How the University of Texas can Beat Oklahoma State.

It is really quite simple–despite all of the doomsayers and bloggers and haters, the Longhorns can beat Oklahoma State this weekend.  It simply takes 3 things:

 1.    A lot of this.

2.  A little bit of this… and

3.   and one of these.

Oh yeah–he isn’t here any more.  um… well… then I guess its Oklahoma State 30, Texas 24.


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11 Comments on “How the University of Texas can Beat Oklahoma State.”

  1. I don’t know. I won’t be watching. I can’t.. My lower GI track can’t take it.

    Tell me all about it, Daddy!!!

  2. mklasing Says:

    I’ll open a bottle of some rich red wine, sit gingerly on the couch and strategically place a bedpan, bottle of Tums and a vomit bucket nearby. When its’ over I’ll report in–if I can.

  3. […] wrote an interesting post today on How the University of Texas can Beat Oklahoma State.Here’s a quick […]

  4. I guess the boys found religion because Divine Intervention was the ONLY thing that helped. I’m convinced, God is a Longhorn fan.

    I can’t take much more of this, Murph. I’m losing weight over this season.

  5. mklasing Says:

    No kidding–this is my new diet plan–its fantastic. You eat all you want all week. Then you watch a longhorn game. Your intestinal tract gets ravaged with acid and you can’t eat for 4-5 days without it going straight through you. I’m down to about 120.

    –God must be looking out for us because we definitely deserved to lose this one.

  6. My father used to either yank us out of the stadium or turn off the TV wen UT was losiong, so technically, I’ve never watched UT lose a game.

    I’m too old to break habits. I didn’t watch the game..not really. I checked in before and after half time and the boys were down like 21 points. I said something profound like “poo poo” and then changed channels.

    I checked in with ESPN later in the afternoon..hours after the game was over and learned that once again, there but by the grace of God went they.

    Another two point squeaker.

    I’ve aged six years this season. My forehead looks like a relief map of Appalachia,


    El Kay

  7. Home on the O'range Says:

    Nice call.

  8. mklasing Says:

    I know–I’m not Nostradamus, but I think my call wasn’t so far off–if not for another miracle 4th Quarter-UT would have been on the losing end of this one. This season is hard to figure–but OState played well.

    On an even brighter note–the Aggies got IT handed to them by OU-as Jerry would say, “That’s a shame.”

  9. Yeah,.that’s a “real shame”, Murph.

    Whenever OU plays A&M that is the ONLY time I’m, pro Sooner. I dislike A&M that much.

  10. keywork. Says:

    Yeah, this season needs to end before we all die. I couldn’t even watch the OSU game.

  11. mklasing Says:

    Exactly–I’m torn every year when they play each other–it is my personal “Hate Bowl.” I’m never disappointed in the outcome–thank God for overtime. If they tied I would of course slit my wrists.

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