Maybe Obama Would Prefer The Icelandic National Anthem?

Patriotism is overrated.  I mean seriously all of this “God Bless America” and flag flying stuff is so tiresome.  Don’t you think?  In the upcoming election, as unproud and angry Americans we need a candidate who doesn’t care about such an antiquated notion as “patriotism.”  I mean aren’t we tired of seeing photos like:



 and, of course this one


I mean seriously, after all we are in a war over oil, we have made enemies of the entire world, Bush lied, Repulicans love the rich and hate the poor, we are all racists, bigots, and all around meanies so what we really need is a candidate who doesn’t give a flip about patriotism. Someone who thinks that the flag is something to put on a stamp but not salute, someone who thinks that we should replace the National Anthem with “War, What is it Good For?”  Someone who thinks flag lapel pins are a display of fake patriotism, someone like…


Senator Obama.  Here he is in the photo Time Magazine made famous last month that was taken during the National Anthem.    If we elect him then maybe for once we can all start singing the National Anthem of all countries because after all it is kind of arrogant of us not to include anthems from other countries at least some of the time.  How about the Russian Anthem which says in part:

From the southern seas to the polar region
Lie our forests and our fields.
You are one in the world! You are one of a kind,
Native land protected by God!

Ooops–it references God so that is out.  Ummm, how about the French Anthem:

Grab your weapons, citizens!
Form your batallions!
Let us march! Let us march!
May impure blood
Water our fields!

HAHAHAHAHAHA!  Okay seriously, that is the chorus.  I suppose it says that becuase their troops don’t fight so the citizens have to grab weapons.  Okay that one sucks.   How about Iceland:

“Iceland’s thousand years, Iceland’s thousand years, One small flower of eternity with a quivering tear, That prays to its God and dies.”

Yeesh!  Ummm, okay so that one is kind of defeatist–too defeatist I’m afraid.  Okay, how about China:

“Arise, ye who refuse to be slaves;

With our very flesh and blood Let us build our new Great Wall!

The Peoples of China are in the most critical time, Everybody must roar his defiance.”

That sounds good except it uses the word “slaves” which is a good description of our people if the Democrats win the White House but kind of politically incorrect.  And of course, the Great Wall reference won’t work because of our failed immigration policies.  Dang.  One more, how about Chile:

Gentle homeland, accept the vows
Given, Chile, on your altars,
That you be either the tomb of the free
Or a refuge from oppression.

Hmmmm.  With a little tweaking this might work.  How about:

“Gentle homeland, accept the vows

Upon which our Government firmly stood,

That you give your freedom to the State

They can run your life better than you ever could.”

It’s kind of catchy don’t you think?  Senator Obama, thanks for helping us all realize the foolishness of honoring our National Anthem by actually singing it and (God forbid) placing our hand on our heart during it.


P.S.-On a serious note-God Bless our troops and their families this week and always.  THANK YOU for your service to our Country.  Everytime I say the pledge and sing the Anthem (with my hand on my heart) I think of each of you and your sacrifice.  I pray each day for your safe return home to your families.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  By the way–here is the little known 4th verse of our Anthem:

O thus be it ever when freemen shall stand
Between their loved homes and the war’s desolation!
Blest with vict’ry and peace, may the Heav’n-rescued land
Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation.
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: “In God is our Trust.”
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

So policitally incorrect!!!  I LOVE IT!

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10 Comments on “Maybe Obama Would Prefer The Icelandic National Anthem?”

  1. keywork. Says:

    This should be re-titled ‘Maybe Obama Can Kiss My Ass’.

  2. mklasing Says:

    That should be his campaign slogan don’t you think?

  3. keywork. Says:

    Yes, Murphy, I think so.

  4. C. D. Jewell Says:

    I found you via comments you made on TNOYF blog. I really like your site and this post is right on the mark. It’s in the same vein as a fake news story (“Dean: Dems to Outsource Patriotism”) I posted a couple of days ago on my site. I’ve bookmarked you and I’ll be coming back to see your latest posts.

  5. mklasing Says:

    CD: Thanks—I have added you to my blogroll–your site is great!


  6. Counselor,

    I’m heading west early Tuesday morning, bound for the Kendrick Compound in the Hill Country. I just wanted to wish you a stellar Thanksgiving. And a safe one, too!

    It’s been my pleasure to get to know you over the past several months! Looking forward to even more fun and future collaborations.

    Happy Thanksgiving Murph and Go Horns!!!!

    I thought of you when OU lost…that is, when I could catch my breath in between laughing fits!!


  7. mklasing Says:

    Sorry I missed you before you left–I’ve been on vacation since last Thursday and am just getting back. Have a GREAT thanksgiving. I’ll work on something special for the Aggies today and try to make you proud. 😉

  8. Elena Birthuam Says:

    I feel so pleased knowing there are bigots like you in the United States. Woo-hoo!

  9. mklasing Says:

    Elena: Did you even read the post? I guess not. I forgot that Obama supporters immediately call everyone a bigot and a racist if they are critical of his holiness. I apologize, I’ll try and be more sensitive. ha!

  10. josh Says:

    about patriotism not beig a big deal. if you dont like america get the fuck out i dont care who you are if you dont have enough respect for the military and fallen soliders to cover your heart with your hand you can kiss mine and every one elses ass

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