Obama’s Mystique Not Dead Yet!

Tonight I found myself living through a voluntary nightmare.  You know, like when you eat a health bar because its good for you.  Normally in life you would never consider sticking something in your mouth that tasted like a cross between gravel and rodent droppings, but you do it because its “healthy.”  Or when you sit through a 4 hour dance recital because your daughter has a 5 minute part in the dance that is demonically scheduled 2nd to last on the program.  (I digress)

 Yes, tonight I found myself cheering on (I can barely even type it)-Hillary Clinton!

She kind of looks like my fourth grade teacher here–Sister Theresa–yeesh!

I know, I may have to change the name of this blog now-dadgumit. 

But I must confess, after studying the “platforms” of both democrats, I am much more fearful of a Barack Hussein Obama Presidency than a Hillary Clinton Co-Presidency.  At least with Hillary there will be scandals to keep Congress occupied and then maybe they won’t have time to raise our taxes.

But, the “magic” is not over–Barack stated a few minutes ago that he would still have the same number of delegates more than Hillary regardless of the outcome of Texas.  (sounds like fuzzy math to me)

So, I continue to be worried–not enough to do something crazy like vote in the Democrate primary just to vote against him–no, no.  I tried to walk into the Democratic side of the primary and my skin began to melt so I quickly retreated.  But we must all worry–Barack-who has no experience, no real knowledge of foreign policy and no muscles (literally) has some really far out ideas.  Well, he really isn’t that liberal, I mean after all he only has the following stands on issues:

1.  He voted against a ban on partial birth abortions–so he is okay with killing babies–seems progressive.

2. He voted “NO” on forcing minors to inform parents before obtaining out-of-state abortions.–I mean really, 15 year old pregnant girls are very discerning–they don’t need any guidance.

3. He wants to regulate financial instruments to protect home mortgages.  After all when someone buys a home they can’t afford-they shouldn’t have to lose it to foreclosure–the rich can bail them out because they already have a big house.

4. He equates the gay rights movement to the civil rights movement.  “I have a dream, where people are not judged by the color of their skin or the gender of their sexual partner….”

5.  He smoked and inhaled in high school and college.  That experience only enhances his magic power.

6. Katrina Contracts should go to locals, not Halliburton.  That’s right-because New Orleans contractors are awesome–just look at the great job they did building that levy.

7. We must Reduce Obesity.  Well that’s easy for him to say–he weighs like 80 lbs.

8.  Minorities need more health care coverage.  Because they get sicker?  What the Crud is he talking about here? 

9.  Tax cuts for the rich do not create jobs.  Maybe not–but overtaxing them does cause layoffs–but then he wouldn’t know about that–because he IS rich.

If you would like to see a full list of his beliefs–check it out at http://www.ontheissues.org/senate/Barack_Obama.htm

As of now–this site is officially a full blooded, hard working, no nonsense-McCain for President site–he is the best democrat running.


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7 Comments on “Obama’s Mystique Not Dead Yet!”

  1. MK,

    I’m just the opposite. I couldn’t cheer for Hellary if I wanted. I find that when it comes to Dummiecrats, I can ONLY back Obama and even that makes me nauseated…I dislike her THAT much.

    But, now that the primary is over and the votes are counted, it looks as though she clenched Texas…like two really big butt cheeks,

    Good lord, November is going to be hell on Earth for Conservatives.



  2. mklasing Says:

    I know, I know–it has been hard for me–I really dislike them both. I’ve been trying to figure who could most easily be beat by McCain and I fall on the side of thinking that Hillary is more beatable. There seems to be this cult-like attraction to Obama–plus, if you can believe it, he is actually MORE liberal than she is. But I’m with you–I detest her as well. It was so horrible last night trying to decide what to do–it was like watching an OU / Texas A&M football game–I want them both to lose.

  3. Gwen Says:

    “I mean really, 15 year old pregnant girls are very discerning–they don’t need any guidance.”

    Ha, ha, ha! Right? I can’t believe Democrats think teen girls are mature enough to make these decisions!

    I mean, they’re just stupid kids, right? So why *shouldn’t* we force them to give birth and raise more stupid kids, right?

  4. mklasing Says:

    Not stupid–just not discerning–there is a difference. And you are right, how dare we burden children that get pregnant to raise or–here’s an idea–give up a child for adoption. I mean it’s just a baby–it’ll never know it was killed. Convenience over life–a sad reality of this world.

  5. pistolpete Says:

    My only thought (and I only have 1 thought when it comes to politics) is that Obama is right now riding the wave of his own cult of personality. As for his political positions, I think they’ll be principally formed by popular consent. Let’s just hope Americans aren’t as dumb as they seem.

  6. mklasing Says:

    Let’s hope and Pray Pete, hope and pray.

  7. Edward Uncle SamsSon DeFeller Says:


    Since the government of the people, by the people and for the people as abdicated by the apathy of those who do not vote and the ignorance of those who do vote, to a government of the bureaucracy, by bureaucracy and for the bureaucracy, after these Bail-out/by-outs who is going to Bail-out the taxpayer or has the taxpayer all ready been bought out and sold?

    How far have you come towards having your years supply on hand or do you mistakenly feel you still have more time.

    Just questions to make you think, this how ever is no joke

    Have you checked out — http://providentliving.org/

    Ed Uncle SamsSon DeFeller

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