Mary Ann, Pot, and The End of The World!

Just when I thought the world couldn’t get any worse–it did.  I mean we have had to endure Obama vs. Clinton day in and day out, with Obama saying he is for Change without defining what that means and Clinton saying he would make a good VP when she is behind him in the race–and if that wasn’t enough, Governor Spitzer drags his poor wife onto a stage so she can be humiliated in front of the world while he apologizes for getting caught with a prostitute.

But wait that is not the worst of it–there’s more, Oil is up to $110 a barrell, gas is therefore hitting $3.50 in some states, then there’s Astros spring training  but wait…

Then the worst of it all happened today–our sweet, cute, precious little pie maker got caught with pot at age 69!  Apparently she pled guilty in late February to a charge of reckless driving and the pot possession charge was dropped as part of a plea agreement.  Oh Mary Ann, why?  Why I ask you? 

Here she is– but remember the way she used to be?  Before she was added to celebrity mug-shot row?

I mean, after all, for years I’ve answered the same juvenille, male-bonding, testosterone pumping, middle school question with an affirmative “Mary Ann obviously.”  You know the question…

 Ginger was supposed to be the hot, sexy movie star–but most guys agree-Mary Ann was really hotter.

So what has the world come to?  Is Armageddon right around the corner?  Do I have no childhood “heroes” left?  Will I turn on the radio tomorrow to hear that Linda Carter had enhancement surgery?


Or that Bo and Luke Duke are gay?

Or that Kristi McNichol is no longer foxy?

Or is Mary Ann’s reckless behavior another symptom of a society that, along with the cult-like following of a man who stands for great verbs without any substance, and the lack of respect for the family, for integrity, for loyalty and for common decency shown by our various political leaders, is slowly begging for socialist policies, begging for entitlements, begging for higher taxes and begging to kill conservatism?

Let’s hope that is not what is happening–or Lord help us all.

(this post brought to you by the “I hope McCain Chooses a Running Mate that Is Actually a REAL Conservative” foundation)


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8 Comments on “Mary Ann, Pot, and The End of The World!”

  1. kristiane Says:

    Maybe it’s just the mug shot angle or something, but Mary Ann still looks great for 69.

  2. mklasing Says:

    She does-no doubt– I hope I look that good at 69, oh wait, I’m 39 and already don’t look that good–crap!

  3. Jamelle Says:

    You know what’s ironic?

    Bemoaning the “cult-like admiration” of Obama while, in the same post, building a shrine to Ronald Reagan.

    Just sayin’.

  4. mklasing Says:

    What is ironic is that a love for the man who was Ronald Reagan could be compared to the ghost-like stares of faith Obama receives. Why is that? Because I could write a book on the ideas, policies, accomplishments and leadership skills of Ronald Reagan–and JFK and many other Presidents–but I could barely fill a page with any accomplishment of Obama or any concrete idea he has.

    If you ask people that are voting for him–all they can say is that he represents Hope and Change and Hope for Change and a better future–but NO ONE can tell me what he has ever accomplished or specific things he would do to CHANGE this country. Frankly–following a person without substance–that is “cult-like” Remembering a great conservative and using him as the example for conservative policies and ideals–that is just simply appreciating a great man.

  5. Jamelle Says:

    Wow, Murphy Klasing. I would like to say that I’m surprised by a concern-trolling conservative explaining how he’s just dismayed over Obama’s “lack of accomplishment,” but you know, then I would be lying.

    I’m not going to rant about the man’s accomplishments, but I will say this: he’s written two very well-received books (which detail his policy and personal beliefs), he was a community organizer, constitutional law teacher at University of Chicago, exceptional state legislator for eight years, and pretty good Senator for a few years.

    It would take a quick Google search a fifteen minutes of reading to “fill a page” with any of Obama’s accomplishments or ideas.

    So, here’s a suggestion. Instead of pretending like you dislike Obama because of some phony excuse about substance, try being honest with yourself for a change (regardless of what your reasons are).

  6. mklasing Says:


    I appreciate your arrogant belief that I am not being “honest with myself.” I think that the fact that “community organizer” is one of the items you chose to list as something that would qualify Obama is President is telling about your inability to articulate a concrete reason why he should be President–and it is sad.

