Governor Spitzer-Is Our Society Over Sexed?

So the news sites and blogs are full of stories about the NY Governor who apparently not only recently hired a prostitute but has done so quite often.  We have had other “sex” scandals here in Houston with the D.A.’s office, then there is Senator Craig and on and on and I wonder–as a society have we become so obsessed with sex and sensuality that people are just losing their minds?  Or–are we just hearing about the high-profile situations?

 I look at magazine covers in the store and they are covered with articles about sex.

So—are we over-sexed?…”Va-jay-jay???”  Seriously.

I can’t believe it–I know we are better than that–we as a society are not obsessed with sex–we have self-control, we are above such raw animal instincts–we are human after all.  So to test my theory that this is nothing but hype, I decided to go on Google images and search some harmless words to prove that not EVERYTHING leads to thoughts about sex.  Here are the words I searched and the photos I discovered–you will see that I am right about this:

1.  Squirrel


2.  Apple Pie

3.  Watermelon

4. Pencil Sharpener

5. Motorcycle

Motorcycle cool wallpapers

 6. Burger King

7.  Horse

 Okay, enough, I stand corrected.  Everyone needs to immediately check into a sex addict clinic.  Now get moving.

-Murphy Political Blogger Alliance

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6 Comments on “Governor Spitzer-Is Our Society Over Sexed?”

  1. Yeah well…interesting points…all of them quite salient, Murph.

    That said, I heard all the hookers in NYC are voting Republican these year…something Spritzer and the Democrats leaving a bad taste in their mouths.

    Tra la,

  2. mklasing Says:

    My question is, what are you doing up so early/late?

    -As for the hookers–at least we will get their vote, that way the Democrat nominee for President should only win by 2,451,000 votes instead of 3,000,000 votes.

  3. Insomnia, Murph….horrible, nasty insomnia


  4. mklasing Says:

    Terrible–hate that. To cheer up–I did the post before this one just for you. 😉

  5. ChenZhen Says:

    I did a search for “cabbage”. That was perfectly sex-free.

    Hope is not lost.

  6. mklasing Says:

    Thank God! ChenZhen you have restored my faith in society. 🙂

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