A Vote For Obama Is a Vote For Transgender Bathrooms

 Now that McCain and Clinton have won the Florida primaries it is time to press forward and ask them about the real issues confronting real Americans.  The issues that we all grapple with daily.  Those quirky realities of our everyday lives that creep up and scare, humiliate, embarass, worry and befuddle us.  For example, my hat goes off to Gainesville, Florida for being at the forefront of just such an issue.  The issue you ask?  Well, frankly you shouldn’t have to ask–after all–this issue “transcends” all of us, it defines who we are as Americans and as a people.  It is the age-old question, dating back to Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night–“Where can a Transgender individual use the restroom? 

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What to do indeed if you are a person whose “inner sex” differs from your “outer sex.”  (Psychiatry comes to mind)  I mean if you don’t really know your gender–choosing a bathroom can be very stressful.  What to do, what to do…

  So what do the candidates have to say about such things?

First let’s check in with Hillbilly Clinton:

hillbilly.jpg  It would seem that the first set of co-Presidents might be very sensitive to this issue but wait, a recent column on a website called the “Transadvocate.com” had this to say:

Clinton demonstrated her knowledge of transgender issues with her own wording back in 2001 (during an HRC published interview) was “I have not been told that (transgender issues) is a concern by my gay and lesbian friends.” How would that statement have been taken if she said “I’m unaware of African American issues as no one from the Anti-Defamation League has approached me on this”?… Why would it never occur to the Senator to go to the community directly on what our issues were, or the difficulties on housing, employment, health care, etc?

We in the transgender community would easily be painted with the “screaming tranny, always complaining” stereotype should we decide to voice opinion on this. Instead, we held our tongue trying to contradict the stereotype.  Later Clinton was posed a question from New York trans activist Melissa Sklarz on transgender inclusion in ENDA (Employment Non Discrimination Act). Sen. Clinton replied by saying that she supported gender identity inclusion in principle, but that she misgivings about supporting a bill that would place transitioned transgenders in “positions of responsibility”. Improvement? Sure. But is she a solid supporter of transgender employment? No.

 Wow!  So Senator Clinton is not very sensitive about the problems facing the gender confused community.  That is such a shame since many of us in the gender-confident community are confused about hers.  But I digress into meanness which is certainly not called for–I apologize (but my inner apology is rescinded).

I am proud of the transgender community though–I am glad they didn’t voice their opinion because we really don’t need any more “screaming trannies” running around.

Well what about Obama?

  Much more sensitive—almost.  Here is what he was quoted as saying recently on this issue:

“The transgendered community has to be protected. I just don’t have any tolerance for that sort of intolerance. And I think we need to legislate aggressively to protect them.”

“Them?!?”  Seems awfully insensitive to refer to the gender confused as “them” or “those people.” He may as well be saying they should live on their own island or shop in their own dress stores.  But he is much more sensitive that Hillary so I suppose with the most obvious choice out of the race today…


Obama must be the pick for those who are gender confused.  By the way…just a thought…are there so many gender-confused people in society that this will have an impact?

Hard to say but apparently this problem of bathroom identity crisis has affected Gainseville enough that the city government had to make its move.

Hats off to Mayor Pegeen Hanrahan

 comm_ph.jpeg  I suppose she won’t mind if a gender confused male wanders into a girls bathroom where her 3 year old daughter is doing her business.  Of course she won’t because she is much more tolerant and sensitive than the homophobic, right-wing, archaic, conservative republicans who have demonized such activity (with the notable exception of one Idaho congressman) for centuries.  Maybe now the bathroom signs will look like this:

Americans, as you go to the polls in the upcoming weeks, remember that if you are gender confused, if your inner sex is having a raging battle with your outer sex (kind of like the guy in Silence of the Lambs), if you just don’t know whether you want to stand up or sit down, then vote for the candidate who understands your needs, who understands that “you people” need to not be burdened with a choice day in and day out of male vs. female bathrooms.  Vote for the man who knows restrooms better than any other–the man whose every word sounds as if it came right out of one–Barrack Obama.  And then maybe, just maybe we can do away with segregationist titles like male and female and just be people.  And further, we can just allow people to decide whether they are male or female without regard to silly things like anatomy.


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50 Comments on “A Vote For Obama Is a Vote For Transgender Bathrooms”

  1. Jay Gatsby Says:

    That last picture made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

  2. […] Murphy Klasing’s Conservative Blog added an interesting post on A Vote For Obama Is a Vote For Transgender BathroomsHere’s a small excerpt […]

  3. […] Murphy Klasing’s Conservative Blog added an interesting post on A Vote For Obama Is a Vote For Transgender BathroomsHere’s a small excerpt […]

  4. Kara Harkins Says:

    Hmmm …. the quote from Obama about tolerance just got me to vote for him, thanks!

