Texas A&M-Rich with Tradition-Poor with Winning (A UT vs. A&M Preview)

Let me start by saying it is great to be back blogging after a 5 day trip to Napa Valley–which was awesome!!!  I suggest it to anyone that even thinks they like wine a little–very educational, eye-opening, elegant and relaxing. 

Now-first please read my good friend Laurie Kendrick’s write-up on the upcoming game at THEE Rivalry

To continue these thoughts–I went to the University of Texas (as if that is not obvious by my banner above–yes Aggie-fan–that means the cute picture-thingy at the top of this computer screen).  I graduated in 1990.  When I entered in 1986, having grown up in a burnt orange home, I always rooted against the Aggies but I had no “hatred” for them, after all–it was just a friendly rivalry.  Then I made the foolish decision to actually go to Kyle Field and see a game in 1987 and again in 1989.  In case you don’t know this from 1986-1989 the Longhorns were in the middle of what ended in 1989 as a 6 game loosing streak against the Aggies.  After my expereinces there and since I have grown to what I can best call a healthy despise of the aggies.

Let me try and describe the experience of going to an A&M game at Kyle field as a Longhorn.–First of all, 99.9% of the vehicles in College Station were red, maroon or some form of either.  Then I noticed that on the way to the game I was driving in part on a main street there called “Texas”  (first odd thing I noticed–well there was the over abundance of sheep–but I digress).  I then sit down in the “stadium” to watch the Longhorns get beat all the while having a 40+ fan consistently turn around and yell in my face that we “suck.”  (by the end of the game it sounded like “such” because of the MadDog he was drinking from a flask).

Then there was the constant monotonus cheering led by these “guys:”

Yell leaders

Arent’ they cute?

Cheers like umm… this gem:

Squads left, Squads right! Farmers, Farmers, we’re all right!Load, ready, aim, fire, BOOM!A&M! Give us room!

Seriously?  Farmer, Farmer we’re all right?  I would laugh but I can’t make this stuff up.  How about this one?  (I think it was written by a grad student)

 Gig ‘em
[Pass Back: Closed fist with thumb pointed straight up]

Gig ‘em, Aggies!

Yep-that’s it.  Okay–for the more intelligent crowd they have this one–read it slowly so you can really get it:

[Pass Back: Hands flat, with index fingers and thumbs touching to form an “A”]

Fight ‘em, Aggies!

Whew!  That one gave me a headache.  I tried to form the A and got a cramp in my forearm.  Okay, this one is also real–I pulled them from their own website–seriously–this is not a joke–I’m not kidding–I mean it:

Horse Laugh
[Pass Back: Hands with fingers straight are held palms together, and then hands move back and forth in a pointing motion]

Riffety, riffety, riff-raff!
Chiffity, chiffity, chiff-chaff!
Riff-raff! Chiff-chaff!
Let’s give ‘em a horse laugh:

Sorry–had to go and wash my face.  Just typing it made me shoot Diet Dr. Pepper right through the nose.

But enough of the cheers, A&M is rich in its musical tradition–take a gander if you will at the words to this song:

“Saw Varsity’s Horns Off”
(Normally follows the singing of The Aggie War Hymn)

Saw Varsity’s horns off!
Saw Varsity’s horns off!
Saw Varsity’s horns off!
Varsity’s horns are sawed off!
Varsity’s horns are sawed off!
Varsity’s horns are sawed off!

 You know–if only Sinatra were still around to see this one.  But I should be ashamed of myself really–after all A&M is rich in tradition.  For example:

There is that cute dog “Reveille”

 Reveille, the first lady of Aggieland, is the official mascot of Texas A&M University. She is the highest ranking member of the Corps of Cadets, and she is a Five-Star General.”  (these are actual quotes from the A&M traditions webpage–I so wish I was kidding, hey we need more Generals on the ground in Iraq so I suggest…)

“When Reveille I died on January 18, 1944, she was given a formal military funeral on the gridiron of Kyle Field. She was then buried at the north entrance to the field, as all Reveilles are, facing the scoreboard so that she can always watch the Aggies outscore their opponent.”  (yes facing the scoreboard–of course, they would have to have the superpower of being able to see through dirt and of course, NOT BE DEAD)

“If she is sleeping on a cadet’s bed, that cadet must sleep on the floor. Cadets address Reveille as “Miss Rev, ma’am.” If she is in class and barks while the professor is teaching, the class is to be immediately dismissed.”  (this tradition has long been thought to be the reason many professors from Harvard are dying to work at A&M).

