Another Shameful Presentation of Obama Dressed Similar to a Muslim


I’m just trying to do my part in the vast right wing conspiracy.  Oh wait, it was Hillary’s camp that circulated this photo.  Hmmmmm…is it possible that she is actually a conservative?

Let me look outside and see…


Nope–the picture above was what I was looking for but all I saw was a never-ending stretch of doom on the horizon with clouds that spelled “Obama ’08.”


 P.S. check out this idea about the picture–He could be on to something.

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4 Comments on “Another Shameful Presentation of Obama Dressed Similar to a Muslim”

  1. jposty Says:

    I don’t understand all the Obama bashing… Hillary’s politics and proposed policy ‘changes’ are equally as horrifying as Obama’s.


  2. mklasing Says:

    Jposty: You are correct–but he is the front-runner at the moment so he gets the brunt of it. The reality is that he is vastly more liberal than she is regarding his “ideas” about government programs and spending–but both are horrifying. I’ll start giving equal time to her if she recovers on March 4. 😉

  3. yojoe Says:

    Hillary part of the VRWC, it could be. Tonight should be interesting.


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