  5. mklasing Says:

    Kara: I’m always glad to help–I’m just trying to be informative on all fronts. 😉 Thanks for stopping by–come back anytime.

  6. pistolpete Says:

    With apologies to your transgendered readers, I long for the good old days when sexual deviance/confusion was still classified as a psychotic (or at least neurotic) disorder.

  7. mklasing Says:

    Pete: I didn’t realize we weren’t still in those days… 😉

  8. MonicaHelms Says:

    It is so interesting to see the depths that some people will go to vilify those they don’t understand, or just out and out hate. It doesn’t matter that some transgender people have not only contributed to this great country, but actually invented some of the things that make life easier. I doesn’t matter that history has shown that transgender people have served in every war this country has been in, protecting your freedom to be a bigot. It doesn’t matter that transgender people are being murdered at a higher percentage of any minority, with the exception of African American men. No, that doesn’t matter. You have to come up with the standard scare tactics that have been used since the Regan years. Did you cut and paste your words from someone else?

    You started off by making a lame reference to Shakespeare. Well, I have a real quote from Hamlet that seems to fit this rather well, though I paraphrased it just for you. “Mr. Klasing dost protest too much, me thinks.” Sort of like Larry Craig, always vilifying gays to hide what he really is. Are you hiding something from your readers, Murphy? Me thinks. “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” (Also from Hamlet.)

  9. pistolpete Says:

    Unfortunately, our friends from the American Psychiatric Association have taken sex of all kinds out of their diagnostic book. No wait a minute…. bestiality may still be there… I think there’s divided opinion on that one.

  10. mklasing Says:

    Monica: I have no doubt that many transgender people have contributed to society although I didn’t see in your post the specifics on that. Nevertheless, although my posting may be a little too edgy (see I can admit it)–it is really meant to address the ridiculous nature of a government addressing the needs of a few to the detriment of the many. I certainly do not support hate towards anyone and more importantly do not support violence. I do, however, support the role of government to step OUT of the lives of individuals not further INTO them.

    As for your last paragraph–it is always funny to me how when someone is called out for a lifestyle that is deviant–the first gut reaction is to claim that the one doing the “calling out” is gay. I find it funny–but not surprising.

    As all people–you are welcome back to my site anytime. Thanks for the comment.

  11. MonicaHelms Says:

    Sadly, our government has already determined a segment of society as being part of a protected class. It is called Equal Opportunity Employment, and has a list of several “protected” minorities in this country based on various “traits.” During the struggles of other minorities, the bathroom issue was used back then, but to no avail.

    As an example, Truman dropped the segregation policy in the military, and the biggest issue was “unit cohesion” and the fact that whites didn’t want to shower with blacks. Sounds like the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell arguement. (Personally, the reason the white men objected was that they didn’t like the idea of looking too small.)

    The point being is that if several other minoritues are receiving “special rights,” wouldn’t it stand to reason that ALL Americans should receive rights that are equal to that? You want to draw a line, without any consideration on what other issues this affects. Besides, there are NO INCIDENTS where a transgender person was in the bathroom to oogle women. None, zero, zippo, nadda. However, there have been several cases where trqansgender women have been assulted in the restroom, or after coming out. Your fear has less credibility then UFOs and the Lock Ness Monster. But, leave it to a CCC (Card Carrying Conservative) to make up stories without verifying facts.

    Oh, and one of the transgender people who has made your life better is Lynn Conway. When she worked for IBM in the 1970s, she created the layered microchip that has help us in more ways than we can count. Google her name.

  12. pistolpete Says:

    Murphy, I’m beginning to appreciate Monica’s point. And, as a much-maligned minority figure myself, I want my own bathroom. Do you realize how difficult it is for a 40-year-old non-Jewish yet-circumcised pastor who has rapid cycling Bipolar with mixed moods to find a place where he can relieve himself? I demand my EEO right to a separate (yet equal) place to pee with my own kind.

  13. mklasing Says:

    I’m sorry but “transgender” individuals may be in the minority–but they are not a minority. Nor are they a protected class–you might want to research the law on that. Neither should people be in a protected class based on the gender of the person they are having sex with. Sexual preference is not a “class” of people it is a group of people who chose to have one lifestyle over another (whether born that way or not–leave that debate for another day).

    So all people should have equal rights–allowing individuals who cannot decide their own gender extra rights is ridiculous and against the very nature of equality. Comparing “white’s only” bathrooms to “male only” bathrooms is an insult to those who have worked so hard to gain race equality–and is not a fair comparisson at all. But nice try.

