So Much to Say–Too Busy to Say It-Welcome 2008!

WOW!  It seems like a million years since I last posted–first there were the holidays and then from 12/27 until the end of last week I was stuck in a nasty legal battle for a client out of town that went into the a.m. hours every night.  IF I have any readers left–thanks for coming back and I am ready to begin our 2008 year.

So much has happened.  First we had that one day a year that we hear anything about Iowa and then an equally irrelevant day about New Hampshire.  We learned that John McCain can always win at least 1 State and that crying apparently helps you rebound from a loss–if you are a woman.  We learned that you can have 2 losses in the NCAA and still win the National Football Championship and we learned once again that the biggest hassle of every new year is returning Christmas gifts and taking down the decorations.

After all of that–what is there to say?  We could talk about Sidney Blumenthal’s recent DWI arrest, or Wesley Snipes facing millions in taxes owed to the IRS, or OJ’s bail violation.  Maybe we could talk about the hogwash of Global Warming and how it can explain snow falling in Baghdad for the first time in my lifetime.

But how about this horrible incident involving an “Arkansas-Like” Marriage:

 Twins separated at birth have married each other without realizing they were brother and sister, it has been revealed.

The British couple’s marriage has now been annulled by the High Court after judges ruled the marriage had never validly existed.  The identities of the brother and sister and details of how they fell in love and married are being kept secret. Soon after they were born they were separated and adopted by different families.  Neither was told they had a twin and had no idea they were blood relatives until after their wedding.  Professor Lord Alton uncovered the case when a High Court judge told him of a hearing he had dealt with.

Imagine what kind of genetic disturbance such a union would form in their children?  Of course–I’m sure England was shocked by this news–such a thing has never happened before has it?

  Well–okay–but it has never happened in the good ‘ole USA has it?  I mean the thought of it–I just can’t think of any examples of such a situation here-can you?  Well…you be the judge:

  I’m sorry–this should have come with a warning label–but I don’t know Rosie’s parents but I think this is just a purposeful testosterone about this one:

  Well, I think Steve is simply keeping up this look for show biz.  But we are getting closer:

 a99_versace.jpg  Donnatella Versace–I thought I had found my example–but then I realized that actually this is just a slimmed down version of Jack Nicholson without the white makeup:

jacknicholsonjokergossip.jpg  so do we have such an example–someone so clearly genetically disturbed that their lack of genetic mixture has left him/her a bumbling idiot with no capacity for original thought and a slightly less human appearance?  Anyone…

Ahh–I knew I could find one somewhere.  My crack investigative team has found this exclusive photo–a before and after makeup shot never seen before:

  That explains quite a bit.

 Okay-I know I went for cheap humor, but I’m still tired.  Hope all is well with everyone–I’ll be back on full time next week.


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13 Comments on “So Much to Say–Too Busy to Say It-Welcome 2008!”

  1. I have wondered to my own self, “Now where he at? He don’t call….he don’t write or nuthin’!!

    I figured you were busy as heck. I’ve missed you.

    Happy New Year, Counselor.


  2. mklasing Says:

    You too–I’m trying to catch up on all your posts-they are awesome as usual. That lunch thing is still hanging ya know–week after next? Email me. Hope your holiday(s) were great!


  3. Well, I had stomach surgery on 12/17…all kind of happened fast and I’ve spent Christmas and New Year’s recovering. I go in for another follow up (invasive) procedure this Tuesday. Hopefully, this will all be over soon.

    I’ll be in San Antonio most of this week. My doctor is there, I should be back Thursday. Perhaps, we can schedule something week after next.

    Hope 2008 is seeing you smile.

  4. pistolpete Says:

    My family hails from Kentucky and my ancestors were prone to a bit of in-breeding. My Dad says, “Our family tree just doesn’t have enough branches.”

  5. yojoe Says:

    Did Rosie mate with Ron Jeremy?

  6. kristiane Says:

    Glad to see you are back writing Murphy 🙂

  7. Donatella Versace always reminded me of Janice from the Muppets.

  8. I like some of the pundits out there describing Hillary’s last minute, Primary- Promoting Cry-fest as ‘The Crying Game.’ 🙂

  9. mklasing Says:

    Pistol-No worries-we all came from Noah anyway so there really are no branches. 😉

    yojoe-I think it was Ted Kennedy actually.

    Kristiane-glad to be back–it was stressing me beyond belief to be gone so long.

    elastic-You are right–I may have to edit this post with Janice’s picture instead. I think describing Hillary’s crying as “The Crying Game” is perfect—in sooooo many ways.

  10. I read something today that made my eyes involuntarily roll to the back of my head with complete disgust….Roseanne Barr’s Blog discussing how Bush won two elections solely by disenfranchising African-Americans.

    Casting dispersions on the intellect of an entire race of people by insinuating they were too stupid to get to the polls and figure out the mystery of the voting ballots. Nicely done, Rosie!

  11. :thumbsup:

    Just testing the smiley action around here! I don’t know how many WordPress allow.

  12. Sad. Only the winky one works. 😦

  13. ATNorth Says:

    Yes, you apparently DO still have readers left- I have been checking you every day.

    I moved you down the list of sites I visit, but now that you’re back, expect to move on up again.

    Not that THAT mnatters much, but it’s so nice to have you back.

    Welcome and welcome home.

    Best wishes,
    A. Truman North

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