Challenges of Parenting–Is All Lost?

As a parent of 3 kids I find that the most challenging thing is being a filter.  You know, the world sends images and information and you have to filter it before your kids see/hear it.  For example, not really appropriate for my 5 year old to go with me to see “Saw IV” (unless he has been bad–then I could tell him that this is what Santa does to kids that are bad).

As they get older, I have such difficult decisions to make.  Like, when can they see a “PG-13” movie, when can they get their ears pierced, when can they have their first Botox injection, when can they date…  I suppose my dream, like many dads, is that my kids will grow up making wise decisions, find a person to love them forever and live to a ripe old age happy, healthy and wealthy.

 But then, I see something like this and I think–all is lost, I might as well go back to blogging, eat dark chocolate by the pound and spend my money taking trips with my wife to Napa Valley. 


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