  14. mklasing Says:

    Pistol: I’m working on legislation right now to submit to our congress to give you just such a right. Plus–I want a Baptist-Irish-German only bathroom too and frankly I do not want to share my bathroom with anyone who isn’t also conservative, likes dark chocolate and is a big Billy Joel fan–so let me get started–the list of different types of bathrooms may take me a while. 😉

  15. Jay Gatsby Says:

    Regardless of anyone’s bathroom of choice, I think every one posting on this board would agree that people should not be assaulted while in the bathroom or while coming out of the bathroom. I dream of the day where we have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people that will have the guts to outlaw assault. Laws should be passed and legislation enforced prohbiting assault. Once government outlaws assault then assaults won’t happen anymore, right?

    Further, that mouth-breathing conservative who came up with “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” should be given a stern talking to about inclusion and human dignity. Who was that uber-conservative again? Or right, Bill Clinton. Pfftt, he is a champion of women and minority’s rights, so he doesn’t need a lecture. He was trying to remedy the official policy of the military to dishonorably discharge anyone for homosexuality. Let’s see what wacko conservative started that “official policy.” It started in 1942, so it was right wing hero Franklin D. Roosevelt. Wow, Clinton and Roosevelt, it is a veritable conservative consipiracy around here. Shame on you Klasing for associating with such card carrying conservatives.

  16. MonicaHelms Says:

    As much as you want to call this a “bathroom issue,” it is not. This is a discrimination issue. What Murphy failed to tell everyone (back to the lack of research) is that 37% of the American population already lives in jurisdictions that have non-discrimination laws that protect transgender people, some going back to the early 1980s. So much for your “not a protected class” diatribe. In those areas, there has never once been a person arrested for being in a women’s restroom and assulting – or even looking at – women. Seems that time has made Murphy’s article nothing more than a disguise for his fear of the unknown. And yes, trans people have been assulted in restrooms. Some ever murdered. But, closed minds don’t listen well to experts.

    Second of all, 1% of the population of the world are people who identify as being transgender in some way or another. That’s over 3 million Americans. Not too many cities in this country exceed that amount. Again, do your research.

    Third of all, “gender identity and gender expression” has nothing to do with sexual orientation. This has nothing to do on who they want to see lying next to them when they get up in the morning and everthing to do with who they see in the mirror when they get up in the morning. That’s why the transgender population emcompasses ALL six known sexual orientation. (Bet you can’t name them all.) Do your research.

    Fourth: “Mother Nature can think beyond binaries. Human Nature cannot.” Are you aware that the AMA recognizes 14 different chromosome patterns for sex. What are the other 12 suppose to be? Why, it’s their gender identity, or, what gender they present. Duh. And there are male-bodied individules with XX chromosomes and female-bodied individules that are who have XY. You plan on telling them they have to now use the other bathroom because of this? Research, folks.

    Fifth: Here’s the good one. Genitles. One in 1000 births have abiguous genetalia. Which bathroom are you going to force them to go in in you narrow-minded world? The doctors used to made an uneducated decision, screwing up the lives of thousands. Today, the American Pedeatrics Assoc. says to allow the child to grow to an age where they will decide what gender they are. Seems the APA has a more elightened about the diversity of human beings. But, hey! No research once again.

    It all boils down to people like Murphy creating lies and fear based on lack of information to justify his own fear. Or, the reality of God’s creations. Human Nature is more diverse than we will ever understand. To close your mind to that diversity is like flipping God the bird. Hate to see what happens to you at the Golden Gates.

    “I should have did my research, St. Peter, instead of having my mind stuck in the bathroom.”

  17. mklasing Says:

    Oh Monica–no worries–I am not afraid–truly. However, the issue is simpler than you make it out to be–here is the reality–if you have female body parts–use a female restroom. If you have male body parts-use a male restroom. What this new ordinace allows is for people with male body parts who, on the inside, believe they are a woman, to use the women’s restroom instead–or vice versa. That allows WAY to much lee-way on the part of the individual to decide which bathroom to go into. And I’m sorry, if I’m at the zoo with my children-I do not want my daughter going into a restroom only to see a person with male body parts using it–simple as that. Once again–the rights of a select few are expected to be able to trample all over the rights of everyone else.

    As for your 1% statistic–every article I read (and I read many looking for just such a number)-said there is NO WAY to quantify the number of transgender individuals in the US because no recognized study has been performed. But taking your word on the number–so what? The bathroom issue and others like it comes down to common sense.

    Notice, however, that not once have I attacked you personally nor have I screened your comments from this site. Pretty good for a hater don’t you think? Nevertheless, you have decided to call me a hater, close-minded, possibly transgendered myself, using scare tactics, a liar, narrow minded and fearful and a veiled judgment call that I will be going to hell. It is tempting to respond to all of this–but I suggest this instead…

    1. It is impossible to verify your claim that NO TRANSGENDER individuals have gone into a bathroom and oogled or assualted others.

