Hillary Clinton Brought Peace to Ireland–And Invented Post-Its.

 As you may have already heard, last Wednesday on CNN, Hillary Clinton proclaimed that she “helped bring peace to Northern Ireland.”  The First Minister of Ireland, Lord Trimble of Linsagarvey said that her claim was a “wee bit silly.”

I love that the Irish say “wee bit.”  I don’t know why, but I LOVE IT!

Anyway, just because, in this one isolated instance, she may have exaggerated her role doesn’t mean she hasn’t accomplished numerous other things.  I just thought, as the election continues that you ought to know about the rest that Hillary has done.  She hasn’t admitted all of these yet, but she will, in due time, maybe in a “wee bit.” 

 Other things Hillary Has Accomplished:

1.  She Introduced Nancy Reagan to Her Now Secret Love-Mr. T.

Say what you want about her, but that Hillary is certainly a matchmaker–and anyway she likes Nancy–it was just her husband that she would like to dig up and slap.

2.  She Started the “White-Man Slave Camp” at the White House

Here you see a staff member during the Clinton Presidency that worked for Hillary.  To show her sensitivity to the horrors of slavery inflicted by the white man–she required all staffers to enter through this door.  She is so sensitive!

3. She Knows How To Entertain a Terrorist

Following this photo, Ms. Clinton put on some finger symbols and began to dance and shake.  It was amazing!

4.  During Her Campagin She Revolutionized Immigration Reform

Amazingly, the number of arrests have been reduced by half–but only among the Chinese and suburban white families.

5. She Single-Handedly Made Sure that The Trade Center Towers Fell Straight Down and not On Top Of Other Buildings

Probably her greatest accomplishment to date–Hillary, while in New York on 9/11 went to Ground Zero and using nothing more than her cosmic energy and a raised palm, made sure the towers did not topple.  I hate to “out” her on this one because I know she is saving it–but I just feel the world needs to know now.  How can you possibly make a wise election decision without all the facts?  You can’t.

She is Hillary, she is woman, she is something.

-Murphy  (This post is dedicated to Laurie Kendrick–because I know how much Hillary means to you)

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3 Comments on “Hillary Clinton Brought Peace to Ireland–And Invented Post-Its.”

  1. ChenZhen Says:

    Yea, you can’t play Hannity’s “Name an Accomplishment” game with Hillary!

  2. mklasing Says:

    Good point–She has done so much–I can’t really say what exactly–but I’m sure it was great. 😉

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