John Edwards is Simply a Communist. Stalin Would Be Proud.

I apologize, but I’m starting off this week mad.  First news article I read sent me screaming for the hills.  If the voters of this Country elect John Edwards as President or elect “blank” with John as Vice-President then it is truly time to open up the book of Revelation and get ready for the end.  In his latest speech, Senator Edwards detailed numerous plans he has to essentially take over nearly ever aspect of our lives.

John Edwards says if he’s elected president, he’ll institute a New Deal-like suite of programs to fight poverty and stem growing wealth disparity. To do it, he said, he’ll ask many Americans to make sacrifices, like paying higher taxes.

Edwards, a former Democratic senator from North Carolina, says the federal government should underwrite universal pre-kindergarten, create matching savings accounts for low-income people, mandate a minimum wage of $9.50 and provide a million new Section 8 housing vouchers for the poor. He also pledged to start a government-funded public higher education program called “College for Everyone.”

“It is central to what I want to do as president to do something about economic inequality. I do not believe it is okay for the United States of America to have 37 million people living in poverty,” he said in a meeting with Monitor reporters and editors this week. “And I think we need, desperately need, a president who will say that to America and call on Americans to show their character.”

At every stop, Edwards said, he tells voters he’ll ask them to sacrifice. Asked to describe what he means, he described his plan for increases in capital gains taxes, saying taxes on “wealth income” should be in line with those on work income.

“I think if we want to fund the things that I think are important to share in prosperity, then people who have done well in this country, including me, have more of a responsibility to give back,” he said. Later, he added: “There are no free meals.”

What am I missing here?  “Share in prosperity?”  How about letting those who prosper decide what to do with their prosperity since after all—THEY EARNED IT!!!!!

 A review of some famous C0mmunist leaders is certainly appropriate at this juncture.  Let’s see–what about that famous handsome young Joseph Stalin.  Remember him–he single handedly destroyed the Russian economy and killed millions of his own citizens in the process.  He began his ‘reign’ by condemning the kulaks, or land owning peasants that had become wealthy. He claimed that they were not putting the Soviet Union as their first priority and not providing industry workers with enough food. Stalin forced the people to set up collective farms that were owned by the government. 5 million kulaks and farmers were exiled because they were too wealthy, objected, or refused to farm collectively.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?  National Health care, taxes on the wealthy, sharing in prosperity, the need to do something about “economic inequality.”  News flash Mr. Plaintiff Attorney–economic inequality exists because some people earn more than others because of their education or their work ethic or their brain power or the dot com boom.  In any event that money belongs to the Government–no, I’m sorry to THEM.  Stalin was known for saying “A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.”  Nice guy, but I’m guessing Senator Edwards has read this quote while sitting in his Italian Leather chairs in the middle of his library in his GIANT house.

Let me state this more clearly. Here are some highlights of a famous book that seems to echo many of John Edwards’ ideas:

  1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes.
  2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
  3. Abolition of all right of inheritance.
  4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.
  5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.
  6. Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State.
  7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State; the bringing into cultivation of waste-lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.
  8. Equal liability of all to labour. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.
  9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country, by a more equable distribution of the population over the country.
  10. Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children’s factory labour in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production.

These are the 10 Planks of the “Communist Manifesto”  written by Karl Marx.  Actually, if you look at a young picture of Karl, he kind of looks like John Edwards with a beard.

The younger Karl Marx.    Picture  Of course, John’s hair is so much more dreamy than Karl’s dissheveled mane. 

If the polls shift his way, I suggest buying stock in whatever company makes flags that look like this:

Flag of Russian SFSR.svg


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6 Comments on “John Edwards is Simply a Communist. Stalin Would Be Proud.”

  1. Jamelle Says:

    Are you an idiot?

    Comparing Joseph Stalin’s purges to John Edwards’ modest social democratic reforms is an insult to the millions who died in the Stalinist Soviet Union.