    2. None of your statistics are source driven.

    3. Diversity does not mean that all people who are different get special treatment.

    4. It is not discrimination to force male-bodied people to use male restrooms and vice-versa.

    5. Not a single law you reference includes transgender individuals in a constitutionally protected class of individuals–unless, of course, you are including them in the “disabled” category. There may be laws that protect transgenders in some form or another–but the Federal Government has never issued such a law nor has one survived a constitutional challenge.

  18. Jay Gatsby Says:

    “And yes, trans people have been assulted in restrooms. Some ever murdered. But, closed minds don’t listen well to experts.”

    Are you the expert to which we should listen?

    Again, I think everyone would agree if the government passed more laws, no assaults or murders would be happening-not in the bathrooms or anywhere else. Laws solve everything, we should be able to legislate such things out of existence, shouldn’t we. It is the government’s fault.

    heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, polysexual or asexual.

    federal law does not prohibit discrimination against LGBT people.

  19. Jay Gatsby Says:

    Ahhh, premature posting. I hate when that happens. I was still trying to organize my post. Anyway, I meant to respond directly to Monica’s 5 points:
    1. Federal law does not prohibit discrimination abgainst LGBT people, as LGBT is not a protected class. While some percentage of America (10 states) and most Fortune 500 companies have laws prohibiting discrimination against LGBT people, there is no federal law, so Murphy’s comment on this is not lies or fear.
    2. Actually, only a small number of people are thought to be transgender — no reliable statistics are available. (From CNN) But, good guesstimate using the world population. For your number to be accurate, you have to assume an even distribution of that alleged 1% of the world’s population. There might be countries that have higher or lower numbers, so you can’t make that assumption.
    3. I can name them. heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, and asexual. I have internet access, so I must be an expert, too.
    4. So, based on your logic we need bathrooms for every chromosomal combination imaginable? Yeah, that seems doable. Do we have a bathroom attendant perform chromosomal tests before each person enters a bathroom to make sure that person is entering the right one?
    5. If it is not a bathroom issue as you claim, then why do you bring up people with “ambiguous genitalia?” What does the APA say about the bathroom choice as it applies to people with ambiguous genitalia—uh nothing. Also, that argument has no bearing on Murphy’s post discussing bathroom choice of people with non-ambiguous genitalia. Your comment only proves that you can set up a straw man, woman, person argument in an attempt to prove your point. Wow.

  20. Pathia Says:


    Do you have any idea what you’re asking me to do? It costs something around the range of $50,000 to have the ‘plumbing change’ as you or your readers might put it. I don’t think look particularly like a man, but I do have male genitals at the moment. The last time I took your ‘advice’ and used a men’s room I was assaulted and raped. The cops LAUGHED at me when I tried to get them to arrest the man that did it because I was just a scuffed up ‘dirty queen’.

    http://www.pathia.com/pathiaPAX.jpg – Just to put my money where my mouth is. I wouldn’t say I’m exceedingly attractive, but I don’t exactly look mannish either, but then I may be deluding myself. However, let me assure you if I step into a men’s room it’s not a safe place.

  21. mklasing Says:

    Pathia: so sorry to hear about your incident. I think it is horrible that anyone would do that to another human being no matter who they are. I would suggest, however, that a jurisdiction that would treat lawlessness in that manner is not the norm but I could be wrong about that.

    In any event, passing laws as a reaction to isolated incidents of violence is always dangerous. imagine if a law was passed to protect anyone who was assualted because of their uniqueness. For example, would we allow nudists to walk nude in a mall because of incidents of nude people in malls being assaulted? Would we allow odd religions the right to skin live animals as part of a ritual simply because they think it is okay? I could do this all day–the point is–although I have no doubt you are a genuine wonderful human being–allowing people to go into bathrooms regardless of sex in order to protect the sensitivity of a few people that are dealing with gender confusion issues opens the door to the entire world of nongenuine awful people to “claim” they are transgendered and then use that excuse to go into bathrooms of the opposite sex for illegal, immoral or evil purposes.

    This is what most people do not understand about the law–you cannot pass knee-jerk reactionary laws to solve isolated unique problems without sweeping a bunch of legitimate interests under the rug. People, such as yourself, are not being discriminated against because the idea of male-only and female-only bathrooms was not conceived with the idea of prejudicing transgender individuals. it was conceived with the idea of protecting the privacy interests of all individuals and to allow people to feel safe from sexual assualt in a bathroom from someone of the opposite sex. I’ll give you that such a situation is seemingly unfair to you personally—but fairness cannot be legislated to protect a select few while creating a world of unfairness to the masses.

    Don’t come back with a race argument because in a color-blind world–which is what we “should” have—race is an insignificant factor period. Besides, race is not a factor that deals with only a select few–nor does it have the potentional of allowing evil individuals an opportunity to use it for evil gains. It is simply a color of skin issue–which has no bearing on psychological and pathological individuals.

  22. Pathia Says:

    “I would suggest, however, that a jurisdiction that would treat lawlessness in that manner is not the norm but I could be wrong about that.”

