Hillary and Obama Race Feud-Can’t We All Just Get Along?

I am amused by the silly back and forth between the two leading Democratic candidates regarding race. Apparently, Hillary Clinton in a Fox News interview stated that Martin Luther King’s dream began with Lyndon Johnson’s Civil Rights Act of 1964. And somehow that has been interpreted to minimize MLK’s role in the civil rights movement by some in the Obama camp. Wha?

Don’t get me wrong-I’m no defender of Hillary Clinton-but come on. Apparently today both camps are seeking a truce on the matter.  Obama made the best comment of all though–he said he didn’t want the campaign “to degenerate into so much tit-for-tat, back and forth that we lose sight of why all of us are doing this.”  Now why is no one mad about the “tit for tat” comment?  Isn’t he really saying something nasty about women here?  ;0

The reality is that we have become so ridiculous as a society regarding political correctness.  We cannot say anything anymore without offending someone.  Everything is either racist, sexist, political, homophobic, etc….

Well frankly I cannot keep up so here are some suggestions for how to stay politically correct so that you can participate in the election process–I want to make sure that if you want to vote and be a democrat, that you know how to speak.

For men, when talking about women you need to understand the following phrases:

1.  A woman does not get PMS–she becomes “hormonally homicidal”

2. A woman is not a gossip–she is a “verbal terminator”

3. She is not a bad driver–she is “automotively challenged”

4. She does not shop to much—she is “overly susceptible to marketing ploys”

5. She has not gained weight–she is “a metabolic underachiever”

And for the women, when talking about men:

1. He does not have a beer gut–he “develops a Liquid Grain Storage Facility”

2. He does not hog the blankets–he is “thermally unappreciative”

3. He does not fart and belch–he is “gastronomically expressive”

4. He is not balding–he is “in follicle regression”

5. He is not a cradle robber–he “prefers generationally differential relationships”

The reality of political correctness is that it is completely fecally plenary (full of crap).

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8 Comments on “Hillary and Obama Race Feud-Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

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  2. simonelli Says:

    What has always puzzled me is: if men are from Mars and women are from Venus, who the hell’s from Uranus?

  3. mklasing Says:

    Simonelli–I was about to answer your question but my brain exploded with too many jokes/names so I’ll just leave it to the imagination. 😉

  4. simonelli Says:

    I think it’s best left as a rhetorical question, MK!

  5. Nigel Says:

    He is not balding–he is “in follicle regression”

    I am going to use dat one!

  6. mklasing Says:

    Nigel: I’m already using it–that picture of me is a few years old. I’ve been in follicle regression for a while. I’m also muscularly challenged in my back and knees. Further, I don’t have bad eyes–My eyes are gently used.

  7. pistolpete Says:

    I am offended by your term “follicle regression” This implies that those of us who are more “cranially exposed” are somehow inferior.

  8. mklasing Says:

    Pistol: I know this is not the most compassionate conservative thing to say–but dude, we are inferior. Women try and say it is no big deal, but then some 50 something grey fox with a full head of wavy hair walks by and you see all the pretty ladies stare and giggle. Kind of sick really. 🙂

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