 20 years of sitting in attendance.

    Now if this were anyone else but Obama, would any sane human being honestly admit this could possibly be true? If so, I not only question Obama’s judgment. I question their truthfulness.

  4. nunoftheabove Says:

    Seven million souls were lost in the Holocaust because the German population said volumes with its silent consent of the actions of the Nazi party. If Obama is not man enough to stand up for what is wrong in this situation, how can he ever develop the moxie to make the decisions required of the POTUS?

  5. andrea Says:

    how is it that you feel it’s okay to equate feminism (using limbaugh’s ‘cute’ nickname for the National Organization of Women as a label for your picture) with the likes of the KKK, the Waco cult, scientology, and communism???
    why don’t you just add a picture of people from the naacp and label it as WAA – Whiney African Americans? It’s just as offensive. And what’s more, it completely takes away any credibility I might have considered giving your argument about this whole Obama and his church thing.
    So yes, maybe Obama should leave his church, but then again the preacher alone doesn’t make a church. It’s the congregation, the choir, the ushers, the sunday school teachers, a whole community. And if he left them all of a sudden, then critics would surely use that against him somehow as well. It’s just unfortunate for him that the preacher of his church is making such a controversy (not to mention a fool of himself), thus making the campaign needlessly harder for him. But to try to make the leap to say that this would negatively affect his ability to lead as President is just silly.

  6. mklasing Says:

    Andrea: Thanks for commenting–you make a good point but please do not over analyze this post. There is no attempt here to compare feminism to the KKK–that would be ridiculous. The organizations chosen are extreme examples–I admit–but the point is that we all make judgments about the beliefs and values of individuals who are members of these organizations (just like many other).

    The organization you are willing to join define you to a certain extent. When it comes to the spiritual/religious organization you affiliate yourself with–this is even more obvious. I have been a member of a church in Houston for 18 years–why–because I like the pastor and I agree with his approach to teaching me the Word of God. I guarantee you, however, that if I go tomorrow and he starts spewing hate-speech, racism and anti-American and political rhetoric, I’ll never go back–NEVER!

    Here we have a man in Obama who has been a faithful member of this church for 20 years. His pastor didn’t just go off line once, according to the news reports and video clips he does this on a regular basis–and yet, Obama continues to be a member of this organization–that says a lot about his beliefs, his integrity and his character–sorry it is just simply a fact. If he doesn’t have the moral fiber, conviction and integrity to step away from a pastor that spews this kind of hate–then he has NO ability to lead the greatest Nation on Earth. That too is simply a fact.

  7. Jay Gatsby Says:

    What people defending “O” are forgetting is that 1) this isn’t a “new” situation with this preacher–these complaints about the preacher’s ministry and his association with “O” have been around since the start of Obama’s campaign and Obama has not disavowed the preachings of this man until now and 2) the preacher was a member of Obama’s campaign as a member of the “African American Religious Leadership Committee.” There would be less of a problem if Obama had done something about this situation earlier or not let the man be part of Obama’s campaign. Also, unfortunately when people aren’t seen as experienced in the political arena, people tend to analyze the associates of the candidate instead of the candidate.

  8. mklasing Says:

    Jay: exactly–turns out this preacher has always spewed this kind of trash–and yet Obama keeps on going there–either he has no committment to his faith–which means he is a liar–or he actually agrees with this pastor–which means he is a liar–either way…

  9. Nigel Says:

    Wow Murphy…way to piss Jean and Andrea off! I mean, here they are at something called MK’s conservative blog…and they are just astounded at how insensitive you are to libtards. Shame on you, Murphy…

    Of course you will respond in an intelligent manner and they will flee instead of stand here and defend their “points”.

    BTW, Obama’s “new” pastor isn’t much better. He claims he would have left his church has he heard Wright’s comments. Will he leave now?:


  10. mklasing Says:

    Nigel: I know–its weird isn’t it that I might anger the likes of Jean and Andrea–I mean I know I hide my true beliefs and feelings on this site and am a closet conservative–Maybe I should be more up front about how I really feel?