    It is very much the norm for transsexuals. I have plenty of friends who have stories that sound almost exactly like my own. Out of the trans-identified people I know, roughly half have been assaulted, and the majority of that it was sexual assault. I also have had four friends murdered outright by hateful individuals, and again the police did nothing because they were homeless. Not worth time or effort. I think we managed to the stir the police’s action in maybe one incident, mainly because the individual was robbed, so there was more obvious evidence than a ‘scuffle’.

    A note, any ‘real’ transsexual individual will have been through at least 9months of therapy before going into the ‘wrong’ bathroom. Not only will they have had 9months of therapy but they will have a signed document by their mental health professional. You can’t just claim it randomly, there are a specific set of standardized procedures the mental health profession agrees on to weed out the perverts.

  23. mklasing Says:

    I understand your position-truly. But again–monitoring of this law is next to impossible. The world cannot have gender verification officers stationed at every public bathroom in the world. The way to solve the problems you mention is not to legislate around them–that never works. The way to deal with it is to enforce the laws on the books–prosecute those who assualt others-regardless of the reasons, prosecute those officers that purposely look the other way—that is the way to prevent such activity from occurring. If someone want to beat you up–they can still follow you into the women’s restroom to do it. But exposing children in a public restroom to members of the opposite sex dressed as members of their sex–is not appropriate and should not be tolerated.

    I’ll jump on any cause that exists to assist in enforcing laws against violence–no matter whether the target is liberal, conservative, white, black, brown, short, tall, skinny, fat, heterosexual, homosexual, male, female or transgendered. Despite what Monica thinks above.

    Thanks Pathia for your thoughtful comments and insight–I appreciate the dialogue.

  24. Pathis Says:

    What of the young boys that would see me? It’s okay to fear for only half of children apparently.
    I look sound and act like a woman. If I use the men’s room I will confuse and startle them much more than I would a young girl. More so really because there is no way to identify me as physically male unless you strip me. My driver’s id, my social security entry and my birth certificate all say female. There is no way for me to legally enter a mens room technically. You ask me to break the law confuse young boys and lead me to another potential rape.

  25. mklasing Says:

    Again-I sympathaize with your individualized particular situation–but you chose to dress and enhance your feminine appearance–that is your choice. If you make the choice to use a public restroom and demand that the world accept you going in dressed as a member of the opposite sex–then that is your choice. If a boy sees you dressed as a woman–then his parents will have to deal with that–if a little girl sees boy parts in a girls bathroom–you have a bigger problem. I’m not asking you to break the law–but you have to chose the way in which you conduct yourself in a public setting in this society–society should not have to bend to satisfy your individual desires and particular needs. And the government should have no role in that either.

    We will just have to agree to disagree–obviously.

  26. Michelle Says:

    I think you have a bigger problem to deal with if your child is peeking into the private stalls in a bathroom to see people’s genetalia. Outside of the private stall, when everyone has their clothes on, no one can see any gentalia. So there is no fear of your child seeing a transsexuals genetalia in the bathroom…unless she is peeking into the private stalls.

    As far as a choice goes, yes we had a choice to live transgender. Although for the very high majority that choice was transition or die. I prefer the living part. Again that comes down to research. Ask any gender specialist psychologist or psychiatrist.

  27. mklasing Says:

    Michelle: the real problem is identified in the video clip—such an ordinance opens the door for people that are not transgendered–but interested in sexual perversion and assault–to use such an ordinance as an excuse to enter the wrong bathroom. I can assure you as a former prosecutor–a lot of sexual assaults and exposures already occur in public bathrooms–this would just add to it.

    As for a child peeking—maybe you don’t have little kids–but sometimes little kids peek under doors because they are little–sometimes they see in large cracks and holes in bathroom doors–etc… The bigger issue is the one I stated above.

    I don’t know what you mean by “that choice was transition or die”–I’m unaware of any research that states that being having a gender identity crisis causes death-but I’m guessing I don’t understand your comment.

  28. Michelle Says:

    There is a large portion of people that face the crisis point that if they do not transition, they could no longer go on living. This is not a “confusion”, it is a serious condition that is not to be taken lightly. The only confusing part is the people who do not understand what gender dysphoria really is. You want real research supporting it, go to a transgender support group someday. There is very little research out there, and most of it is skewed because such a large majority of transgender, never admit it to anyone, or they have blended into society so well they dont want to get themselves labelled again by admitting it.

    As for sexual assaults in the bathroom, if someone is going to rape someone in the bathroom, it isnt to important of a law to break to be in the wrong bathroom. That is like a bank robber going to the corner and waiting for the light to turn green. If he doesnt respect the law enough to rob a bank or rape someone, they certainly dont care about a jaywalking charge as well.

