The Argument For Bigger Government Control of Our Lives! Chapter 1

I’ve decided to run a weekly story regarding why the Government would be the best entity to run various aspects of our lives.  Since many seem to indicate that they will be voting Democrat “no matter what” next election because Bush lied, and Bush hates children, and because Halliburton caused Hurricane Katrina, etc…., I thought I would enlighten you on some stories about our Government at work that you may not have heard about.  This will include State, Local and Federal Government stories.  Today’s Feature–The Alabama State Education System:

“Zero Tolerance” Is Just for the Kids: One Alabama teacher, already fired but awaiting trial on a charge of raping a student, has not only received his regular paychecks for nearly two years, and will continue to until the trial is over, but has also been awarded two routine raises, based on a 2004 state law boosting teachers’ rights (according to an August Associated Press review of records). [Mobile Register-AP, 8-12-07]

See imagine how glorious it would be if the same people making the decision to continue paying this teacher and giving her “lock-step” raises (yes, I said “lock-step”) was also the person in charge of scheduling your much anticipated Kidney surgery.  After 2 years of waiting for your turn, you finally get to the hospital, nearly dead from Kidney failure only to have the doctor accidentally remove your ovaries because the scheduling person was just too dadgum lazy to get it right. 

Free Enterprise is sooooooo overrated, don’t you think?


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