    And–they should be glad I allow their comments–it shows I’m happy to allow alternative arguments and views on my site–no matter how wack they are. 😉

  11. ATNorth Says:

    I think the NOW gang are at least as dangerous to human life as the KKK were. I betcha there have been more lifestyle abortions than race-based killings in the last 35 years.

  12. Great post, Murph.

    I think NOW is dangerous too for all the same reasons but add one more.

    I think the crock of shit they’ve been trying to sell women is dangerous. There’s been a ridiculous lie attached to “feminism” for years now. Now don’t get me wrong, I’mm all for equal pay and reasonable access to anything a woman wants to do.

    But the reality is men and women are hugely different and this difference extends well beyond our plumbing. NOW and Phyllis Schaffly and Betty Friedan and a host of other LIbbers would have us believe that women should obviate nature and deny their need for men and marriage and even motherhood.

    While, I’ll be the first to admit that not every woman can or should have children, it ‘s completely wrong to tell a healthy woman, perfectly capable of procreation, that she doesn’t need to prove her womanhood by giving birth. That she doesn’t need marriage or men and that she can do anything….ANYTHING a man can do.

    Mentally perhaps but not physically.

    NOW is dwindling in membership and relevance (thanks God). It’s now become really nothing but a mouthpiece for the Lesbian agenda.

    Die a faster death NOW. Generations of unborn children are depending on it.


  13. nunoftheabove Says:

    Laurie –

    Well said; you have explained very well what I was trying to put into words. I am not represented by group of dissatisfied women who think that by giving coming up with a new title, MS, they changes the way the world works.

  14. mklasing Says:

    LK and Nun: SOOOO right you are! You can see by the photo that the quality of the “recruiting coordinators” at NOW is also dwindling. 😉

    ATNORTH: Very good point! I don’t think there have been 37 million race-based killings by the KKK.

    Of course–now Obama is saying that he really didn’t attend that church all that much–ha ha ha ha ha–what happened to this:

    “One Sunday, I put on one of the few clean jackets I had, and went over to Trinity United Church of Christ on 95th Street on the South Side of Chicago. And I heard Reverend Jeremiah A Weight deliver a sermon called ‘The Audacity of Hope’ [which Obama later used as a title for one of his books]. And during the course of that sermon, he introduced me to someone named Jesus Christ. I learned that my sins could be redeemed. I learned that those things I was too weak to accomplish myself, he would accomplish with me if I placed my trust in him. And in time, I came to see faith as more than just a comfort to the weary or a hedge against death, but rather as an active, palpable agent in the world and in my own life.”

    From a speech in CT in June 2007. Did you also learn Obama that you in fact are a liberal freak? Oh no, you just reafirm that everytime you attend his services.

  15. I tried to carefully read all the comments, maybe I missed it, but doesn’t the picture of David Koresh look awfully like Stephen Spielberg in the Jaws days? I tried to find a link but all the pictures with the same sunglasses have Spielberg in profile…perhaps someone more experienced than I can put the two together.

  16. mklasing Says:

    He does kind of look like him. I’m a photoshop idiot so I certainly cannot merge them but certainly it can be done.

  17. BoManly Says:

    just amazing to me how Obama and others say, “Well, its just a few words that I don’t agree with.” … NO it’s NOT! …. its called indoctrination! His 6 and 9 year old girls were there, as well as other children and adults. Kids believe what adults tell them, especially if its the preacher! The church had approx. 11,000 members. These members had family and friends whom they converse with. The church sold tapes of his sermons. The church was assosiated with Louis Farachan (SP?) The man was spewing hate, racism and anti-American bile and there were 1000s of people hearing and believing it.
    This was far from a small country preacher saying crazy things in front of 30 people.
    AND people think that if Obama denounces Wright, everything will be OK? How can people believe that? Obama has shown that this is what he believes. If he didn’t, he would not have attended church there and by NO WAY would he have let people teach his daughters a bunch of lies. So the damage is done. We know who Obama is. I don’t like what I see and can’t believe that shallow minded people can’t see it also.