    Yes little kids peek, but those are little kids, almost always with their parents. I would hope their parent would tell them that it is not nice to peek under. Then by 5 or 6 they would know better.

  29. mklasing Says:

    I’m sure it is a serious condition–one that needs serious medical, psychological and emotional assistance to deal with. But it does not need governmental interference as a method of solving the issue. Many people face crisis moments for various psychological reasons–we do not pass laws giving greater protection to people based on pyschological and emotional conditions that they need treatment for–it just doesn’t make sense to do so–it is a slippery slope that would be hard to climb back up.

    Again–I think we can agree to disagree on this–but I appreciate your comments and comments of everyone else–without dialogue like this none of us can “grow.” (and I really mean that–I am not being sarcastic)

  30. Michelle Says:

    I agree, we shouldnt need the laws. The transgender person should be able to just walk into any bathroom belonging to their gender identity (which does not change day to day) and be done with it. But there are too many people posting these types of blogs as you have. And when there are too many problems in one situation, then the government has to step in. I am sure there are many laws that have been enacted because a problem has become bigger over time. When cars were not common, I am sure they didnt have stop signs and crossing lights, until it became a bigger problem.

    The real issue that is facing America is not the problem with bathroom use. That is only one small facet of a much bigger problem, which is the discrimination against transgender people. Making it illegal to fire someone because of a medical condition, allowing them a place to live, allowing them to go to a hospital without fear that they will be turned away and not treated, all because of their gender dysphoria. Too many transsexuals do not have any of those rights and that is why the law was created. According to the Transgender Law Center in a 2006 survey, 57% of transsexuals have been discriminated against in employment and 60% earn less than $15,300./year or are unemployed. And it is not because transsexuals are incompetant workers. It is legal in the majority of the United States and Canada to fire an employee because they are transsexual. It is legal to deny them renting an apartment. Maribelle Reyes died on Aug 30/07 after being turned away from several medical treatment centers for being trangender. This is why the law was created. This bathroom issue is not the problem, but it is the one being highlited by people that either do not understand, or their religion says transsexuals are sinners and an abomination of God. This is actually the first time I have seen this bathroom issue posted by anyone other than a religious organization. And I have seen at least 100 of those. All exactly the same as this one.

  31. Pathia Says:

    What you are asking me to do is very distressing. I have already been assaulted and RAPED. Do you not understand that word? Given the increase of pedophilic female teachers, do you really think it would be better for me to enter a mens room? I live in a state were transsexuals have protection and have for years. There has yet to be a single incident you base your entire objection to in any one of the states that has similar laws. You are asking me to put myself in danger of being raped again every day just because some child may peek in a very private place and be upset.

    I have yet to find a child who has a problem with me being me. They see what they see. They haven’t learned to be bigotted and afraid of people for being different.

  32. mklasing Says:

    Pathia–I am not asking you to do anything. You continue to live your life however you want. If there is that much of a danger of being raped every day–use the restroom at home.

  33. Michelle Says:

    That is not always an option when you are work for 8 or more hours a day. What if you are on holidays, or away from your home for several hours. I really don’t see where the problem is. You go into a bathroom, close a private stall, do your business, pull your pants/skirt back up , then open the door to the private stall and go wash your hands. No one sees anything they shouldn’t. I personally have not heard this kind of ruckus about transgender people using the bathroom matching their gender identity before this last year or so, maybe even less. Transsexuals have been using their bathroom for centuries (way before gender reassignment surgey was available) and there hasn’t been any issues.

  34. Jay Gatsby Says:

    Michelle writes: “Transsexuals have been using their bathroom for centuries (way before gender reassignment surgey was available) and there hasn’t been any issues.” Exactly. So, if there wasn’t a problem before then, there was no need for Gainesville to pass a special law addressing a non-existent issue.

  35. Michelle Says:

    There shouldnt be a need for it, but more recently bathroom issues with transsexuals have jumped. A transsexual was fired from driving a bus recently in Utah because she wanted to use the female bathroom. Another group of people in Scottsdale were kicked out of a resteraunt because a transsexual used the womans bathroom. I am sure there have been others, but these are 2 recent ones. Agreed still no law should be needed, just education of the public. Incidentally, that resterant has since closed down and re-opened as a gay bar, same owner.

    Now if I remember correctly, you can correct me if I am wrong. Gainsville just recently passed laws that gave protection to trangender people in employment, housing, etc. But bowed to public pressure caused by outcries from religious and family groups to not allow them in the bathroom. They started this issue., This issue did not start from many people experiences of transsexuals doing improper things in public bathrooms, it started from religious and family groups trying to argue fight against transsexuals because we are an abomination to GOD in their eyes. It shouldn’t have been an issue like you said. So now they have introduced a law that would bring the original law back to where it should have been, just full protection from discrimination and harrassment.

