The Thin Line Between Funny and Stupid

I’m not politically correct-usually.  Sometimes I find humor in things that others do not.  One thing I have learned over the years is that humor is about finding things that other people find funny–not things that you find funny.  This guy takes the cake for lacking any “sense” of humor at all:

BOSTON, (UPI) — A Washington taxi driver faces a criminal charge because he joked about being a member of al-Qaida to an airline worker in Boston.

Ermiyaf A. Asfaw, an Ethiopian national, was returning to Washington from a visit to his girlfriend Saturday when an Air-Tran check-in employee asked him about stickers on his luggage from Dubai. He told her he had been in the United Arab Emirates.

“No. I’m al-Qaida. I’m with them, and I’m here to blow things up,” he said when she asked if it had been a trip for business or pleasure.

Asfaw has been charged with making a false bomb threat. A judge set bail Monday at $1,500.

“This airport is not going to tolerate this type of behavior,” said Phil Orlandella, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Port Authority. “This type of action is completely dumb.”

Wow!  Actually, Mr. Asfaw has a book published entitled “Things I find Funny”  Here are the chapters:

1.  The Titanic-Floaters and Third Class Losers

2.  Pearl Harbor-Silly Stuff From Hawaii

3.  Stem Cell Research

4.  Cancer

5. Suicide

6. E. coli and Other Funny Bacteria

7. Bob Saget

8. Van Wilder

9. Sheila Jackson Lee

10. Immigration Reform

Watch for Asfaw next summer on the 4th Season of Last Comic Standing-Prison Edition.


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2 Comments on “The Thin Line Between Funny and Stupid”

  1. mklasing Says:

    I think I screwed this up though–come to think of it, Sheila Jackson Lee is kind of funny. But Bob Saget–sooooo not funny.

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