  18. Peter Says:

    You Phony Conservatives crack me up.
    It seems such a short time ago you all were talking about how Barak was a “closet Muslim” and gonna be swore in on a Ko-Ran.
    That one wouldn’t fly so now you waste enormous bandwidth by going on and on about how he has no choice but to dogishly obey everything his (Christian) preacher says.
    What a load of rubbish!
    What’s next? Maybe his wife’s yoga instructor will get drunk with someone from Fox News. What fun it will be to watch you then!
    It is amusing to see all the dumb reasons you trot out about why Barak Obama is not fit to be President, knowing all the while that the only real reason you don’t think he’s fit is because he’s black.
    And I don’t want to hear about how you’re not racists or any of that crap. I found your miserable “blog” while doing a web search on the term “kkk.”

    God bless.

  19. marie flynn Says:

    Thanks for bringing some insight. We can’t get much of a story from our news. Most people do not know much about Obama. When my daughter said she was going to vote for him, I asked, “Why?” She felt embarrassed because she didn’t know why.
    I cannot believe he is lifted to this level, being a member of such a hate-breeding “religious” group.

    Yes, America, it does make a difference where and who a person associates themself and family with.

  20. mklasing Says:

    Peter: I’ve never said Obama was a closet Muslim–he was raised by a Muslim father and atheist mother and went to Muslim schools.

    I don’t think he obeys what his preacher says–but he obviously supported it since he willingly listened to it and worshiped with him for 20 years.

    But to accuse me of being racist by not liking Obama because he is black is simply a knee-jerk liberal accusation from a person with little intelligence and lack of real understanding of why I do not like this man. His color is irrlevant. What is not irrelevant is his ultra-left socialist view of the world. His view that the people in society that are successful financially, white, black or otherwise, should bear the BURDEN of paying for services for those in society who are less financially successful–that is Marxism, that is not freedom.

    As for references to “KKK”–the only place on my blog that they appear is in a post where I am making fun of them–not supporting them. Maybe you should look in the mirror and ask yourself why you are doing searches on the internet for racial hate groups.

  21. mklasing Says:

    Now Phill: you know that this is not an appropriate forum to “come out.” But I appreciate the diversity of my readers.

  22. Thompson Says:


    • mklasing Says:

      You are so right, sorry if you think I have been making you look bad–you seem to be doing a great job of that on your own.

  23. fablefan Says:

    anyone in the kkk is a racist backward b*****d who should go shoot themselves with a 12 gauge shotgun in their own face

  24. Niko Wakey Says:

    Lol, that is quite hilarious. But I agree with Thompson ( in a less radical way) that Obama is the prez now, and that the white supremacists just HAVE TO GET OVER IT.

  25. Niko Wakey Says:

    Oh yes, I also forgot to mention that
    1.) White Supremacists who want to get rid of the blacks ( or for the more radical ones, all colored peoples) should start their own country.
    2.)Isn’t racism illegal, and hate crimes also?
    3.) This being so, shouldn’t the police (or possibly the F.B.I.) arrest all members of a white supremacist group, irregardless if they assisted in a crime? i.e.- the K.K.K. whoever hears of their arrests or trials? Let alone the arrests of belonging to the group itself, because they technically they would be obstructing peace by not telling the police of the K.K.K’s doings.

  26. Christian Says:

    Ohh lord. You consider communism bad. Thats all it took for you to lose all your credibility. Fair enough you’re a capitalist, what has it brought us? hmmm. . lets see. . YAY! global financial crisis. Gotta love it. And now, our tax money is being spent on paying these capitalist *****s. Money that could, no SHOULD be spent on the people.

  27. JARRELL X Says:


  28. Bill Says:

    This is a mockory to the United States.
    This is nothing but a chance to overthrough the government!!!

  29. hamilton Says:

    you all are f***ing hypocrites. judging people by their color. you all are just messed up. to sit there and do that. it makes me embarrased to be white and live in a country that is so disgraceful. you disgust me and 95% of the people that live in this country. white power my ass.

  30. American Says:

    communism, finally 🙂

  31. charu Says:

    communism is the only way to destroy capitalism.wait and see…

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