    My site couldn’t be more raw about the way I feel and who I am–but thank you for your concern that maybe I’m hiding my inner self.

    Here are some “real” reasons why I dislike Obama–and believe me–I am being SOOOO honest with myself:

    1. He supports partial ban abortion-and voted against the legislation banning it. (where are those hard-core Christian values?–hmmmm…)

    2. He voted to provide $100million in financial assistance to family planning centers such as Planned Parenthood (which last I checked is not a government organization)

    3. He voted to raise taxes on capital gains dividends. (thereby taking away another incentive to actually invest money in a way to make more–which in the end hurts the economy–which hurts the poor the most)

    4. He voted against the constitution marriage amendment. (‘nuf said)

    5. He voted against a bill to use only dead embryos for embryonic stem cell research but voted for a bill to use aborted embryos for the same purpose. (again–rather kill a live baby than conduct research on a dead one).

    6. He voted against a bill that would provide lawsuit immunity from telecommunications providers who turn over information to the government regarding possible terrorist activity. (Thereby taking any incentive away from telecom companies to assist in the war on terror–which keeps us from monitoring possible terorist activity–which hurts the war effort–which makes Bush look bad—so he can talk about how bad Bush is—nice plan)

    7. He voted against making English our National language. (por que?)

    8. He voted to decrease the budget on National Defense during a time of war. (Maybe he wants another 9/11?)

    9. He voted against a bill that would make it illegal to transport a pregnant minor across state lines to obtain an abortion. (thereby encouraging teens to not inform their parents as some states require)

    10. He voted against a bill that would not allow immigrants to obtain legal status if they had been convicted of a crime. (bring me your poor, your tired, your hungry, your criminally minded…)

    I could go on and on and on and on…. But then, I’m really not being “honest” with myself.

  7. Jess Says:

    1. Now you’ve just gone and denegrated the beliefs of Christians…and you’ve successfully stereotyped and generalized an entire religion. Just because a person ascribes to a certain religion does NOT mean that they, in fact, must ascribe to EVERYTHING that religion says. If that were the case, a Catholic could never have an abortion, get married outside of the church, support gay rights, raise a family out of wedlock, or even believe that maybe the Bible is a bunch of made up stories and parables to get people to behave morally…

    2. Centers for family planning, contraception administration, abortion services, etc were previously funded in part by the government. Many young teens obtain condoms and other methods of birth control at centers like these world wide. If these organizations are not receiving donations from private sources, where do you think they should get their money from? Or would you rather have teenagers running around this country knocked up and sporting the newst fad…STDs.

    3. The government, no matter who our president happens to be, will always be raising taxes somewhere or another. Personally, I’d rather see taxes raised on capital and know where that money is going, than to see taxes raised on everything to support a war a jackass of a president started and couldn’t finish. Nothing against our troops, I love and support our soldiers. Just can’t stand the fact that someone would put their lives at stake when the imminent danger has passed.

    4. Too bad Obama voted for gay marriage within certain boundaries. He granted that, within a church, that organization still has the right to deny the sacrament of marriage to anyone they wish (gay or straight). However, there will always be a church somewhere that will accept the LGBTQ community for who they are, and will allow them to get married. Not everyone is close-minded and ignorant…

    5. Key word to the first bill being “only.” Yes, he voted against the first bill because the stipulation was that ONLY dead babies could be used for research. He wanted to allow for the fact that aborted fetuses could be research material as well. He was well within his rights.

    6. No matter how information is obtained, if you do it illegally, you should have to bear the consequences. If telecom companies had the right to electronically snoop and tap wires, we’d all be screwed. Thanks, but I don’t want people listening to my cnoversations…

    7. Because America is a melting pot. Of the native English speakers of our country, many of them (thanks to our education system) are bi-lingual. I, in fact, am tri-lingual, and working on a fourth. I would be LIVID if English became our national language. Guess what – white men are the immigrants here. If anything should becomes our national language, make it a universal Native American language – they deserve our respect more than anyone else!