Or how about that Aggie Ring:

 “One of the greatest moments in the life of any Aggie is the day that they receive their Aggie Ring.” (how about graduating, getting married, the birth of their first kid–so secondary to the ring if you think about it)

“The ring worn by all Aggie graduates is the same except for the class year. This serves as a common link for former students. When an Aggie sees the ring on another Aggie’s hand, a spontaneous reunion occurs.” (which is much like spontaneous combustion–only without the carnage-sadly)

“Everything seen on the ring represents a value that an Aggie should hold. On the top is a large shield, which symbolizes the desire to protect the reputation of the university. The 13 stripes on the shield represent the 13 original states of America. The five stars on the shield refer to the phases of development of any Aggie: mind or intellect; body; spiritual attainment; emotional poise; and integrity of character. The eagle symbolizes agility and power, and the ability to reach great heights.” (a value every Aggie should hold is to shun all but the original 13 states–which by the way Aggie-fan–Texas wasn’t one of those!!!)

“Traditionally, students wear their ring with the class year facing them to signify the fact that their time at A&M is not yet complete. During Senior Weekend at the annual Ring Dance, the student’s ring is turned around to face the world proudly, just as the Aggie graduate will be ready to face the world.” (Yes they have a “ring dance”–AAAAAHHH!!!!)

The official greeting at A&M is “Howdy.”  Very collegiate don’t you think?

My favorite though has to be when the corp gets their “squeeze on.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

 This is where–okay–I really am not making this up—Apparently the corp members crowd together at critical times during a game and squeeze their testicles in order to feel the pain of the players and inspire the team.

There is nothing I can say that would be funnier than the truth–and apparently the truth really does hurt.  I will say this–I sincerely hope that these “boys” pass out from the pain of sqeezing so hard on Friday in an attempt to create an offense where one doesn’t exist, to create an inspiring coach where one doesn’t exist and to continue a tradition where numerous ones exist—like the tradition of the Aggies getting beat during Thanksgiving.

Hey Aggie Fan:  Here is an Inconvenient Truth for ya–From 1894 to 2006:  UT-73 wins; A&M-35 wins and 5 ties.  In a best case scenario, A&M would not be able to tie the all-time series until I was 77 years old!  (See Aggie Fan you take 73 minus 35 and you get 38, then you add that to my age [39] and you get 77–read this explanation slowly and I know you will get it).



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21 Comments on “Texas A&M-Rich with Tradition-Poor with Winning (A UT vs. A&M Preview)”

  1. Way to go Murph!!!!!!!



  2. Ah, yes! Texas A&M: Where they separate the men from the boys…with a crow bar and/or pepper spray! 😀

  3. mklasing Says:

    Crush: that is an ouch! I think it is where they separate the men from the sheep. Okay–that is the last sheep reference I will make–promise.

  4. Rodney Says:

    As I sat and watched the Horns get pushed around all game, I realized that I never have fun watching this game. By virtue of the clear superiority of the Texas program over the A&M program over all of these years, we have a scenario whereby Texas is supposed to always win this game. Therefore, if we do, we should have, and if we don’t, then we have to deal with the annoying rabble-rousing of Aggie fans for the next 365 days. Thankfully, I live in Austin where the sheer mass of burnt orange keeps the Aggie faithful in check. I’d hate to have to live in Houston or Dallas tomorrow; as a faithful Longhorn, I just couldn’t stomach the comments of superiority from Aggie fans. Forget the fact that they are about to fire a pretty darn good coach and throw their program into chaos. That part is irrelevant to most Aggie fans; after all, they beat Texas again. I laugh when I hear the name of Cower, Spurrier, and Tuberville get thrown around as shoe-in replacements. I just don’t know why any of those guys would leave their existing jobs to coach at A&M. Oh well, I’m sure that whomever comes to College Station will bring promises of greatness like so many of his predecessors have done.

    To be honest, I’m didn’t even choose to comment today so much on the Aggies as on the Longhorns. What in the world?! How for two consecutive seasons could the Horns be in a position to get to as BCS game only to lose to a mediocre A&M team. As a tried a true Horns fan, I am concerned about the next steps for the program. It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed the last 10 years. I admire Mack Brown for restoring Texas to being a quality program. The National Championshup that Vince Young won two years ago is something that I had doubts of ever seeing in my lifetime (assuming that you don’t count eh two titles that they won when I was 1-2 years old). I have always been a believer that all sports are won with stifling defense, great field possession, and a good running game. The Horns have been pushed around all season long, and I’m tired of it. I’m sure that Duane Akina is a fine defensive backs coach, but there has to be a reason why he was never a defensive coordinator until Mack made him one this last year. Their defense was down right inept. I see no fear on the part of opposing team quarterbacks when tehy play Texas. We will not get back to being the #1 team in America without a quality defense. Speaking of quarterbacks, we won’t return to #1 without some prized bluechips here either. Mack hasn’t gotten a superior quarterback to sign with the Horns since Vince did 7-8 years ago. For that matter, Mack has not been signing difference makers in the last several years, or if he has, he and his coaches have not been coaching these players up the way that they should. Regardless, the Horns laid an egg today against a team that always plays with one thing, and one thing only, emotion. If the Horns had methodically taken that from the Ags today as they should have, my evening would have gone a whole lot better!

