I Should Have Listened To My Mother! Jaws is Scary!

This is maybe the most frightening picture I have ever seen: 


It was posted on Laurie Kendrick’s site at the following location:  http://lauriekendrick.wordpress.com/2007/10/08/love-and-stuff/.

It reminds me of the worst decision I ever made as an 11 year old (1979).  My parents did not have cable because it “didn’t show anything worth watching.”  So I had to go down the street to my friend Andy’s house to watch inappropriate content.  One night at his house we watched Jaws.  I had been forbidden to watch it, but of course, that did not stop me.  The movie scared me to death.  Even more than Alien which I also watched despite the commandment “Thou shalt not watch cable at Andy’s house.”

God has a way of making you learn from dishonoring your parents.  Ever since that day about once every 3 months (including 2 nights ago-thanks to Laurie’s picture) I have a nightmare.  A vivid nightmare where I am in some body of water–could be a lake, ocean, pool, pond, bathtub, river–doesn’t matter–and suddenly I hear the music.  Duh dumm, duh dumm.  I instantly know in the dream that any moment the fin is going to come out of the water headed right for me.  In each dream I escape the water only to suddenly find myself in yet another body of water and the music starts again.  In each instance I wake up somewhere during the chase in a cold sweat with my heart beating approximately 300 beats per minute.  I feel like I’ve paid for my crime, but I think the dream is a constant reminder of the consequence of dishonoring others–especially your parents.

When I get in the ocean in Galveston, which is kind of like swimming in a pool of mud and oil–acutally it IS like swimming in a pool of mud and oil, I’m always a little irrationally paranoid about the water around me.  Now thanks to this photo, I’m likely to never even take a bath again.


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