    California religious and family groups did the same thing. They wrote articles in newspapers, advertised on tv, etc, not to allow these laws to pass. The religious and family groups there argued about the school teachings as well as the bathroom issue. Those groups have argued this point many times this past year all in retaliation to laws to protect transgender people from discrimination and harassment.

    And it is all way out of context. The discrimination and harrassment laws do not protect a man from going into the girls bathroom. It protects a person who feels their birth sex is not congruent with their gender identity. I would bet at least 95% of the transgender people would be wearing womens clothes when they used the woman’s bathroom (and vice versa). All the transgender people I know, out of respect for society, would use the mens if it was before they transitioned fully and were in mens clothes (and vice versa). There are no research and studies on this because, like you said, a recent issue. So I can only go by my experience with the transgender community, which being transgender myself, is quite extensive. Also previously there have been very few reports, if any, of men going into the womans bathroom to use it and leave. There have been several of sexual assault, ect. But those people are not transgender, and the law would not protect them. Any gender specialist would be able to testify to that. However from a legal standpoint, if there is enough eveidence to charge someone with rape, they probably wont even bother charging them with being in the wrong bathroom. So now the only thing they are doing by not enacting this law is against transgender people from using the bathroom, with as we have agreed has not been an issue for centuries, except to many of the religious groups.

    As a side note, the only people I have been discrimated and hated by are religious people, not all the religious people, but only religious people. Thats it, no one else. Not even all the rednecks that live around here have even blinked an eye. So much for love thy neighbor….lol.

  36. […] Democrat, but I … medviews – Last Updated – Thursday February 7  Request a Trackback A Vote For Obama Is a Vote For Transgender Bathrooms  Now that McCain and Clinton have won the Florida primaries it is time to press forward and ask […]

  37. floater Says:

    I didn’t read every single post, but this article is clearly lacking a very important point. Whatever your feelings about “confused” individuals, intersexed individuals are a normal part of our genetic society. Hermaphrodite is a term that comes to mind, although most people of that nature say “intersex” to describe themselves. People like this are neither one gender or another, or more one than another. Others have been altered at birth without consent, only to grow up the “wrong” gender. Tell me, if you have both a penis and vagina, or the remnants of one along with the other, which restroom do you choose? It would clearly depend on whether you feel more comfortable in one place than another. Who cares if some lady gets weirded out thinking there’s a manly-looking person in the restroom wearing women’s clothing? In my mind there are 2 options: either keep your curiosity to yourself or ask them what’s under the skirt. You just might be surprised at the possible answers. Gender is a sliding scale that encompasses both physical and MENTAL issues. If you clearly identify with one gender or another, good for you. Some are not so lucky.

  38. Jack Says:

    “Detriment of the many?” Honestly I think your ignorance and bigotry just made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

  39. mklasing Says:

    I know what you mean Jack–I felt the same way when I watched that news clip in the post. By the way, a “bigot” is one who is “utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.” I am not utterly intolerant–I’m happy for people to be whatever they want to be–but disagreeing with a law that opens the door for abuse by those who would love to sexually assault children and others–that I am utterly intolerant of–and frankly–this law is not meant for those who were born genetically handicapped–it is meant for those who, according to the AMA, have a psychological disorder. Sorry if I am not willing to cater to the needs of those individuals to the detriment of others.

  40. Xander Says:

    I’m a little surprised to see no one’s commented here with this yet, but…

    What if the third bathroom wouldn’t be male, female, or trans? Can’t it just be one gender-neutral stall? Then it’s open to anyone, and transpeople who don’t feel comfortable enough in a specifically gender-designated restroom can feel free to use a restroom without any label. After all, if it’s gender-neutral, then they don’t have to worry about “outing” themselves if they’re stealth, either… because it could be open to just males and females as well, and employees would be much more likely to immediately notice that something’s wrong if there’s only one stall and two people just walked into that bathroom.

    I think it’d be a lot safer for a transperson to have that option instead of having to enter into a restroom they’re unsure of “passing” in. After all, sometimes transpeople aren’t sure if others will take them to be male or female when transitioning.

    Also, I don’t think a one-stall gender-neutral bathroom should make cisgendered people (people whose mental gender and physical sex “match” up) feel uncomfortable by just being another option.

  41. mklasing Says:

    The problem Xander is that your solution makes sense. See the Government (whether Federal, State or Local Gainesville doesn’t want to hear about ideas that make sense.

    Now one actual problem is that mandating that private companies have a third bathroom to satisfy the needs of people in this area with this condition (which is discussed ad nauseum above)–seems ridiculous as well. Imagine the cost to private orgnanziations in office buildings and historical buildings having to reconstruct plumbing and office space to add another bathroom. Silly really.

