Obama Needs Women-Oprah Has Needs of Her Own–Its a Match!

Super Tuesday is heading our way–well not in Texas because we don’t vote tomorrow.  Texas is kind of left out because after tomorrow we will likely have only 2 candidates left in the race.   Realizing that her “people” have fallen away (much like the ancient Israelites did in the Old Testament), Oprah has decided to reign them in.  As you know, Oprah is in charge of thinking for millions of people across this nation.  Today she is calling upon the women of this land.  In much the same way Aquaman called on the sea creatures.

She is calling them to not be afraid to vote for…. prepare yourself for this…a MAN!  Oh the horror of it all.  Yes in a recent rant, er, statement:

Offering women a permission slip to desert the candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton in favor of Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey said Sunday they should not feel guilty if they preferred him over her.

“Being free means you get to think for yourself,” she said, “and you get to decide for yourself what to do.”

A few minutes later, her friend, Maria Shriver, the wife of California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, came on stage and announced her support for Obama.

Isn’t this great?  She tells women that part of being free is that you can think for yourself–then she TELLS them to vote for Obama.  Am I missing something here?  She goes on…

You know, after Iowa, there were some women who had the nerve to say to me, ‘How could you? How could you?'” she said, with mock indignation. “‘You’re a traitor to your gender.'”

The crowd booed.

“Yes, that’s how I feel,” she said, adding a little later, “I say, I am not a traitor. No, I’m not a traitor. I’m just following my own truth, and that truth has led me to Barack Obama.”

Ummmmm….So she is following “her own truth”  where have I heard that before…wait a minute, wait a minute–in my own post–I guess Oprah is a Scientologist now too.  

I have decided to dig deeper into this phenomenon.  Why is Oprah, the leader of all women, the mind-control expert herself so bent on getting women to vote for Obama?  So I went on a magical journey to California to see what is really going on….

When asked to hug the skinnier woman on the stage at a recent rally, this happened much to my surprise:

That can’t have sat to well with Ms. Obama…I tried to get closer to the situation…

I overheard her say to Obama that he must remember his promise, he absolutely must…and then this photo was taken…

See the distressed lookon his face–see the GRIP she has on Ms. Obama…I continued my quest for the truth…

It was in this next moment at the rally that Barack revealed the dirty truth about what he had promised the queen of talk…it was at this moment he told a small crowd of pre-paid supporters and plants what he was going to have to do.  He loved his wife, once, he said, but being President means sacrifice and to win he needs Oprah to mind numb all of the women so they will not vote for Hillary…so…

To a much distressed Ms. Obama and a determined and hungry Oprah–he revealed that if he wins, he will feed his wife to Oprah.  The crowd gasped and at that moment Oprah revealed her true identity for the first time in modern history…thank heavens I was there to capture a picture of her before she transformed back into her “normal” self. 

 She only revealed herself for a moment but I grabbed it…

Please send the childen out of the room….

you have been warned….

How sad–I suppose candidates will do anything to win.  But this made me think, what is worse–feeding your wife to Oprah, or pretending to be happily married to Bill.  That is a toughie.


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6 Comments on “Obama Needs Women-Oprah Has Needs of Her Own–Its a Match!”

  1. Nigel Says:

    I think it’s absolutely terrific that Oprah has freed the minds of women. Instead of being told who to vote for by their husbands, women can now be told who to vote for by Oprah!

    Viva Women’s Liberation!

  2. mklasing Says:

    Nigel: It really is so efficient if you think about it–I mean really, how many women listen to what their husbands tell them anyway? 😉

  3. […] Obama and oprah–the truth behind this unholy unionWhy is Oprah trying to convince all women to abandon Hillary–the reason might surprise you. Submitted: 3 minutes ago Category: Offbeat Submitter: RssFeed Website: mklasing.wordpress.com Report this link: Click here to report Comments: 0 […]

  4. pistolpete Says:

    I guess the only one Hilary could get to match Oprah’s endorsement is God’s, and I’m not holding my breath on that one.

  5. mklasing Says:

    Pistol: Please do not hold your breath–now if you are holding your breath to see if the positive energy of the world with all of its force and swirling colors will endorse Oprah–then you will be fine.

  6. will Says:

    If you want to see funny animated skits with Oprah And Obama Go to http://youtube.com/watch?v=W5Kboa7kSjU

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