  5. TEXAS A&M Says:

    uh oh. SAWED OFF! We Beat The Hell Outta t.u.

  6. mklasing Says:

    Rodney: You are exactly right–there is no excuse for losing this game. We better rebuild our secondary and our offensive line soon–for that matter we need a better OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR! When will anyone ever realize at UT that Davis needs to go!

    What a horrible game–horrible day and horrible way to blow a chance at a decent post-season bowl.

    TEXAS A&M: I accepted your comment because we deserve it. Well done Ags!

  7. Yep01 Says:

    A conservative talkin’ smack about A&M? Daaaaaaaaaamn.

    Your post what have been alll right had it been a little more clever – kinda cheesy.

  8. mklasing Says:

    Hey, A&M doesn’t have exclusive rights to conservatives. When I was at UT there were 50,000 students and counting me there were at least 6 conservatives.

    As for the post-I’m glad you got the point–it is totally cheesy–but true–that is the sad part. Sorry it wasn’t clever enough for ya–I’ll keep trying harder though. 🙂

  9. Rodney Says:

    OK – It’s time for the annual Murphy picks the Longhorn season spectacular! How are the Horns going to do in 2008, game-by-game?

  10. Texas A&M '52 Says:

    Yes our yells are simple. Opposed to the extremely hard to remember/perform “TEXAS”…”FIGHT!”

    That must take longhorns FOREVER to get right.

    Gig ’em

  11. mklasing Says:

    ’52: Let me make a suggestion–come in here and talk smack in a year where you are not dead last in the Big 12 South.

    Hook ’em.

  12. […] I know, I shouldn’t beat up on a team that is 4-7 and just lost by 20 to BAYLOR.  Yes, Baylor!  But it is now an annual tradition.  Here at MK’s Conservative Blog, we like to take a moment out each year to discuss our rivals, the Aggies.  After all, there is so much material to work with.  Last year I made a valiant effort to disclose the outright craziness of the Aggie Traditions, from grabbing your crotch during a yell to burying the mascot so he can see the scoreboard–from underground.  (See Previous Post) […]

  13. john photos Says:


    I would think Bush is an aggie fan for sure. The ration of conservative to moderate students at aggieland is disproportionately extremist right wing as opposed to UT.

  14. Texas A&M 09 Says:

    I wonder if you make fun of our traditions because secretly you wish Texas had a unique and original atmosphere like A&M. We even had to help you name your mascot, Bevo. 13-0 sound familiar? Gig ‘Em.

  15. aggie fan 108 Says:

    ya it may be simple but at least we can remember it!!!!

    GO AGGIES!!!!!!

    plus ya it was totally cheesy if u wanna make fun of a school it can’t be cheesy or it makes u look stupid dumb-ass!!!

    😛 aggies POWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. mklasing Says:

    Texas A&M 09: No, I make fun of them because–they are um…dumb.

    aggie fan 108: the reason you can remember it is because it is simple. I made it less cheesy–check out this year’s post. It’s a whopper!

  17. Native Texan Says:

    Your article reads like it was written by a high school student. It’s poorly written, lacks objectivity and honesty, and it’s boring. I had to jump ahead to see if there wasn’t anything worth reading, and found there wasn’t. I hope you don’t depend on your writing skills to make a living. You should have gone to A&M for a real education.

    • mklasing Says:

      More fun–maybe I am a high school student–maybe if I can get my grades up to a 2.0 I’ll get in to tamu. Go cry in your 12th man lunchbox and wish for the days of Sherrill–meanwhile, TU will be kicking your butt for the next decade.

  18. Native Texan Says:

    By the way, for a LONGHORN to say that the fans of ANY other school are bad losers or bad winners is the ultimate in denial. Longhorns set the standards for bad losers and bad winners. No smarty pants sophomoric sophistry on your part can ever change that.


    • mklasing Says:

      Wow, I would reply to your comment but there are all of these sour grapes all over the place, it is hard to type.

  19. Murph, .

    After so many Losses to A&M’s “credit” in games against THEE University of Texas, can we even really call this a rivalry anymore???

    I don’t think so.

    But still, fret not my Moron and White clad friends from College Station, I do love the Aggies…

    …especially in a nice brown sauce.

    Hooked them, as always,

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