    8. Perhaps because he wants to end the war? 100% behind him on that one…

    9. If you knew what kinds of situations many of these teens are in, maybe you would object to that. Hmm, I wonder… Should I get a friend to take me across state lines for the weekend so I can have an abortion? Or should I tell daddy, who would kick the crap out of me, disown me, kill the boy who got me pregnant… Yeah, go figure. I’d want to cross state lines too…

    10. Not necessarily criminally minded… That bill contained measures to not allow immigrants who have been in traffic accidents, speeding tickets, dui/dwi, and many other types of crimes that are not violent, aggressive, and directed at a certain group of people.

    So, you know what, in response to your response, I say:

  8. mklasing Says:

    Jess: Wow, there is a lot to respond to–so let me try and sift through it.

    1. You are right, a person can be arrogant enough to believe that instead of God’s Word being the authority, that person can simply pick and chose the parts of the religion that best fit their selfish view of the world and create their own religion. It is called Unitarianism. Simply put–saying that Christians believe that abortion is wrong is not a stereotype–read Psalm 139. It is a core belief. If a self-proclaimed Christian thinks abortion is okay–they that person has eseentially told God that His veiw is wrong.–Wow! The Bible is either the Word of God or it isn’t–there is no inbetween.

    2. Unlike you, I have not given up on our youth and bought into the “they are going to do it anyway” attitiude. I am not an enabler and I do not support the Government funding organizations that at their core make money on killing unborn children. In other words, I am against domestic terrorism.

    3. Bush bashing, thankfully, will soon come to an end and Obama will have to answer for his actions. In the meantime–I appreciate that you, in your arrogant state do not personally support overthrowing a dictator who brutally murdered over a million of his own people. I suppose you would have been against our involvement against Hitler for the same reasons–Germany never attacked us. Be that as it may–raising taxes on investment income discourages investment–which I think would be great at a time when our markets and many of our major industries are failing. Let’s encourage the investors to pull all of their money and let the market collapse–brilliant idea.

    4. Close-minded and ignorant? That is what I am because I disagree with your lack of a moral compass? So be it then. If “ignorance” preserves the sanctity of marriage in our country and keeps elementary schools from teaching my children that it is okay to have 2 daddies, then call me ignorant. You might want to check your history on societies that promoted and allowed gay unions–they didn’t fair so well.

    5. You bet he was within his rights. And you must be naive or not care that a bill that would allow research on aborted fetuses creates a demand—for what you ask—aborted fetuses–which of course dovetails into more financial support to the abortion industry. Sorry, I value human life more than “choice.” But that’s just me.

    6. You may want to read up on this subject before you comment. The bill would have allowed the government to legally obtain information from telecom companies–it further provided lawsuit immunity from nuts like yourself who would try and cash in on a lawsuit against AT&T for providing the information legally obtained by the government. Seriously….

    7. Have you studied history at all? Even European societies have national languages–why? because a society without one become chaotic. This is not about rights–it is about allowing our Country to move forward and progress. If you hate it here so much, please do us a favor and check out Italy or France.

    8. Again–read the bill–this was a bill that funded our National Defense–not the war, but to strengthen our defense at home. But I suppose you think that if we disband our armed forces the rest of the world will be so happy and appreciative and maybe they will finally like us. If that happens, forget about #7–you will be speaking Chinese or Russian.

    9. Your assumption that every Daddy would kick the crap out of you is ridiculous. But then you are obviously an anarchist–if the law doesn’t suit you, you would rather find a way around it than follow it. Nice. The parental notification laws have an out–if a child really believes that her father will beat her and kill her “boyfriend” then there is an private court proceeding that the child can go to for an exception–and guess what , you are in luck–Planned Parenthood has a whole pamphlet on how this works so each baby-killing mommy can utilize that system if necessary.

    10. yes–you are right–good for the bill. I don’t want drunk driving illegal non-insurance holding immigrants killing people on the highway. But alas, as we have seen above–your regard for the law is lacking at best.

    I’m glad you have supported Obama–good luck. I surely pray that he is the best President we have ever had. But check back in 4 years and see if you are ready to vote for him again. Time will tell.

    Now, do us all a favor and take your hate somewhere else.

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