Why I May Have to Stop Supporting The Texas Longhorns

As some of you may know, I’m a HUGE UT Longhorn fan.  I’ve had season tickets to the football games every years since 1990.  I’ve been too the Cotton Bowl to see them play and I’ve been to 2 Big 12 Championship games.  But this morning, I threw up in my mouth a lot when I saw this:


I’m sorry Mack but I am not supporting a team with that guy as a player.  And I can only hope that Colt McCoy is laughing at how stupid this whole spectacle is.  But wait there’s more–here is Obama doing his OJ impersonation:


Okay, that wasn’t fair, OJ wasn’t the only guy to win the Heisman–but seriously–he looks a bit, um, ridiculous.  When I see stuff like this I have to continually remind myself of the lesson I learned a few weeks ago: “IN A CIVILIZED SOCIETY, ONE CANNOT SEND A SEVERED COW’S HEAD TO ANYBODY.”

If he wanted to hold something realistic that truly supports who he is as a person and his way of thinking, he should have been holding up this:




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13 Comments on “Why I May Have to Stop Supporting The Texas Longhorns”

  1. pistolpete Says:

    I want to extend to you my condolences over having your favorite team fall prey to partisan politics. You’ve got to hand it to Obama, though. He knows how to get just the right photo ops. Texas football? Next thing you know he’ll be photographed wearing an Indiana University basketball jersey. Hey – maybe if he’s elected President he can get the NCAA off our backs.

  2. mklasing Says:

    Thank you, I am in a state of mourning as you might expect. But don’t worry, I’m sure Obama will pledge 10billion (that seems to be his number) per year to help keep the NCAA off the backs of any team that has been oppressed by the rich or something like that–(weeping)-sorry I just can’t take it.

  3. mklasing Says:

    If I see him at the rodeo during the Hannah Montana concert I will have to wrap my head in duct tape to keep it from exploding.–but he will likely be there singing “Its the Best of Both Worlds” referring to his parents. Okay-that was tacky and over the top–sorry, but not really.

  4. I’d like for Obama to receive an authentic Longhorn salute with an actual, you know, Longhorn. Nothing damaging. Just a freindly graze to send him running. Hopefully, running in the opposite direction from The White House.

  5. So, what does a person do when not one of the top 3 Presidential contenders is even palatable?

    There’s a very well respected lawyer on my Chronicle route.- I won’t mention his name because you probably know him- but he’s livin large in a million dollar home and he placed an Obama sign out in his yard yesterday. He will bear the brunt of the burden when Obama turns us into Taxation Nation and wants to tax the crap out of anyone making over 250,000 a year.

  6. Oh, and he doesn’t ever tip the Chronicle carrier, either. After 5 years of nothingness or even a wave to say thanks when he stands outside for the paper every morning, I now throw it in the middle of his yard and away from the convenience of the sidewalk or driveway.

    I’m a slave to my passive/aggressive tendencies! And his daughter was mean to my daughter when they were classmates. So there!

  7. StupidAssesTooStupidToResearch Says:

    Hey Stupid,
    For you info, Mack Brown invited ALL Presidential candidates to the campus for a tour..Repub and Demo. Barack was the only one that was able to come by. While Sally (Mack’s wife) might have supported Obama this election, Mack is a Repub. He’s given his reasons for inviting them..do a little research and educate yourself. Dumbass.

  8. mklasing Says:

    Hey Stupid: (I’m just referring to your chosen screen name)–Do you feel better now? Does coming onto a blog that you clearly don’t get and calling me names and cursing–does that make you strong and tough? I hope so–I hope you got something for it. Obviously I’m a huge Texas fan–this was a hit at Obama and my disgust for him–not the Horns. (see recent posts). But I really really appreciate you coming in and showing us all how brilliant you are. Really. It is suprising to see such wit and intelligence from a 15 year old. Please stop by again soon.

    -Love, Dumbass

  9. Mark Says:

    Threw up in your mouth. LOL!
    If you decide to get rid of your tickets, please let me know 🙂
    I moved to Austin in 1990 and just GOT A JOB WITH UT!
    I think Colt is actually thinking something about our defense and the position of Obama’s head, relative to the rest of his body.

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  11. Joseph Garza Says:

    Wow, I can’t wait until our state turns blue and troglodytes like you fall to history’s wayside. Much like your jim crow troglodyte ancestors.
    Let the re conquest begin!

    Proud Patriot

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