    And you might want to brush up on your reading comprehension skills; the passage you cited from the Manifesto isn’t the “plank” of communism. It’s a series of reforms designed to equalize the relations between the rich and everyone else. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Lower income inequality is connected with higher standards of living and more social mobility.

    Besides, the rich didn’t get what they have in total isolation from the rest of society; they need us as much as we need them.

  2. mklasing Says:

    I love comments that start off with name calling because as we all know, name calling is what someone does when they have no real comment to make and are just simply mad. Maybe you need to bone up on the Manifesto before you freak out on my web site. The 10 planks listed above are the prior conditions for a transition from capitalism to communism listed in the preface to the 1872 German edition of the Manifesto. Maybe I can scan them for you and send them your way. I hate to point out the facts to you because you have already bought into the hype spewed by Mr. Edwards.

    You clearly miss the point. When the Government passes laws that mandate a redistribution of wealth the people that suffer the most are the poor. What do the rich do with their money? They spend it–either on expanding their businesses (creating jobs for all classes); purchasing items manufactured by businesses (keeping all classes employed) or they save it (allowing banks and financial institutions to lend more money–benefiting all classes). When the government takes that money under the ruse of “redistribution” because the government is run by people and because people are greedy–the $1 in to the government NEVER translates to $1 out to the poor–but more like $.05 at best.

    It is true that the rich need the poor–but not nearly as much as the other way around. The best solution for being poor–use our free enterprise system to get out of that hole and grab a hold of determination, drive, desire and get out there and make it on your own. The government is not meant to be a substitute for our own determination or our parents.

    No offense to the milions who died–instead this is a warning to those living here now that his brain works the same way as Stalin’s did when he began his reign.


  3. Brilliant Murph.

    My brother in law is also a barrister. (Personal Injury in San Antonio–I think your firm has done battle with his)

    Anway, he’s a rabid Democrat by virtue of the tort reform imposed by Republican judges. You know–cut back on award for his clients.

    He loathes the Republicans yet takes advantage of every Republican authored tax break on the planet. I asked him about that once…why if he hated Republican so much, why then give them ANY creedence.

    His reply? “I’m not stupid!”

    I can no longer be around him because of the pain inflicted on my eyes from rolling them constantly.


  4. mklasing Says:

    Sometimes I think the only reason I can stand being a lawyer is that there are none in my family. I’m on a permanent prescription for Vicadin because of the pain of the daily eye rolling I have to do. Lawyers aren’t all bad though, however, nearly every one of my close friends is NOT a lawyer–which tells you something.

    I’m mad at the Republicans for the tort reform legislation as well, it was well-intentioned but has too broad a sweep. Nevertheless-my idiology remains intact–no Democrat voting over here.


  5. You’re right and I agree. Awards should be more liberal. Pain and suffering aren’t limited to the physical. It’s just that my brother in law is so rabidly anti-Republican.

    It crimped his income. I can understand that. Yet, he chides me for resenting Clinton as I do for his signing off on the Telecommunications Act back in 1996. That has destroyed radio. It killed my livelihood and that of so many friends. Stevens and Pruett and Boner–to name a few.

    Sorry, my trip back down my personal memory lane affected your concentration, Junior.

    I don’t know–you might have enjoyed living in my era, Counselor. Then again, you might not have liked it at all.

    All I know is that I enjoyed it. A lot. Frankly, I’m surprised my major wasn’t in pharmacy.


  6. mklasing Says:

    Well I did “live” in the 70’s, I was just too young to enjoy them. Although I had this awesome sweater that zipped up in the front and the zipper had a giant ring on it. You can’t make fashion like that anymore.

    My parents (also conservative) said they skipped the 60’s and 70’s and woke back up in the 80’s, so I have little frame of reference for that time period–plus I was in a small town and listened exclusively to Country music back then.

    Memory lane trips are great though–a welcome distraction.

    As for the Telecommunications Act–I’ve actually had some recent litigation that would have been MUCH better for my client if that stupid act hadn’t been passed. Thanks Clinton for that gem!


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