The Truth About Michael Jackson’s Changing Appearance Finally Revealed!


 This just in—the staff at Murphy Klasing’s Conservative Blog have uncovered evidence of a truth that has baffled the United States since the mid-1980’s.

 As Michael Jackson continues to change his appearance, many have wondered what he was REALLY trying to do.  Was he trying to look white, was he trying to look like LaToya Jackson, was he making himself into his own wax figure?  Investigators have tried and tried to figure this out but to no avail.

 Well the mystery is over.  After this recent picture of Michael was revealed our team uncovered the truth.  Here is the recent photo:

jacko2_npg_full.jpeg  What is he doing?

He is trying to become…

Are you ready for this?

Scroll a little more:

  Jackie Kennedy!

Poor little derranged Michael!

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13 Comments on “The Truth About Michael Jackson’s Changing Appearance Finally Revealed!”

  1. kristiane Says:

    Hmmmm…He’s doing a terrible job. Those bandaids look painful.

  2. mklasing Says:

    Well, since the Thriller album–arguably he hasn’t done ANYTHING very well. They do look painful, but Jack-O to Jack-ie is a tough transition.

  3. Based on the picture, I think he’s trying to transform himself into a walking, talking mosaic. A prosaic mosaic!

  4. He looks more like Thing from Fantastic Four…albeit a bit more pansylike.

  5. mklasing Says:

    I guess then he would be “The Thingy” instead…

  6. Please, I implore you: do not EVER use “Thingy” in the context of MJ in the future! 😀

  7. mklasing Says:

    Point EXTREMELY well taken!

  8. vipin hans Says:

    NO one can xplain the rite cause but ahem sure hi is a saint..
    anyone of his big fan will say the same.

  9. love5959 Says:

    Wow this is rediculous. People need to leave that part of his life a lone because the fact of the matter is..
    he was the world’s biggest humanitarian EVER.
    he sold more albums EVER.
    & much, much more than any other person can say that the have.. he accomplished ALOT before his 30th birthday than many have accomplished in a lifetime.
    The man broke more records than any other human being ever has..
    Stop being so judgemental, because in the end he has brought more good to this world than he has brought bad (if he even brought any bad, but that’s another subject).

    • mklasing Says:

      It is not meant to be serious. Calm down, I’m sure he won’t be offended by this post any more. Besides, I didn’t even mention his issues with small children–see how nice I was being.

  10. sean carley Says:

    michael jackson had only a 2 nosejobs +1 chinjob done. His second nosejob was done in 2001 thats how his lips were thicker and his face looked ill all because of that second nosejob.If he had not got that nosejob he wouldn’t have changed.

    Sean carley,
    one of the biggest mj fans ever!

  11. sean carley Says:

    MJ WAZ INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ive talked to him twice!!!!!!!!!
    He’s cool!!!!!!!!!

  12. Melissa De Leon Says:

    Wow. The stupid tabloids would do anything to hurt him. He’s been hurt too many times! I wish they would just… how should I put this … oh yeah … LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!! He is the greatest entertainer in the world and a humanitarian! I am a huge fan of Michael Jackson, and I am so sick and tired of how the media always talk crap about him! Now he’s gone! And there are still people who talk shit about him! Why can’t they just leave him alone?! He hasn’t even done anything bad!

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