No New Taxes–Just Sell Screws

I read this AP story today and got an idea….

– Police have arrested a man for stealing more than 1 million screws from his employers and selling them on the Internet.

Police said the 33-year-old assembly worker at an unidentified firm squirreled away screws in a specially designed hiding place and took up to 7,000 of them home every day when he left work. Over a two-year period, he stole some 1.1 million screws with an estimated value of $155,000, police in the Bavarian city of Wuerzburg said in a statement.

The man sold the screws over the Internet at discount prices, and that alerted police, who wondered where he was getting the vast quantities of components.

The man was arrested Wednesday at his Wuerzburg apartment. Police said he acknowledged stealing the screws, and is now in custody awaiting formal charges.

I think that since it would appear that most of our elected officials in Congress have at least a couple of screws loose, let’s just pull them all the way out and sell them on Ebay to help pay down our National Debt.  To assist in my new idea and campaign I’ve come across this T-Shirt that we can all wear to get a buzz started:

Screw Democrats Anti Democrat Ash Grey T-Shirt

Okay, maybe this is a little ridiculous but as I’ve said earlier–watching the UT Kansas State game melted part of my brain.


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