  42. rp Says:

    your fundamentaistic BS is a joke, more so as the power of the people regain the country and wrestle it from the warmongers and hypocritcal religious liars you support. It will be so much fun to watch the old stupiud guard become marginalized and redundant, YOU AND YOUR KIND HAD YOUR CHANCE AND YOU *******UP, move over and let us fix it, Hopefully Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeild and there ilk will be tried as the liars they are, the criminals they support and the destruction they have wrought upon this world, the comparison to Hitler and his propaganda is more accurate than you can imagine.

  43. mklasing Says:

    RP: I’m guessing that you are a transgender individual. Call me crazy, but your comment sounds like it comes from bias, not reason. While you are having fun “watching the old supiud guard become marginalized and redundant” (whatever the heck that means), don’t forget to sign up early for your medical procedure and medication since the government will be controlling it, you will likely have to stand in line and also, have fun paying 50% taxes on your higher income as a punishment for your success and then continue to laugh it up as our country sinks into an economic nightmare as the US becomes the land of socialism instead of the land of the free.

    Let me know in 2 years of Obama if you are still laughing or if you have started crying with the rest of us.

  44. Bob Corker Says:

    In my opinion, transgenders are highly misguided people that pose a serious danger to society. The Bible would not be silent on this issue _ instead, it would demand that transgenders would be executed.

    Unfortunately, that would not bode well for our foreign policy _ the Eurocommies would attempt to compare us to Islamists, and the media would go right along with them. So, why don’t we pass laws forcing transgendered people to be treated in private institutions? I don’t want MY children exposed to those vile little beasts any more than I would want them exposed to a pedophile, a necrophile, or a committer of bestiality, and I’m sure you don’t either. Most Americans have also expressed fear of transgendered people _ another reason we need to lock them up.

    Unfortunately, the media has been incredibly pro-transsexual, and Americans are increasingly beginning to show support for this horrible lifestyle. We need to act NOW, and quickly.

    I feel that the first thing we need to do is to decrease soy in our society, since the report has shown that it makes people gay, thanks to excess estrogen. However, I think that combining soy and flouride leads to transsexuality, since mixing hormones with whatever they put in our flouride can’t be good for us.

    I eagerly await your opinions, Mr. Klasing. We need to get this issue out to the grassroots movement ASAP.

  45. Julia xxyy Says:

    So the obvious answer is to have an armed guard station at each and every restroom, where the entrants can show and “prove” what genitals they have before anyone enters. After all, if a transwoman with a “peepee” or a transman with a “woowoo” were ever to step into the wrong facility, all hell would surely break loose. The world just might end, so any precautions made to protect the delicate citizens of our fine nation from the horrors of peeing in a stall next to someone whom they might object to, by all means lets spare no expense.

    I am being satirical here, of course.

    But really, why all your snottiness in advancing ad nauseaum the old lie that all transpeople are child molestors? Because, by implication, THAT is what you are saying. On a similar note, I could say that since some child molestors are conservative Christsians, then conservative Christians should be barred from using public bathrooms. After all, being a conservative, and being a Christian, are both CHOICES, unlike a true transgendered individual.

    Conservative Christians should have no ” special government enforced” right to use public bathrooms.

  46. Elizabeth Says:

    I am transsexual. I am voting for Obama. Some of you need to show a little compassion with this subject. There is a very high percent of us that commit suicide because of the intolerance in this world. I didn’t. And I am here to fight ignorance and intolerance. And soon, we will have the same rights as everyone else, get used to it. We are people just the same.

    Oh, and btw, the bible is a good story, but should not be taken literally. Taken literally, it causes violence, ignorance and a lot of problems with coping with reality.
    Anyone who would like proof that the bible is a story, I recommend you watch this movie


    Life is more complicated than you think…


  47. mklasing Says:

    I’ve seen that movie-not surprising based on who is behind it. We can have Bibilcal debates all day–truth is, if you think it shouldn’t be taken literally–then it is nothing more than a good read of history and poetry and apparently metaphors and myths. Therefore, it is irrelevant–so any discussion we have about it will be impossible.

    I think it is funny though that people that disagree with the Bible justify their lifestyles and activities by declaring that it is irrelevant. Very convenient–for your sake you better be right.

  48. Steve Mason Says:

    This guy is an ignoramus. Dozens of states and hundreds of cities and counties have had protections for transgendered people for ages. About 40% of the U.S. population lives in a locale with these protections. Gainesville may be a recent addition, but is by no means the only one.

    Sex assaults against children often take place where you are NOT on guard. Witness the Catholic Church. You are SO stupid to make an issue of this. Crawl back into your hole.

    • mklasing Says:

      Thanks, ignoramus is a new one for my list of intelligent remarks made by my readers. Yea, you made the list. Good job telling me not to stereotype and then indicting the entire Catholic Church–hillarious.

  49. blygtherubbings Says:

    pistolpete probaly longs for the day when “them darkies knew their place in society”. Thank God the ignorant far right is dwindling

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