Some Republicans Vote For Nothing-WHY?


 Well Super Tuesday has come and gone and as I reviewed the votes State by State as posted on, I began to see an alarming fact.  It would appear that 95,114 people across our Great Country cast their vote for Fred Thompson.  Yes, this is the same Fred Thompson who announced on January 22 that he was no longer running for President.  Now, maybe some of these votes were absentee ballots–maybe.  But clearly many of them were simply people taking time away from work and family to drive to a polling station, park, make the effort to walk up to the church/school/community center; check in and then cast a vote for someone who has officially announced he is NOT running for President.

 95,114!!!  To put it in perspective, that is almost exactly the number of people living in Fairfield, California.  It is 23,000 more than live in Wilmington, Delaware. It is only 2,000 less than the number of people living in Gary, Indiana.

 What is wrong with these people?  I know, they are “taking a stand”, “proving a point”, “making their voices heard”  Right?  In the meantime those votes did not go to support an actual viable candidate and therefore were completely wasted.  But hey, at least they made their point and took a stand.

 In America, we are good at doing that–its right up there with Apple Pie and Red, White and Blue, and Chevy–its called pig-headedness.

Here are some other examples of such behavior:

1.  Trying To Make Yourself Look Like You Did in the 70’s


Wow, this image makes me want to go out and rent the entire DVD collection of Charlies’ Angels…and burn it.

2. Remaking “okay” Movies from 20+ Years Ago with The Same Actors


Seriously–what is this?  I mean I know he is limited as an actor–but come on.  This is Rambo????

 I think not.

 3.  Lying Naked On a Glacier To Prove, um, to Prove, er, (what?) that It Isn’t Cold?


I’m sorry, I know I’ve shown this picture before–I just simply don’t get it.  Notice the one guy with a knee up–Nice “2 Percenter.”

4.  Protesting Something That No One Has Ever Heard Of

Okay, um, I don’t like cell phone bills either but I really don’t know what you are accomplishing by protesting a non-governmental entity.  Dude–buy your service from AT&T  and seriously think about hiring a fashion consultant.  Blue sport coat with too short sleeves, red T-shirt that is also too short and Tommy Jeans with a white waist band–there is so much wrong with this that my eyes are melting.

5. Wearing Clothing–Because you Can

Did someone play a trick on this guy and tell him that the shirt was actually a symbol of a Texas tumbleweed or is the new face of nazism?  If he made it out of that mall alive it is either because it was located in the panhandle of Idaho or he was filming an Indian version of The Producers

So to all of the people who voted for Fred Thompson yesterday I say–Good for you, way to go, you have shown that in America you can stand on your principles and continue to engage in activity that is either completely irrelevant or undeniably ridiculous.  Like this guy:


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6 Comments on “Some Republicans Vote For Nothing-WHY?”

  1. […] 94115 people voted for thompson yesterday-why? Isn’t it obvious? People are simply stubborn–see what I mean… Submitted: 1 minute ago Category: News Submitter: RssFeed Website: Report this link: Click here to report Comments: 0 […]

  2. kristiane Says:

    I love the environment as much as anybody and want to preserve it just the same. But, when people do stunts like the one you showed I think about the fuel used to transport all those bodies thousands of miles and wonder what was accomplished.

  3. pistolpete Says:

    In photo #3, I think they are simply waiting for global warming to take effect.

  4. Farrah? How dare you be audacious enough to NOT age gracefully and in the process, make me feel so…so…so not fresh.

    And Sly Stallone as “Rocky 38”? The only equipment HE’LL be punching will be his colostomy bag.

    With “Everlast” written on it.

    Don’t get me started…….Adrienne!!!!!


  5. mklasing Says:

    Farrah holds no candle to you LK. As for Sly–he seriously needs to consider a new profession–maybe sports commentating or commercial advertising. YEESH!

  6. mklasing Says:

    Kristiane: That is an EXCELLENT point! I may need you to start guest posting for me–I had not thought of that.

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